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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

4 January 2017

There were great running conditions for this evening’s run.  Although, some of the 57 starters suggested that it may have been better to stay on the beach.

Personal best times were recorded by Alice, Lucy and Graeme Hincksman, Margaret Dickinson, Nina McLachlin, Mollie and Katie Kennedy.

Dan Lloyd-Jones ran a sensational time of 17.59 to equal his personal best in the 5 kilometres.

Liza Martini  recorded her 100 appearance in the event.  She is one of the 7 competitors who started in the first event back on 7 February 2007.  She was instrumental in the promotion of the event and if it wasn’t for her contribution the event may not be the success it is today.

We had visitors from all parts of the country and they spoke highly of the event and expressed the wish to come back next time they were in the locality. We look forward to welcoming you all back. 

Wishing you all a happy, healthy year ahead, here's hoping 2017 is the year of achieving any fitness goals you set for yourselves. See you all next Wednesday at 5pm.

2 Kilometres

Anna Hosking 8.47
Samson Kennedy 8.55
Alice Hincksman 9.05
Jane Hincksman 9.12
Katie Kennedy 9.36
Grace Pembroke 12.02
Margaret Dickinson 12.46
Bruce Dickinson 12.47
Lily McLachlan 13.21
Daisy West 14.26
Cathy West 14.27
David McCann 15.15
Patrick Wade 15.45
Declan McPherson 15.50
Andrew McPherson 15.52
Liza Martini 17.32
Leah Leggott 17.33
Kathryn Jeffery 17.39
Audrey Knobel 18.13
Regina Knobel 18.14
Makayla Wade 19.11
Rachael Wade 19.15
Josie Wilson 21.06
Craig Wilson 21.07
Nina McPherson 21.14
Michelle McPherson 21.15

3.5 Kilometres

Lucy Hincksman 14.10
Graeme Hincksman 14.26
Hugh Wignell 16.51
David McMullin 17.52
Nina McLachlin 18.15
Mollie Kennedy 18.41
Sunni West 22.18
Robyn Kennedy 26.56
Richard Fisher 33.16

5 Kilometres

Dan Lloyd-Jones 17.59
Henry Stimson 18.05
Dave Hosking 19.56
Ben Aungles 20.24
Bede Webster 21.34
Mike Whiteman 23.55
Liza Wilson 23.57
Dave Connaughton 24.40
Frank Lemmon 24.56
Jane Aungles 25.10
Alice Leach 25.16
Nathan Urban 25.18
Robert Turner 25.18
Paige Connaughton 25.23
Greg Flood 25.32
Peta Stimson 25.47
Robyn Smith 26.42
Mark Kennedy 27.20
Gabriel Kennedy 27.49
Deb Connaughton 28.03
Lisa Turner 31.46
Mike Kennedy 34.36

57 Starters

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