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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

26 September 2018

The rain cleared but a chilly southerly breeze continued to blow for this weeks Broulee runners, 53 participants lined up for the event.  We welcomed  Imogen Seidel and David Syme. Personal bests were achieved by Rafael Dyason, Victoria McDermott, Annie Carrol, Bradley Lunn and Matt Edenborough.

We congratulate Gary Ashton (pictured) on completing his 200th run. Gary has been coming along for many years and is always a friendly addition to the afternoon, and quite often can be heard encouraging other runners to perform their best and keep going.

See you next week at 4.30pm for our last run at this time. The following Wednesday on the 10 October will convert to a 5pm start to coincide with daylight savings. We will remind you all next Wednesday. 


7.59         Rafael Dyason
8.35         Selby Johnston
8.48         Connor McDermott
8.58         Valentino Lopresti
9.02         Iona Kelly
9.07          Daniel Greenway
9.15          James Greenway
9.19           Liam Carrol
9.25          Victoria McDermott
9.33          Isabella Lopresti
9.41           David West
10.27          Annie Carrol
10.34         Tiffany Johnston
10.43          Stella Lloyd Jones
12.09          Julia McDermott
12.18           Laura Lopresti
13.28          Rocco Lopresti
16.21           Daisy West
16.21           Imogen Seidel
17.52           Natalie Greenway
17.55           Cathy West
17.56           Cat Johnston
18.27           Maureen Season
18.55           Declan McPherson
19.02           Roz Haywood
19.06          Jack Carrol
20.29          Chris Murray
20.29          Jenny Pollock
21.45           Jye Barbara
21.46            Helen Okey
23.15            Liz Pirro
23.17            Jo Pirro


17.04            Bridget Lunn
17.44            Tess Klower
18.40            Bradley Lunn
19.29            Monty Lloyd Jones
19.45            Sandra Lunn
19.58            Megan Dyason
23.00            Paul Searson
23.30            Meg Edenborough
23.31             Matt Edenborough
29.07             Kathryn Jeffery


18.01            Dan Lloyd Jones
20.39           Daniel Beby
23.59           Andrew McPherson
24.04           Dave Connaughton
25.43           Gary Ashton
26.54           Vaughn Gillian
28.12            Deb Connaughton
28.25           Anthony Miles
28.33           Julie De Ernsted
28.34            Morgan Pettitt
32.05            David Syme

53 participants

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

19 September 2018

56 people braved the cold windy conditions to contest Wednesday’s Broulee Run/Walk.  We welcomed Sam, Kate and Ella Berry, as well as Marg Floris to their first run with the group.  Mirella Granada, who ran as a visitor previously, has moved permanently to the Coast and promises to be a regular.

In the 2 kilometres personal best times were recorded by Liam and Jack Carrol, Cooper Lasscock and KA Whyte.  In the 3.5 kilometres Peter Johnsen has improved once again.

Dan Lloyd-Jones ran an impressive time of 17.53 in the 5 kilometres, which was only 3 seconds from his best time over this distance.  Dan finish 9th in his category in the World Triathlon Champions held at the Gold Coast last week.  This is an outstanding performance against the best international athletes.

Tonight, Jenny Pollock completed her 30th run and was awarded a Broulee runners T-Shirt.

Kim Young celebrate her 100th run with the group this evening.  Kim’s first run was back on 19 November 2014.  Kim is an all-round athlete, she goes in distance running events and competes in Triathlons.  She is a fitness trainer and finds time to co-ordinate the Batemans Bay Park Run.

Pictured are both Jenny and Kim.

See you all next week at 4.30pm.

2 Kilometres

Cooper Lasscock 8.20
Liam Carrol 843
Selby Johnston 8.43
Daniel Greenway 8.59
James Greenway 9.12
Andrew Greenway 9.27
Tiffany Johnston 10.48
Madison Ahearn 11.35
Jack Carrol 11.36
Mia Lasscock 11.40
Declan McPherson 11.42
Harper Lasscock 11.52
Annie Carrol 11.53
KA Whyte 10.17
Sam Berry 12.50
Kate Berry 12.50
Carissa Morgan 14.26
Janelle Morgan 14.27
Natalie Greenway 15.27
Richard Fisher 18.05
Millie Shanahan 18.32
Jillian Edwards 18.32
Jye Barbara 19.45
Helen Okey 19.46
Max Richards 20.18
Chris Murray 20.49
Jenny Pollock 20.51
Roz Hayward 20.53
Leo Proksch 21.35
Jo Pollock 21.36
Marg Floris 21.53
Leo Richards 21.50
Marcus Richards 21.55
Aiden Johnston 26.20
Kat Johnston 26.27

3.5 Kilometres

Tess Klower 17.48
Christian Proksch 18.57
Kim Young 23.50
Emily Dickinson 24.12
Bruce Dickinson 24.13
Bonnie Lloyd-Jones 24.34
Ella Berry 24.35
Monty Lloyd-Jones 25.43
Nick Berry 25.43
Peter Johnsen 37.14

5 Kilometres

Daniel Lloyd-Jones 17.53
Daniel Beby 20.56
Andrew McPherson 21.25
Bede Webster 21.52
Dave Connaughton 24.21
Lauren Evans 25.59
Anthony Miles 25.59
Julie De Ernsted 26.00
Deb Connaughton 27.42
Mirella Granada 27.57
Mike Kennedy 35.06

56 Starters

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

12 September 2018

The variation in the spring weather from a warm start to the day followed by a cold southerly change kept the numbers down for this evening’s Broulee Run/Walk.  Nevertheless, 49 dedicated performers set off in 568th running of this event.

In the 2 Kilometres personal best times were recorded by Rafael Dyason, David West and Maddi Ahearn.

