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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

30 August 2017

52 people braved the cold southerly winds to contest the three distances on offer for the last Broulee run of the winter of 2017.

We welcomed three members of the Costin family namely Nancy, Sean and Nathan, and Kassi Lozi and Dallas Pirro from Sydney who joined the group.

Personal best times were hard to come by with the strong wind and cold conditions.
Nevertheless, Elani Van Der Weerdenburg, Cat Johnston, Liz and Jo Pirro managed to beat the odds and improve their times in the 2-kilometre event.

Dylan Van Der Meulen (pictured) was awarded his 30-run shirt this evening. It was actually his 41st run and because of his height, he had to wait till a special order arrived from our sponsors in Bali. Dylan started back in 2015 and has an excellent time of 20.27 to his credit in the 5 kilometres. He is one of a number of runners knocking on the door of the magic 20 minutes mark for the distance.

See you all for our first Spring run next Wednesday at 4.30pm.

2 Kilometres

Sunni West 8.46
Selby Johnston 9.05
David West 10.09
Mitchell Beby 10.18
Amber Domeny 10.21
KA Whyte 10.38
Erin Domeny 11.20
Betty Davis-Boyden 13.17
Alba Van Der Meulen 13.21
Lily Van Weerdenburg 13.36
Melissa Van Weerdenburg 13.37
Elani Van Der Meulen 13.42
Dylan Van Der Meulen 13.43
Emily Dickinson 14.03
Bruce Dickinson 14.04
Cat Johnston 17.04
Tiffany Johnston 17.07
Daisy West 18.47
Cathy West 18.48
Charley Proksch 19.06
Christian Proksch 19.06
Jo Pirro 19.41
Liz Pirro 19.42
Nancy Costin 19.42
Dallas Pirro 19.42
Roz Hayward 21.04
David McCann 23.20
Leo Proksch 23.49
Jo Pollock 23.56
Jenny Pollock 24.01

3.5 Kilometres

Ross Hayward 20.47
Sandra Lunn 20.52
Kathryn Jeffery 28.16
Susan Pettitt 33.56

5 Kilometres

Adrian Connor 23.15
Morgan Pettit 23.18
Gary Ashton 23.49
Riley Beby 23.50
Daniel Beby 23.55 
Dave Connaughton 24.15
Greg Flood 24.40
Sean Costin 25.26
Nev Madden 25.33
Stephanie Lunn 26.09
Mary Anderson 26.29
Paige Connaughton 26.31
Kassi Lozi 27.24
Deb Connaughton 28.21
Julianne Domeny 30.19
John Hicks 30.49
Nathan Costin 34.28
Mike Kennedy 35.15

52 Starters

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

23 August 2017

Perfect running conditions helped the 41 starters in Wednesday’s Broulee Runners and Walkers event.

We welcomed Jared Searson from Queensland visiting his parents Maureen and Paul, who are regulars at our event.

Personal best times were recorded by KA Whyte and Daisy West in the 2 kilometres, Emma Patyus in the 3 kilometres and Harrison Gilligan, Anthony Miles, Bridget Lunn, Mary Anderson and Julianne Domeny in the 5 kilometres.

Cathy West (pictured with Sunni and Daisy) received her 30-run shirt this evening.  Cathy started with the group on 12 November 2014.  She was inspired by her boy Sunni, who was a regular at that time. Husband David and daughter Daisy soon followed to form the complete running West family, who have completed a total of 106 runs between them.  Cathy’s personal best in the 2 kilometres is an excellent time of 8.11 set on 9 August this year.

See you all next Wednesday at 4.30pm.

