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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

28 March 2018

The last run before the end of daylight saving ends was held in perfect conditions.  As a result, there were 15 personal best times.  In the 2 kilometres those to shine were Ebony and Jacqui Berry, Karlie Van Der Meulen, Julien Dunne, Sabrina Mallard, Helen Okey, Jye Barbara and Gill Bennett.  In the 3.5 kilometres the improvers were James Dickinson, Jessica Flood, Tracey Denning and Lisa Robbins.  In the 5 kilometres the stand outs were Julie De Ernsted, Rob Ryan and Angie Gannon.

We were fortunate to have a visitor from France join us this evening.  Helene Lafarge is on holidays with friends and she received a warm welcome from everybody.  Aaron Dunn, a former resident of the district, has returned and ran the 5 kilometres for the first time.

Tracey Denning was awarded her 30-run shirt this evening.  She has shown considerable improvement since her first run on 9 February 2017 having reduced her 5 kilometres time by almost 7 minutes.  

Robyn Kennedy celebrated her 300th run this evening.  She has been actively involved with the event since the beginning as the recorder.  Her experience as a primary school teacher comes in handy with handling the very young when they demand that their place and name be recorded instantly!

Pictured are Tracey and Robyn.

Next Wednesday we revert to 4.30 PM with the end of Day Light Saving.

2 Kilometres

Johanna Dunn 9.45
K A Whyte 12.38
Alva Van Der Meulen 13.30
Ebony Berry 13.44
Jacqui Berry 13.45
Karlee Van Der Meulen 13.46
David McCann 15.05
Julien Dunne 15.13
Sabrina Mallard 15.13
Helen Okey 16.47
Jye Barbara 16.48
Richard Fisher 17.33
Kim Young 17.54
Steven Phipps 18.04
Nancy Costin 18.11
Nathan Costin 18.21
Elani Van Der Meulen 18.48
Dylan Van Der Meulen 18.50
Charlie Proksch 19.27
Christian Proksch 19.28
Roz Hayward 20.48
Victoria Fleming 20.49
Gill Bennett 21.38
Liz Pirro 21.38
Jo Pirro 21.39
Leo Proksch 28.42
Jo Pollock 28.48

3.5 Kilometres

James Dickinson 14.56
Vaughn Gilligan 19.25
Jessica Flood 20.31
Julianne Domeny 21.04
Tracey Denning 22.12
Lisa Robbins 22.12
Robyn Kennedy 24.50
Emily Dickinson 24.51
Bruce Dickinson 24.52

5 Kilometres

Matt Johnsen 18.39
Scott Carver 20.38
Harrison Gilligan 21.02
Josh Connaughton 21.13
Rhys Flood 21.49
Bede Webster 21.57
Jo Flood 22.17
Lauren Evans 23.15
Aaron Dunn 23.24
Dave Connaughton 24.33
Gary Ashton 24.55
Morgan Pettit 25.05
Greg Flood 25.37
Adrian Connor 25.39
Julie De Ernsted 26.24
Anthony Miles 26.24
Deb Connaughton 29.11
Helene Lafarge 30.02
Robert Ryan 30.26
Angie Gannon 30.31
Mike Kennedy 32.48

57 Starters

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

21 March 2018

The weather was cold, windy and wet for this evening’s Broulee Run/walk.  Yet 34 tough competitors completed the event.  Julie De Ernsted turned up to run having recovered from her triathlon last Sunday in Wollongong in 40-degree heat.  Her excellent place in her category was achieved by the hard work she put into her training.

We welcomed Bean Melgaard to his first run with the group.

David West ran a personal best time in the 2 kilometres.  In the 5 kilometres Anthony Miles and Rob Ryan improved.

Ruby Connor and Iona Kelly are two very talented young athletes.  Only one second separates them over the 2-kilometre distance.  Iona’s time of 8.10 is the bench mark at this stage.  As they are both only in primary school it is expected that this time will be bettered by one of them in the near future.