In the 3.5 Kilometres Peter Johnsen was the stand out.  Peter has made steady improvement since his first appearance back in May this year.  He has competed over the three distances and last Sunday completed the 8 kilometres Moruya Town to Surf Fun Run.

Many of the Broulee Runners participated in the Moruya Fun with Lauren Evans winning the Women’s category.  Others in the winners circle were Jo and Rhys Flood, Andrew McPherson, Morgan Pettit, Dave Connaughton, Matt Lambert, Stephanie and Bridget Lunn.

There is a lot of excitement with the introduction of the Euro Coast Athletic Club on Thursday night at Mackay Park Batemans Bay.  It offers competition for all ages from under 4 to over 70. Come along and see what all the excitement is about.

Pictured are Taylah Connaughton, Uncle Dave Connaughton and cousin Ryley Spoelder.

See you all next week at 4.30pm.

2 Kilometres

Rafael Dyason 8.10
Cathy West 8.34
Cooper Lasscock 8.45
David West 8.56
Rosie McPartland 8.58
Mia Lasscock 10.23
Maddi Ahearn 10.28
Julianne Domeny 10.30
Erin Domeny 10.41
Liam Carrol 10.53
Daisy West 11.11
Harper Lasscock 11.18
Annie Carrol 11.20
Jack Carrol 11.57
Amber Domeny 12.02
Emily Dickinson 12.35
Bruce Dickinson 12.36
KA Whyte 12.51
Roz Hayward 16.28
Nathan Costin 19.20
Mitchell Beby 19.20
Ashlee Beby 21.05
Nancy Costin 21.08
Michelle Beby 21.09
Chris Murray 21.23
Jenny Pollock 21.24
Liz Pirro 21.28
Jo Pirro 21.29

3.5 Kilometres

Taylah Connaughton 18.39
Steve Phipps 18.54
Megan Dyason 19.42
Ryley Spoelder 20.40
Ross Hayward 21.48
Meg Edenborough 24.08
Matt Edenborough 24.09
Kim Young 25.04
Richard Fisher 28.24
Anthony Miles 33.34
Julie De Ernsted 33.35
Peter Johnsen 34.33
5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 20.25
Bede Webster 21.25
Scott Carver 21.38
Dave Connaughton 24.26
Brock Gilligan 27.22
Deb Connaughton 27.52
Mike Kennedy 35.40
Tracy Denning 36.15
Liza Robbins 36.16

49 starters

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

5 September 2018

An excellent field of 62 braved the cold windy weather to participate in this evening’s Broulee run/walk.

In the 2 kilometres personal best times were recorded by Selby and Tiffany Johnston, Isabella Lopresti, Felicity Richards and Nerrida Louttit.   In the 3.5 kilometres the improvers were Sandra Lunn, Steve Phipps, Nev Madden and Keiran Louttit.  Christian Proksch ran an impressive time of 18.45 at his first attempt at this distance.  In the 5 kilometres Julie De Ernsted ran her fourth consecutive personal best time.

Aiden Johnston (pictured) accompanied by his mother was very excited to wear his 30-run shirt this evening.  It is a great achievement for this young boy who is a regular at the run

Daniel Beby (Pictured) ran the 5 kilometres slotted into an even longer run as part of his preparation for the Ironman to be held on the island of Kona in Hawaii on 13 October this year.  Daniel qualified for this event by his excellent showing at the Port Macquarie Ironman in April this year.  The event comprises the following distances in kilometres: - 3.8 swim, 180 bike ride and a 42 run. To prepare for the event Daniel will usually swim 12 kilometres, ride 370 kilometres and run 75 kilometres in a week.

See you next week at 4.30pm.

2 Kilometres

Selby Johnston 8.35
Tino Lopresti 8.38
Cathy West 8.39
Daniel Greenway 8.55
Tiffany Johnston 9.15
James Greenway 9.17
Isabella Lopresti 9.29
David West 9.37
Felicity Richards 10.06
Andrew Greenway 10.16
KA Whyte 10.35
Declan McPherson 11.03
Daisy West 11.34
Millie Shanahan 12.45
Emily Dickinson 13.16
Bruce Dickinson 13.17
Gillian Edwards 13.19
Rocco Lopresti 13.58
Laura Lopresti 13.59
Nathan Costin 15.17
Nancy Costin 15.19
Carissa Morgan 16.20
Janelle Morgan 16.21
Roz Hayward 16.27
Nerrida Louttit 17.28
Joan McPherson 17.49
Max Richards 18.09
Leo Richards 18.17
Marcus Richards 18.18
Aiden Johnston 23.16
Kat Johnston 23.17
Hugo Mitchell 29.05
Lucinda Mitchell 29.20
Michelle Mitchell 29.21

3.5 Kilometres

Vaughn Gilligan 16.27
Cameron Lunn 17.47
Steve Phipps 18.34
Nev Madden 18.36
Keiran Louttit 18.38
Christian Proksch 18.45
Sandra Lunn 19.26
Ross Hayward 20.47
Damia O’Loughlin 20.50
Paul Searson 22.43
Nick Berry 25.34
Monty Lloyd-Jones 25.34
Poppy Mitchell 27.34
Bonnie Lloyd-Jones 27.38
Richard Fisher 28.55
Robyn Kennedy 30.48

5 Kilometres

Dan Lloyd-Jones 19.19
Daniel Beby 19.20
Bede Webster 22.05
Dave Connaughton 24.18
Stephanie Lunn 25.06
Julie De Ernsted 25.07
Anthony Miles 25.08
Bridget Lunn 26.06
Deb Connaughton 27.25
Andrew McPherson 27.40
Morgan Pettit 28.32
Michael Kennedy 34.58

62 Starters