2 Kilometres

Cathy West 8.32
KA Whyte 10.24
Jill Brown 10.45
Jessica flood 11.09
Erin Domeny 11.26
Amber Domeny 11.33
Daisy West 11.36
David West 11.37
Emily Dickinson 14.09
Bruce Dickinson 14.10
Travis Dummett 16.44
Kathryn Jeffery 16.57
Maureen Searson 17.35
Liz Pirro 20.14
Jo Pirro 20.14

3.5 Kilometres

Emma Patyus 16.39
Cameron Lunn 18.15
Sandra Lunn 20.33
Vaughn Gilligan 20.57
Paul Searson 21.01
Robyn Kennedy 26.44

5 Kilometres

Harrison Gilligan 20.54
Dylan Van Der Meulen 21.16
Anthony Miles 22.21
Adrian Connor 22.53
Morgan Pettit 23.11
Gary Ashton 23.31
Dave Connaughton 24.09
Greg Flood 24.22
Nev Madden 24.56
Bridget Lunn 25.13
Andrew McPherson 25.30
Jared Searson 25.32
Mary Anderson 26.06
Brock Gilligan 26.34
Stephanie Lunn 27.51
Deb Connaughton 28.13
Sunni West 29.51
Julianne Domeny 30.12
John Hicks 30.22
Damia O’Loughlin 35.59

41 Starters

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

16 August 2017

The August winds were at their strongest for this evening’s run. This kept the numbers down to 33. Personal best times were recorded by Makayla Wade in the 3.5 kilometres and Harrison Gillighan and Mary Anderson in the 5 kilometres.

Special mention goes to Sunni West, who following on from his personal best times over consecutive weeks in the 2 and 3.5 kilometres tackled the 5 kilometres and recorded an excellent time of 28.52.

There is strong competition in the 5 kilometres as runners prepare for the Moruya Town to Surf, which will be held on 10 SeptemberThis is evident by the strong showing by Mary Anderson and Julie Wilkes.

See you all next week at 4.30pm

2 Kilometres

Leila Patyus 8.58
Bruce Dickinson 10.49
Jill Brown 10.55
Amber Domeny 11.58
Erin Domeny 13.58
Declan McPherson 15.45
Patrick Wade 15.46
Rachael Wade 18.39
David West 20.29
Liz Pirro 21.05
Jo Pirro 21.06
Nina McPherson 25.49
Joan McPherson 26.59
Julien Dunne 27.44
Sabrina Mallard 27.45

3.5 Kilometres

Emma Patyus 16.56
Vaughn Gilligan 19.21
Julianne Domeny 19.58
Damia O’Loughlin 25.42
Makayla Wade 30.09
Kathryn Jeffery 30.10

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 18.02
Harrison Gilligan 20.59
Dylan Van Der Meulen 21.09
Morgan Pettit 24.03
Adrian Connor 24.18
Dave Connaughton 24.19
Nev Madden 25.38
Andrew McPherson 25.50
Mary Anderson 26.07
Julie Wilkes 26.46
Brock Gilligan 27.09
Sunni West 28.52

33 Starters

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

9 August 2017

Excellent conditions attracted 44 starters in this evening’s run. We welcomed Travis McGeachy to his first run, Travis ran a sensational time of 20.31 in his first attempt at the 5 kilometres and he was disappointed that he did not break the magic 20 minute mark.

Personal best times were recorded by Sunni and Cathy West and Travis Dunnett in the 2 kilometres.  Nev Madden and Tiffany Johnston in the 3.5 kilometres. Aaron Flood, Brock Gilligan and Tracey Denning in the 5 kilometres.

Ross Hayward (pictured) used this run as a warm up for this Sunday’s Sydney City to Surf 14 kilometres fun run.  His first attempt at this event was in 1990 and this Sunday will be his 25th appearance in this iconic event.  His personal best time of 71.46 was recorded in 1995.  Ross has been a regular Broulee Runner having started 31 October 2007 and he has 211 runs to his credit. He will be proudly wearing his Broulee shirt on Sunday.  Everyone at tonight’s run wished him well in his 25th appearance.

See you all next week at 4.30pm.

