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Monday, May 31, 2010

exciting news

Check out this site:

triathlon and multisport festival in Batemans Bay in 2011 - more details after June 4th!

looking for inspiration

Came across these quotes:

"You must have a training routine so that what you do happens automatically. If I got up in the morning and thought about going for a run there would often be a number of possible arguments against it. The thing is to get out and run. Later you can wonder whether you should have or not"

"Running well is a matter of having the patience to persevere when you are tired and not expecting instant results. The only secret is that it is consistent, often monotonous, boring, hard work. And it's tiring"

Robert de Castella

"Running is a lot like life. Only 10 per cent of it is exciting, 90 per cent of it is slog and druge."

Dave Bedford, English Distance Runner

"Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever".

Lance Armstrong

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nev's Race Report


Great Ocean Road Marathon (45km) 16 MAY 2010

I woke at 4.45am very, very excited to be running another marathon after a break of 21 years. Jill and I caught the bus to our respective start lines at 6.00am. My ride from Apollo Bay to Lorne took 1 hour. Jill’s half-marathon started around half way from Kennett River. I wonder how she was feeling. The starter’s pistols went at 8 o’clock. 600 runners set off on their own marathon battle. Almost 1500 runners in the half marathon.

I thought the first hill one km after the start was easy, although I knew it was going to be rolling hills all the way to about the 7th drink station (35km). I sensed that I had settled into a good rhythm and pace in the first few km’s. At the first few drink stations I walked and drank water, in no hurry to push too hard. I kept saying to myself “keep the pace, stay to plan”. There were drink stations every 5 kms.

I reached the 5th drink station in 2hrs 2min still feeling good, 5 mins better than my target 2h 7m (5 m/km pace). The next target - 35 km was after the next and last ‘big’ hill. No problems - a long 1 km steady climb, BUT going down hill was tougher than the going up? Bloody tough. I now wanted the cool breezes that drifted down the gullies. I could not stride out. I was cramping. I had to stop and stretch. I felt like an arthritic slug.

The 5 kms to complete 42.2 km felt agonisingly slow - a mix of walk and shuffle. Runners whom I had chatted with much earlier now passed me; they proved smarter than me. With great encouragement from road side spectators I finally went over the 42.2 km pad for a marathon time of 3hr 34.00min. It then took a further 20m 12s to complete the last 2.8 km!! Jill was there to see me finish. I was elated to have finished in less than 4 hours, but I was exhausted and could hardly walk back to the motel. Jill had run very well – ½M in 2hr 14.35 and 23km in 2hr 28.39.

A fantastic event. Well organised. Great atmosphere. Not a course for a marathon PB, but a challenge. There were amazing views of the ocean and cliffs all the way as the road hugs the cliffs and ocean. Apollo Bay is also a lovely town to enjoy.

Nev Madden

Monday, May 24, 2010

official times up

Just went to the GOR Marathon page and here are the official results for Nev and Jill.

Nev - GOR Marathon - 3.34.00 and the 45 km run - 3.54.45

Jill - GOR Half Marathon - 2.14.35 and the 23 km run - 2.28.39

Welcome back! We're proud of you and see you Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Great Ocean Road Runners - news!

On Sunday 16th May, Nev completed the GOR marathon and 45 km event and Jill completed the HM. This is a very challenging race and both should be very proud of their efforts.

Nev completed the marathon is 3.35.xx and the 45 km race in 3.54.xx, with Jill completing her half marathon race in 2.16.xx. We look forward to them returning and hearing their race reports. In the meantime, enjoy the holiday down south.

wednesday's run - May 12th 2010

New start time of 4.30 pm now that autumn has set in. Here are the results for this week:

5 km run: Dave Connaughton - 24.14, Tina Clare - 25.08, Kim Pidcock - 25.08, Mike Kennedy - 25.15, Nev Madden - 25.25, Taryn Carver - 27.30, Deb Connaughton - 27.53.

3.5 km run: Eden Faulkner - Kew - 16.50, Jill Brown - 17.54, Paige Connaughton - 21.36, Robyn Kennedy - 28.46.

Well done to everyone.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

wednesday's run - May 5th 2010

This week's times:

5 km run: Nev Madden - 22.39, Tina Clare - 25.12, Taryn Carver - 28.45, Liza Martini - 50.30, Jenny Horsley - 50.30.

3.5 km run: Jill Brown - 18.20, Sam Brown - 21.08.

Nev and Jill are starting to taper in the lead up to their events in Victoria next weekend. Both are fit and their times have improved over the past few weeks - well done to you both.

marathon shot

Yipppeee - here's one of Liza part way through the marathon last week -
HAPPY Mother's Day to all the yummy mummies out there who get out and run.
Hope it's a special day for you :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

marathon talk - Liza's race report

It was a wonderful autumn morning in Canberra, with virtually no wind - perfect, absolutely perfect conditions for running. 2.1 degrees at the start of the race and a predicted maximum of 21 degrees - so the gloves were on! Deek's prep talk was encouraging and there was a good crowd, with a mix of marathon runners and half marathoners and ultra runners too. I had been up since 4am, having driven from Broulee - and was one nervous girl.

I had a fabulous run on the day and really enjoyed the whole experience. My initial plan was to run with the 3.45 pacer in my sights, however, as soon as the race started I was found my comfortable pace to be slightly quicker - so I just went with that. Around the 30km mark I was still running strongly and figured that I had a chance of finishing sub 3.40, so I pushed myself that bit further. It turned out that I ran a negative split and finished in 3.38.xx, which was beyond my expectations. I am thrilled! Running into Manuka Oval was a brilliant way to finish - the support was fanatastic and the organisation of the day was too.
Here's a shot of me with Kim, who has supported me along the way.

wednesday's run - April 28th 2010

Last week beginning at 5 pm - please note the 4.30 pm start from now on

5 km run: Robert Beardsmore - 19.54, Dave Connaughton - 24.30, Nev Madden - 26.10, Liza Martini - 26.10, Mike Kennedy - 26.22, Tina Clare - 26.26, Taryn Carver - 29.20.

3.5 km run: Eden Faulkner - Kew - 15.43, Jill Brown - 18.16, Paige Connaughton - 18.59, Annie Johnsen - 21.00, Sam Brown - 20.47, Robyn Kennedy - 31.00.