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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

30 March 2016

Perfect conditions saw a near record 81 starters in Wednesday’s run and the results were outstanding with 26 personal best times recorded.

We welcomed Bridget Doherty, Karen Ryan and Hayden Louttit for their first run with the group.

It was a family affair with the Nimmos recording four PBs from each member followed by the Platts with three out of three.

Carissa Morgan, our Special Olympics representative, continues to impress with another fine run reducing her time by 4 seconds.

The Batemans bay triathlon is fast approaching and we have pictured some of the Broulee runners who will compete in the event. We wish them all the best.

Next Wednesday 6 April will see the post daylight saving starting time of 4.30pm. See you all then.

2 Kilometre event

James Dickinson 7.33PB
Riley Nimmo​7.37PB
Julian Nimmo​7.37PB
Ava Weymans​7.57
Shayne Hargraves​8.00
Riley Beby​8.30
Flynn Platt​8.38PB
Leanne Weymans​8.39
Piccola Bayley​8.30PB
Callum Elliott​8.54
Cameron Lunn​8.56PB
Amelia Preston​9.35
Mitchell Beby​9.42PB
Daniel Beby​9.44
Bradley Lunn​9.55
Jake Pratt​10.02PB
Sandra Lunn​10.03PB
Bruce Dickinson​10.04
Tess Klower​10.07
Sophia Carver​10.08
Dean Klower​10.09
Sean Pratt​10.10PB
Ellie Van Weerdenburg​10.25PB
Makaylah Cowan​10.26PB
Emma Nimmo​10.29PB
Jill Brown​10.32
Lara Elliott​10.54
Bridget Doherty​11.26New
Tarren Elliott​11.27
Scott Elliott​11.28
Michelle Kempston​11.35
Naomi Nimmo​11.52PB
Kehlei Cowan​12.11
Hayley Edwards​12.15
Stella Lloyd-Jones​13.31
Jayda Edwards​13.36PB
David McCann​13.50
Caressa Morgan​13.55PB
Janelle Morgan​13.55PB
Bonnie Lloyd-Jones​14.23PB
Roz Hayward​14.23
Makayla Wade​15.02
Chris Wade​15.03
Victoria Fleming​15.14PB
Karen Ryan​15.16New
Alexis Carver​16.06
Liza Lloyd-Jones​16.07
Taryn Carver​16.09PB
Emersyn Carver​16.10PB
Lily Van Weerdenburg​16.12
Melissa Van Weerdenburg​16.14

3.5 Kilometres event

Rhys Flood​14.20
Christian Filmer​16.00
Marlin Bayley​16.02PB
Bridget Lunn​16.34
Matt Edwards​16.40PB
Jaymz Motyka​16.47
Jasper Motyka​18.08
Ross Hayward​19.07
Max Motyka​19.16
Nina Thorne​19.27PB
Stephanie Lunn​19.33
Hayden Louttit​19.37New
Simone Elliott​20.23
Libby Buttress​23.39
Patrick Wade​31.00PB

5 Kilometres event

Matt Lambert​21.04
Scott Rigby​21.47PB
Dylan Van Der Meulen​22.40
Scott Carver​22.43
Adrian Connor​23.17
Mark Lavender​23.38
Gary Ashton​23.43
Andrew McPherson​24.32
Nev Madden​24.44
Paige Connaughton​25.17
Greg Flood​25.18
Dave Connaughton​25.38
Kylie Young​26.37
Kim Young​34.35
Mike Kennedy​34.45

81 starters

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

23 March 2016

The perfect conditions on Wednesday 23 March attracted 65 people to contest the three distances at the Mossy Point lookout.  

We welcomed Makaylah Cowar, Suzanne Klower, Piccola and Marlin Bayley together with others that we haven’t seen for some time.

The mild conditions were favourable for running as 20 personal best times were recorded on the night.  