2 Kilometres

Sunni West 8.10
Cathy West 8.11
Leila Patyus 8.58
Erin Domeny 12.05
Patrick Wade 12.22
Amber Domeny 13.01
Poppy Mitchell 13.31
Richard Fisher 13.50
Makayla Wade 14.59
Travis Dunnett 15.19
Kathryn Jeffery 15.56
Deb Waser 16.25
Rachael Wade 18.09
Hugo Mitchell 18.17
Michelle Mitchell 18.17
Roz Hayward 21.10
Mitchell Beby 22.11
Cat Johnston 22.30
Aiden Johnston 22.31
Ashley Beby 23.39
Michelle Beby 23.40

3.5 Kilometres 

Nev Madden 18.41
Selby Johnston 20.09
Vaughn Gilligan 2051
Tiffany Johnston 22.02
Damia O’Loughlin 24.58
Robyn Kennedy 25.56
Susan Pettit 32.20

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 17.49
Travis McGeachey 20.31
Dylan Van Der Meulen 21.28
Andrew McPherson 21.29
Aaron Flood 21.34
Morgan Pettit 23.09
Harrison Gilligan 23.49
Dave Connaughton 23.56
Greg Flood 24.05
Riley Beby 25.02
Gary Ashton 25.02
Brock Gilligan 26.20
Ross Hayward 27.38
Deb Connaughton 28.07
Tracey Denning 29.44
Mike Kennedy 33.48

44 Starters

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

2 August 2017

Winds from the South Pole greeted the 48 starters in this evening’s run. This motivated everyone to take off as quickly as possible. The only exception was one small child, who took off in the opposite direction with his mother in hot pursuit.

The initial pace resulted in 13 personal best times. These were recorded by Leila and Emma Patyus, Selby Johnstone, Christian Proksch, Jo and Liz Pirro, Sunni West, Amelia Wilkes, Mary Anderson, Morgan Pettit, Greg Flood, Prue Bartlett and Brock Gilligan.

It was a night for the young athletes to shine with outstanding performances from Leila Patyus, Selby Johnstone, Sunni West and Amelia Wilkes, a special mention must go to Amber Domeny, who tackled the 5 kilometres. Well done to you all.

Pictured are some of our younger runners who were very hard to keep still and not pull faces at the camera :) See you all next week at 4.30pm.

2 Kilometres

Leila Patyus 8.42
Selby Johnstone 8.46
Bruce Dickinson 11.00
Patrick Wade 12.29
Daisy West 13.05
Cathy West 13.06
Makayla Wade 15.16
Betty Davis Boyden 15.17
Christian Proksch 15.22
Audrey Knobel 15.31
Regina Knobel 15.31
Roz Hayward 15.51
Susan Pettit 15.57
Rachael Wade 17.21
Victoria Fleming 17.38
Kathryn Jefferey 18.00
Jo Pirro 19.56
Liz Pirro 19.57
Aiden Johnstone 20.51
Cat Johnstone 20.52
Charley Proksch 26.22
Leo Proksch 28.47
Jo Pollock 28.56
Jenny Pollock 29.03

3.5 Kilometres

Emma Patyus 16.51
Sunni West 17.35
Julie Wilkes 17.52
Vaughn Gilligan 18.09
Amelia Wilkes 18.23
Mary Anderson 18.27
Keira Lenehan 19.54
Peter Lenehan 19.54
Damia O’Loughlin 24.25

5 Kilometres

Adrian Connor 22.25
Andrew McPherson 23.01
Morgan Pettit 23.09
Graham Hincksman 23.19
Gary Ashton 23.25
Greg Flood 23.40
Dave Connaughton 24.28
Prue Bartlett 25.22
Brock Gilligan 26.37
Ross Hayward 28.12
Deb Connaughton 29.37
Julianne Domeny 31.48
Michael Kennedy 36.32
Amber Domeny 42.41
Richard Fisher 59.59

48 Starters