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Monday, November 29, 2010

tuesday interval session - pyramid

The rain held off long enough for us to complete our Tuesday intervals this week. Drills followed by a:

1 - 2 - 3 - 2 - 1 pyramid.

The message this week was to keep form and stay relaxed.

Thanks again to Nev and Jill

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

dave's running report - triple tri

I have never done the Triple Tri race before. Actually I wouldn't have considered it this time either had Jono not broken his arm. Sue took him down to Bega to get the plaster cast on and the physio, seeing the fun run t-shirt Jono was wearing started talking about running. It turns out he was looking for a runner for the Triple Tri .... anyway a phone call later and I was part of the team from Tathra/Bega. Grant the physio was our swimmer and team captain and Rob was the mountain biker.
I was pretty confident about running the 45 km over the various Canberra summits, but the three legs with a couple of hours gap in between had me a little worried. I tried it out in training and badly hit the wall on the last run as I got the nutrition wrong. A couple more attempts and I was as ready as I could be - although I knew that the last leg - albeit the easiest was going to hurt a lot more than the last 13 km of a normal (if there is such a thing) 45 km mountain run.
Anyway, race day arrived and was an early start - picked up at 5 am. But what a stunner of a day! Perfect conditions, clear, still and cool at first - although a bit hot when I was going over Mount Taylor!
The first run leg was 20 km, starting in Watson and went over Mount Majura, Hackett Hill and Mount Ainslie, finishing down at the Boat Shed. I took it a bit easy on this leg. Partly because I was conserving some energy and partly because I started well down in the field (our biker had a bad first leg over Black Mountain) and got stuck behind some slower runners on the windy single track up Mount Majura. I passed 14 people on the way to the Majura summit and then another 8 before hitting the top of Mount Ainslie. It was a fast run down Anzac Parade and along the waterfront - grabbing a couple more scalps befor handing over to our swimmer Grant. I was pretty happy with the time of 1:20 and some, but I think the course was a little shorter than the advertised 20 km.
The second leg started near the foot of Mount Taylor - went up the steepest past to the summit and then wound down to the bike paths that lead to Tuggeranong. Its 12 km ended down near the Tuggeranong swimming pool. This leg was quick - before I knew it I was at the top of Mount Taylor and flying down the other side. I chuckled as I sped past the signs warning about ice on the path - not today! The rest of the Mount Taylor trails were familiar, but the bike path down to Lake Tuggeranong was boring - good thing is was over quickly. Again I made up a bunch of places and was pretty happy with the time of 45 minutes - surely that leg is a little short too???
The final leg started in Garran near Hindmarsh Drive, went over Red Hill and wound its way down to the Bike paths from Woden to the city. It was 13 km and ended at the Yarralumla Yacht Club. This one wasn't as bad as I thought - due to my more conservative first leg but also because Red Hill was my old stomping ground when I lived in Yarralumla so the whole course was very familiar. Grant was pretty keen on making the top 10 and I left the drain transition in 16th place overall. I passed 5 people in the first seven km but try as I might I could not see another person ahead and ran out of distance. So we ended up 11th overall. Despite getting a cramp in my left hamstring in the last couple of kms I was again pretty happy with my time of 57 minutes. I reckon that course was long - though not quite long enough to make up for the other ones being short!
All in all, I had a great day. The boys were happy with 11th and just over 3 hours for 45 hilly km of off road running is a pretty good effort. I was later told it makes it into the top 10 of "3 run" times since the event started 14 years ago. I had a great time and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone - perhaps we should enter a Broulee team next year?

wednesday's run - november 24rd, 2010

Magical day again in Broulee. Even in the heat we had a few PBs - congratulations to Jenny Clarke, Mikaela Clarke and Kirra Shilling.

Well done to Barb Wells on achieving her 50th walk/run today .....
Results for today:
5 km: Liza Martini - 23.57, Geoff Wells - 24.16, Mike Kennedy - 27.02, Dave Hosking - 31.02 (post triple tri)
3.5 km: Jono Hosking - 18.49, Ellen Hosking - 18.51, Kirra Shilling - 19.16 (PB of 24 sec), Barb Wells - 30.00 (50th walk - yipppeeee), Anna Hosking - 30.59, Sue Lindsay - 31.00.
2 km: Jake Shilling - 8.40, Mikaela Clarke - 12.12 (PB of 2.02), Jenny Clarke - 14.17 (PB of 45 sec)

tuesday intervals - without nev

Nev would be proud of the fact that we turned up and followed his suggestion for intervals - thanks Nev! Hope you and Jill are having a fab time in Woollongong ....