2 Kilometres
Iona Kelly 8.19
Sunni West 8.53
Cathy West 8.58
Bean Melgaard 9.03
David West 9.11
Selby Johnston 11.24
Tiffany Johnston 11.28
David McCann 14.52
Travis Dummett 15.58
Charley Proksch 16.04
Kathryn Jeffery 16.05
Daisy West 20.10
Jenny Pollock 20.49
Aiden Johnston 21.16
Kat Johnston 21.19
Leo Proksch 24.52
Jo Pollock 24.53

3.5 Kilometres
Vaughn Gilligan 18.11
Paul Searson 24.10
Richard Fisher 30.05

5 Kilometres
Anthony Miles 20.41
Rhys Flood 21.20
Harrison Gilligan 21.57
Lauren Evans 23.39
Mark Lavender 24.00
Adrian Connor 24.17
Morgan Pettit 24.59
Dave Connaughton 25.00
Greg Flood 25.44
Deb Connaughton 27.30
Julie De Ernsted 27.53
Tracey Denning 30.25
Rob Ryan 31.23
Mike Kennedy 39.45

34 starters

14 March 2018

The prevailing North Easterly made the 82 starters in this evening’s Broulee Run/Walk bend their backs on the return journey.  We welcomed Rocco Lopresti, Carol Marsden, Helen Okey and Jill Bennett to their first run with the group.

The tough conditions tested all competitors and it was difficult to demonstrate improvements.  Nevertheless, in the 2 kilometres personal best times were recorded by Rosie McPartland, Johanna Dunn and Cathy Kelly.  In the 5 kilometres the ever-improving Tracey Denning lowered her mark by 38 seconds.

One of the features of the event is the attraction of the very young to enjoy the fun and competition.  At the other end of the scale is the more mature participants, who also like to enjoy the challenge of the event and the social interchange.  Tonight’s event attracted the following participants from Banksia Village Victoria Fleming, Trish Eccles, Liz and Jo Pirro, Carol Marsden and Jill Bennett.

With the absence of our popular starter and timer Deb Connaughton, David McCann has taken on the task and proved himself an excellent replacement.  He is looking forward to handing the job over as soon as possible.

See you next week.

2 Kilometres

Vaughn Gilligan 8.05
Iona Kelly 8.18
Ruby Connor 8.53
Deakin McPartland 9.00
Rosie McPartland 9.04
David West 9.25
Johanna Dunn 9.42
Zahlia Kelly 10.28
Audrey Knobel 12.21
Emily Dickinson 12.21
Bruce Dickinson 12.22
Anthony Knobel 12.22
Makayla Wade 13.11
Cathy Kelly 13.27
Kelly McPartland 13.27
Michelle Connor 13.33
Millie Shanahan 14.00
Jillian Edwards 14.00
David McCann 14.45
Rocco Lopresti 14.57
Julianne Domeny 14.59
Chris Wade 15.28
Patrick Wade 16.09
Maureen Searson 16.45
Sabrina Mallard 17.01
Julien Dunne 17.01
Rachael Wade 17.16
Charley Proksch 18.11
Christian Proksch 18.12
Carol Marsden 18.27
Ross Hayward 18.28
Travis Dummett 18.55
Kathryn Jeffery 18.56
Jye Barbara 19.06
Helen Okey 19.06
Victoria Fleming 19.26
Roz Hayward 19.26
Trish Eccles 20.27
Daisy West 21.29
Cathy West 21.29
Jill Bennett 21.48
Liz Pirro 21.48
Jo Pirro 21.49
Aiden Johnston 22.38
Kat Johnston 22.41
Andrew McPherson 23.14
Nina McPherson 23.15
Leo Proksch 28.01
Jo Pollock 28.02