Jaylah Hancock-Cameron broke her record in the 3.5 kilometres by 11 seconds in running an excellent time of 13.28.  She currently holds the 2 and 3.5 kilometres records. 
Other notable achievers were Sandra Lunn, Bruce Dickinson, David McCann and Patrick Wade.

Bonnie and Liza Lloyd-Jones (pictured with Liza's mum and dad Roz and Ross Hayward, husband Dan, daughter Stella and son Monty) were awarded their 30 run shirts.  

Bonnie has participated by being carried by mother Liza from a very young age and now at the ripe old age of 3 she can run almost unassisted.  

This shows that you are never too young or too old to participate in the event.

The run will move to 4.30 pm on 6 April after the conclusion of Day Light Saving.

Happy Easter to you all see you all next week.

2 Kilometre event 

Rhys Flood6.46
Noah Reid8.29PB
Bruce Dickinson9.35
Sandra Lunn10.10PB
Jill Brown10.17
Cameron Lunn10.26
Makaylah Cowar10.28New
Suzanne Klower10.41New
Emma Waters10.42
Ellie Van Weerdenburg10.56PB
Jessica Flood10.56
Kehlei Cowan11.06PB
Michelle Kempston11.25PB
Piccola Bayley11.35New
Hayley Edwards11.37PB
Jayda Edwards13.07
David McCann13.21PB
Lily Van Weerdenburg13.59
Melissa Van Weerdenburg14.00
Makayla Wade14.09
Roz Hayward14.10
Ross Hayward14.11
Bonnie Lloyd-Jones14.56
Alexis Carver14.57PB
Liza Lloyd-Jones15.17
Monty Lloyd-Jones15.21
Nina McPherson15.50PB
Michelle McPherson15.50PB
Rachael Wade17.22
Rhonda Robinson17.53PB
Keith Robinson17.53PB

3.5 Kilometres event

Jaylah Hancock-Cameron13.28PB
Marlin Bayley16.06New
Bridget Lunn16.49
Matt Edwards17.29
James Dickinson18.17
Anthony Smith18.55
Nina Thorne20.19PB
Bradley Lunn20.50
Tess Klower20.56PB
Stephanie Lunn21.15
Kim Young21.40
Libby Buttress22.52PB
Robyn Kennedy27.16
Richard Fisher27.44
Leah Rigby32.33
Stella Lloyd-Jones32.33
Patrick Wade32.42PB

 5 Kilometres event

Scott Carver20.12
Dan Lloyd-Jones20.25
Matt Lambert20.49PB
Dylan Van Der Meulen22.21PB
Scott Rigby22.31
Jo Flood22.48
Adrian Connor22.59
Mark Lavender23.24
Andrew McPherson23.26
Gary Ashton23.29
Greg Flood25.06
Nev Madden25.10
Dave Connaughton25.40
Steven Phipps27.06
Deb Connaughton28.51
Sarah Aedy29.13PB
Mike Kennedy34.56

65 starters

Monday, March 21, 2016

16 March 2016

Cooler conditions together with the need to prepare for school cross country championships attracted large numbers to Wednesday run.

Of the 73 starters there were 9 personal best times and 4 new starters.  

Kerrie O’Connor, Lily Van Weerdenburg, Libby Buttress and Mark Lavender all showed improvements by more than 60 seconds, which is outstanding.

Victoria Fleming, Kylie Young and Monty Lloyd-Jones all received their 30 run shirts.

At the end of daylight saving on 3 April the event will commence at 4.30 pm.