After 'our' version of drills, we managed 8 x 200 metre sprints. It was tough going, but we did it. Ross finished his last sprint in impressive style! Well done Ross.

See you all next week -

Jill - we did the 'plank'!

Friday, November 19, 2010

17th november run - wednesday at the anchor

Another glorious day in paradise. PBS were recorded by:
Dave Hosking, Kirra Shilling, Viva Barson and Dave Connaughton - well done!

Date is set for the ANNUAL CHRISTMAS RUN - starting at our usual spot, the anchor - at 5 pm on Wednesday, December 22nd. Please wear your Christmas colours :)

BYO drinks and nibblies for afterwards ............

Results for today's run:

5 km: Dave Hosking - 17.33 (PB by 15 sec), Nev Madden - 22.45, Dave Connaughton - 22.52 (PB by 19 seconds - it's the shoes!), Liza Martini - 23.49, Geofff Wells - 25.58, Mike Kennedy - 26.51.

3.5 km: Ellen Hosking - 18.43, Bianca Martini - 19.13, Jill Brown - 19.18, Kirra Shilling - 19.40 (PB by 43 seconds), Paige Connaughton - 21.12, Libby Doughty - 22.20, Robyn Kennedy - 25.54, Sue Lindsay - 28.20, Anna Hosking - 28.20, Barb Wells - 31.00.

2 km 'bridge' run: Jake Shilling - 8.43, Viva Barson - 13.15 (PB by 1.07), Jono Hosking - 14.55.

Good luck to Dave Hosking who is competing in the Triple Tri this weekend in Canberra - look forward to hearing all about it

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

tuesday intervals with Nev

Welcome to Tracey who took part in her first interval session and welcome back to Nick! The morning was grey, but no rain eventuated. With our goal to increase leg speed, and vary the length of our longer runs, we completed three activities today - running drills, skipping (with rope) followed by short intervals. Did the girls show up the boys in skipping you think? Well done to everyone.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

wednesday's run - november 10th, 2010

Summer was well and truly in the air this afternoon. It was a steamy run for those of us who turned up.

Results for today:
PBs were run by Kirra Shilling and Dave Connaughton

2 km 'bridge' run: Jake Shilling - 8.39, Bianca Martini - 9.42, Mikaela Clarke - 14.14, Viva Barson - 14.22.

3.5 km run: Paige Connaughton - 19.47, Jill Brown - 19.53, Kirra Shilling - 20.23 (PB by 4 seconds), Libby Doughty - 20.54.

5 km run: Dave Connaughton - 23.11 (PB by 10 seconds - what a fabulous run!), Liza Martini - 24.10, Taryn Carver - 24.27, Nev Madden - 25.24, Ross Haywood - 26.51.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

tuesday intervals

Thanks to Nev for organising the interval session this morning - a 'relay' style interval session at Captain Oldrey Park. Skipping ropes next week for those who will be joining us. Thank you to Jill for the 'plank'. See you all next week - all welcome at 6.45 am.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

wednesday's run - november 3rd, 2010

What a windy afternoon - well done to all those who braved the winds and turned up - a few PBs were achieved today.

PBs - Bianca Martini, Dave Hosking, Liam Smith and Jenny Clarke !!!!

Results for this afternoon:

2km 'bridge' run: Jazz Barnes - 22.43, Jill Brown - 14.45, Mikaela Clarke - 15.02, Jenny Clarke - 15.02 (PB), Patsy Hosking - 20.46 (debut), Murray Hosking - 20.46 (PB), Jono Hosking - 20.46.

3.5 km run: Nick Rodie - 16.10 (debut run), Jake Shilling - 16.34, Ellen Hosking - 17.34, Bianca Martini - 18.11 (PB), Abbey McDonald - 19.04, Liam Smith - 20.29 (PB), Paige Connaughton - 21.22, Kirra Shilling - 21.26, Libby Doughty - 21.36, Anna Hosking - 27.50, Sue Lindsay - 27.52.

5 km run: Dave Hosking - 17.48 (PB), Nev Madden - 22.41, Dave Connaughton - 23.41, Kim Pidcock - 24.51, Ross Hayward - 26.21.