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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

27 November 2013

We had a fantastic turnout of 32 participants, great to see you all coming along.
Laurie Ashton (pictured) is going from strength to strength continuing to do PBs each week, running in strongly to achieve a 60 second improvement.
We would like to thank the Tomakin Sports and Social club, in particular the General Manager, Graham Wise, who donated a multi timer to the Broulee runners club. This has made the time keepers job so much easier. With an accurate and printed recording of results each week. We very much appreciate your generosity.

2 Kilometre event

Shayne Hargraves8.29
Harry Smith9.14
Hugh Wignell9.15
Takiya Norris9.36
Lily Grima9.43
Abbey McDonald10.24
Katie McDonald13.47
Caroline McDonald13.48
Stella Lloyd-Jones13.55
Laura Lloyd-Jones15.31

3.5 Kilometre event

Rhys Flood18.35
Hallie Wignell23.31
Kim Wignell23.32
Robyn Kennedy25.38
Richard Fisher26.51
Kathryn Whiting28.54

5 Kilometre event

Dan Lloyd-Jones19.20
Cory Powers21.25
Matt Lambett22.33
Gary Ashton23.20
Justin Loutitt24.33
Jo Flood24.48
Dave Connaughton25.00
Scott Rigby25.02
Aaron Food25.45
Greg Flood25.46
Paige Connaughton26.04
Deb Connaughton26.10
Simon Fearn27.49
Laurie Ashton29.28PB60 seconds
Mike Kennedy29.38
Nicholas Hogg31.48

32 starters

Monday, November 25, 2013

20 November 2013

A great turnout this Wednesday with 30 participants turning up for the hot and humid afternoon. Well done to Laurie Ashton who once again did a PB by 32 seconds.
A big congratulations to Nicholas Hogg who received his Broulee runners shirt after completing  30 runs.
Well done to everyone.
Hope to see you next Wednesday afternoon at Mossy Point headland everyone welcome for this social fun run.

      2 Kilometre event

Hallie Wignell10.16
Stella Lloyd-Jones20.07
Lisa Lloyd-Jones21.59
Bonnie Lloyd-Jones21.59
Monty Lloyd-Jones22.00

3.5 Kilometre event

Adrian Connor15.15
Aaron Flood19.06
Nicholas Hogg19.59
Kim Wignell23.19
Jan Mann25.45
Richard Fisher26.43
Hugh Wignell28.47
Kathryn Whiting29.32
Isabella McGee29.42
Deb McGee29.44
Robyn Kennedy29.58

5 Kilometre event

Dan Lloyd-Jones19.25
Cory Powers20.36
Matt Lambett22.44
Gary Ashton23.34
Justin Loutitt24.59
Scott Rigby25.10
Greg Flood25.30
Emma Robbins26.00
Simon Fearn26.00
Paige Connaughton28.05
Mike Kennedy29.56
Lawrie Ashton30.28PB32 seconds
Mikki Wignell35.24
Andrew McGee36.03

30 starters

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

13 November 2013

After heavy rain fall earlier in the week we had hot, humid, slippery conditions for this weeks run. The younger runners loved the muddy conditions the parents not as impressed with the extra washing that would confront them in the morning. Well done to everyone who came along. See you all next week at 5pm everyone welcome.


Rhys Flood               8.19
Harry Smith              9.17
Hallie Wignell            9.42
Jessica Flood          13.55
Sean Flood              13.55
Hugh Wignell           19.09
Stella Lloyd-Jones   19.24


Dan Lloyd-Jones       13.25
Nicholas Hogg           19.15
Kim Wignell                22.34
Jan Mann                   25.09
Mal Mann                   26.18


Matt Lambert              22.27
Adrian Connor            22.42
Oscar Starmer            23.04
Gary Ashton               23.11
Aaron Flood               25.24
Justin Loutitt              25.30
Greg Flood                 25.45
Scott Rigby                25.53
David Connaughton   25.55
Isabelle Starmer         25.56
Paige Connaughton   26.10
Simon Fearn               27.07
Deb Connaughton      27.44
Laurie Ashton             31.16
Karyn Starmer            33.16

27 competitors

Friday, November 8, 2013

6 November 2013

Another big turnout this week with 32 competitors. A big congratulations to the following runners who all did a PB: Takiya Norris, Katherine Whiting, Isobel Starmer, Greg Flood and Lawrie Ashton. Keep up the great work. 
See you all next week.

2 Kilometre event

Sean Flood7.04
Shayne Hargraves9.01
Takiya Norris9.34PB15 sec
Lily Grima9.37
Stella Lloyd-Jones12.45

3.5 Kilometre event

Aaron Flood17.45
Jasmin Fuller18.07
Nicholas Hogg19.21
Oscar Fuller20.54
Harry Smith21.24
Richard Fisher26.55
Cathren Whiting27.04PB96 secs

5 Kilometre event

Robyn Kennedy       44.02
Dan Lloyd-Jones19.29.           
Corey Powers20.12
Gary Ashton23.17
Justin Loutitt23.55
Isabel Starmer24.11PB45 secs
Dave Connaughton24.33
Simon Fearn25.07
Oscar Starmer25.08
Greg Flood25.27PB32 secs
Scott Rigby25.51
Deb Connaughton26.42
Emma Robbins26.59
Ross Hayward27.11
Paige Connaughton27.35
Mike Kennedy29.29
Lawrie Ashton31.00PB48 secs
Kirsty Campbell31.35
Karyn Starmer32.56

31 starters

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Liza's Detroit Half Marathon

Detroit International Half Marathon
Liza’s race report – October 20th, 2013

Not long after I moved to Canada, I started looking around at possible longer runs and came across the Detroit International HM, which I decided to register for as it has international appeal.  It’s a half marathon that is run through the streets of Canada and the USA!  I thought that was pretty unique and a once in a lifetime opportunity for an aussie girl like me.  
The race starts in downtown Detroit and traverses through Windsor (Ontario, Canada) and has two border crossings – one across the Ambassador Bridge and the other through a tunnel – which they call the ‘underwater mile’.   The only downside to the race is the fact that you have to carry your passport the entire way through the run, mainly for security measures.  We drove across the border the day before (always a drama for aussies to cross into the USA) and it was raining and cold – so I was hoping for the weather to clear up.  
Luck was on my side and I woke to a glorious clear day with a crisp temperature of 4 degrees – perfect weather for racing.  The event started right before 7am – nearly an hour before sunrise – with handcyclists and wheelchair racers heading out. For the next half-hour, 15 waves of runners – sent off two minutes apart – were slated to begin the marathon, half marathon and five-person relay.  I was in the first wave of runners and had a clear run across the start line – what a buzz it was!  A total of 27,000 runners took part on the day and the atmosphere was amazing.  The streets were lined with huge crowds cheering us on and there was plenty of support on both the USA and Canadian side.  Kim and some Canadian friends were there on the other side of the bridge to cheer me on – that was really uplifting for me.
I felt very strong on the day and finished my half marathon in a fine time of 1.42.06, which I am pleased with.  It was an absolute thrill to run through two countries and this race would go down as the most memorable runs in my life.
Liza J