2 Kilometre event

Rhys Flood7.28
Riley Nimmo7.49
James Dickinson8.35
Riley Beby9.05
Cameron Lunn9.12
Bradley Lunn9.59
Bruce Dickinson10.08
Kerrie O’Connor10.26PB122secs
Jessica Flood10.33
Sandra Lunn10.35
Jake Platt10.56PB24secs
Monty-Lloyd Jones10.59
Michelle Kempston11.43
Mali Barnes11.48
Jill Brown11.49
Emma Nimmo12.05
Naomi Nimmo12.34
Ellie Van Weerdenburg12.39
Kehlei Cowan12.41
Hayley Edwards13.28
Jayda Edwards13.29
Lily Van Weerdenburg13.48PB105secs
Melissa Van Weerdenburg13.49
Stella Lloyd-Jones14.29
Chris Wade14.40
Bonnie Lloyd-Jones15.00PB5secs
Roz Hayward15.01PB2secs
Carissa Morgan15.14
Janelle Morgan15.15
Lisa Lloyd-Jones16.02
Mitchell Beby16.13
Victoria Fleming16.15
Nelson Olver16.32
Flynn Platt17.07
Patrick Wade17.29
Michelle Beby17.32
Ashley Beby17.36
Richard Fisher17.55
Makayla Wade18.23
Rachael Wade18.25
Declan McPherson22.38
Nina McPherson23.18
Michelle McPherson23.19

3.5 Kilometres event

Aaron Flood14.48
Jo Flood14.50
Bridget Lunn16.30
Jasper Motyka16.45
Jaymz Motyka16.52
Johnny Olver17.23
Anthony Smith17.24PB5secs
Matt Edwards17.37
Kylie Young17.46
Max Motyka18.42
Sean Platt21.25
Kim Young22.08
Stephanie Lunn22.39
Nina Thorne22.40
Libby Buttress23.20PB106secs
David McCann29.18

5 Kilometres event

Daniel Beby17.43
Dan Lloyd-Jones19.10
Scott Carver20.25
Jayla Hancock-Cameron21.37PB50secs
Matt Lambert21.39
Mark Lavender22.32PB63secs
Andrew McPherson22.39
Adrian Connor22.50
Scott Rigby22.58
Gary Ashton23.51
Dennis Olver24.26
Greg Flood25.06
Nev Madden25.48
Mike Kennedy35.38

73 starters

9 March 2016

Once again the Broulee runners had warm conditions for this evening’s run.  There were 44 starters with 5 personal best times.

Victoria Fleming, one of our more senior runners continues to improve slashing 61 seconds off her previous best time.  She was so surprised that we needed to double check to satisfy her.

Rhys Flood reduced his record on the 2 kilometre course by 2 seconds in recording a time of 6.30 minutes.

Outstanding young talent Jayla Hancock-Cameron tackled the 5 kilometres and recorded an impressive time of 22.27 minutes.  She currently holds the record for the women’s 2 kilometres.

Mark Lavender continues to improve with a 22 second personal best in the 5 kilometres and he is looking forward to his school’s cross country championships.

2 Kilometre event

Rhys Flood6.30PB2secs
Riley Nimmo7.46
Julian Nimmo7.55PB3secs
Riley Beby10.19
Lily Olver11.31
Caroline McDonald11.39
Monty Lloyd-Jones12.54
Pauline Hicks13.28
Victoria Fleming15.18PB61secs
Katie McDonald16.34
Nelson Olver17.39
Makayla Wade18.22
Rachael Wade18.23
Mitchell Beby19.41
Ashlee Beby19.42
Michelle Beby19.43
Bonnie Lloyd-Jones20.34
Lisa Lloyd-Jones20.35

3.5 Kilometres event

Christian Filmer15.35
Indhi Filmer16.42
Johnny Olver16.5857secs
Kylie Young19.04
Kim Young25.13
Robyn Kennedy30.02
Richard Fisher31.03
Patrick Wade36.23

5 Kilometres event

Daniel Beby18.01
Scott Carver20.50
Matt Lambert21.44
Dan Lloyd-Jones22.03
Jayla Hancock-Cameron22.27
Adrian Connor23.20
Jo Flood23.23
Mark Lavender23.35PB22secs
Andrew McPherson23.39
Dennis Olver24.05
Gary Ashton24.34
Greg Flood25.37
Dave Connaughton26.21
Deb Connaughton28.29
Sarah Aedy29.20PB57secs
John Hicks29.54
Simon wall31.37
Mike Kennedy35.14

44 starters