3.5 Kilometres

Rhys Flood 15.17
Emma Patyus 17.57
Mattea Kelly 18.13
Kylie Young 20.23
Dylan Holmes 21.16
Sunni West 22.41
Kim Young 23.17
Leora Kelly 24.24
Isabella Lopresti 24.41
Tiffany Johnston 25.10
Paul Searson 25.12
Robyn Kennedy 25.48
Erin Domeny 26.56
Richard Fisher 28.23
Nathan Costin 29.33
Nancy Costin 29.33
Steve Phipps 37.59

5 Kilometres

Josh Connaughton 20.44
Bede Webster 22.43
Harrison Gilligan 23.22
Alan Andrews 23.38
Mark Lavender 23.43
Anthony Miles 24.16
Gary Matthews 24.52
Gary Ashton 25.42
Adrian Connor 25.44
Greg Flood 25.44
Brock Gilligan 26.49
Julie De Ernsted 27.07
Morgan Pettit 27.12
Tracey Denning 29.06
Mike Kennedy 36.43
Lisa Robbins 38.27

82 Starters

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

7 March 2018

Excellent running conditions produced 10 personal best times and attracted 3 new starters to the event.  New starters were Peter Johnsen, who joined his wife and two children in the event.  Also appearing for the first time were Jye Barbara and Johanna Dunn.  Jye aged about 2 started in a pram and was carried by mum down and up the knotty hill and he managed to run most of the way back.  The hard part was stopping him at the finish.

Personal best times were recorded in the 2 kilometres by Rosie and Darren McPartland, Iona Kelly, Julianne Domeny Tiffany Johnston and Cathy Kelly.  In the 3.5 kilometres the Loutitt boys Hayden and Keiran both did best times.  In the 5 kilometres Alan Andrews and Julie De Ernsted improved their times.

Maureen Searson was awarded her 30-run shirt and Richard Fisher completed his 200th run.  Richard did his first run on 14 September 2011.  Since that time, he has been a tireless worker for the event and each week he organisers the finishers.  He has made necessary repairs to the course when the elements have damaged parts of the track.

Pictured Maureen and Richard.

See you all next week at 5pm.

2 Kilometres

Iona Kelly 8.10
Deakin McPartland 9.08
Rosie McPartland 9.14
Darren McPartland 9.14
Selby Johnston 9.15
Julianne Domeny 9.51
Isabella Lopresti 10.38
Tiffany Johnston 10.41
Erin Domeny 11.11
Emily Dickinson 11.55
Bruce Dickinson 11.55
Makayla Wade 13.25
Chris Wade 13.31
Paul Searson 13.52
Cathy Kelly 14.09
David McCann 14.40
Travis Dunnett 15.48
Kathryn Jeffery 15.54
Kat Johnston 16.35
Jye Barbara 17.28
Johanna Dunn 17.29
Julien Dunne 18.19
Sabrina Mallard 18.19
Rachael Wade 18.43
Maureen Searson 19.30
Roz Hayward 19.52
Ross Hayward 20.14
Patrick Wade 20.25
Leo Proksch 20.53
Christian Proksch 20.54
Trish Eccles 21.07
Jo Pirro 21.08
Liz Pirro 21.08
Nerrida Louttit 22.10
Peter Johnsen 22.11
Charley Proksch 22.12
Jo Pollock 22.13
Lorraine Jackson 22.43

3.5 Kilometres

Rhys Flood 14.57
Hayden Louttit 17.19
Mattea Kelly 17.46
Keiran Louttit 19.58 
Ruby Johnsen 20.32
Dylan Holmes 21.42
Vaughn Gilligan 23.44
Annie Johnsen 24.04
Mike Kennedy 24.14
Richard Fisher 27.22

5 Kilometres

Matt Johnsen 17.32
Scott Carver 20.51
Harrison Gilligan 22.36
Alan Andrews 22.51
Anthony Miles 23.19
Greg Flood 25.57
Gary Ashton 26.35
Julie De Ernsted 26.36
Morgan Pettit 27.03
Kim Young 42.47

58 Starters