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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

31 July 2019

Broulee Runners had an International flavour this evening with the visit of Simon Eccles and his daughter Phoebe from England.  We also welcomed Alice James and Mitch Van Der Meulen to their first run.

In the 2 kilometres personal best times were recorded by Lachlan, Willow and Brenton Cole, Audrey Knobel and Lorraine Jackson.  Lorraine has a lot of history with the event as her husband Peter and daughter Sharee were at the first event held on 7 February 2007.  Now her two grandsons Dylan and Finn Holmes are regular starters.

In the 3.5 kilometres Michael Lambert improved and in the 5 kilometres the improvers were Dylan Van Der Meulen, Will Rosner and Angus Murphy.  Dylan cracked the 20 minutes mark and is now on the honour board of these achievers.

The star of the night was Angus Murphy, who was awarded his thirty-run shirt and to celebrate he ran a person best time in the 5 kilometres.

2 Kilometres

Justin Murphy 8.20
Rosie McPartland 9.32
Audrey Knobel 9.46
Jordan Hatcher 10.17
Emily Dickinson 12.08
Bruce Dickinson 12.08
Charley Proksch 12.53
Lachlan Cole 12.54
Brenton Cole 12.58
Millie Shanahan 13.06
Evelyn Johnston 13.21
Andrea Scroop 13.22
Jade Berry 14.11
Lorraine Jackson 15.04
Alice James 15.09
John Hicks 15.10
Ebony Berry 16.07
Jacquie Berry 16.07
Leo Proksch 18.22
Christian Proksch 18.23
Jo Pollock 20.03
Alice Cole 20.04
Willow Cole 20.07
Christina Murray 22.49
Robyn Domeny 22.50
Jenny Pollock 22.50

3.5 Kilometres

Dylan Holmes 18.17
Finn Holmes 18.23
Regina Knobel 18.41
Bernie Lambert 19.08
Michael Lambert 19.33
Julianne Domeny 21.37
Yma Carnall 22.14
Vicki Whitter 22.30
Gary Ashton 22.30
Annie Johnsen 23.14
Robyn Kennedy 25.58
David McCann 28.20
Peter Johnsen 33.43
Kathryn Jeffery 34.04

5 Kilometres

Matt Edenborough 19.18
Dylan Van Der Meulen 19.54
Daniel Beby 19.59
Will Rosner 20.22
Matt Lambert 20.32
Chris Garcia 20.43
Bede Webster 20.59
Harrison Gilligan 21.30
Angus Murphy 21.55
Garran Carnall 23.00
Anthony Miles 23.54
Andrew McPherson 23.59
Mitch Van Der Meulen 24.48
Jerom Stocks 24.58
Jason Domeny 24.58
Brock Gilligan 26.20
Julie De Ernsted 26.29
Phoebe Eccles 27.09
Simon Eccles 29.50

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

24 July 2019

The serious runners came out to play in this evening’s Broulee Run/Walk with eleven of the fourteen 5-kilometre runners finishing under 25 minutes.  Matt Edenborough and new man Todd Jeffrey were both under the illusive 20-minute mark.  Others to impress with personal best times were Bede Webster and Matt Lambert.  Both men are regular starters and tonight they were able to push one another to achieve this excellence.

We welcomed Todd Jeffrey, who is a new arrival to the district from Sydney.  His time of 19.49 was an excellent one over a difficult course and with this knowledge under his belt he is sure to improve on this time.  We were also pleased to have Will Rosner have his first run with the group and his time 21.13 was also impressive.

In the 2 Kilometres Evelyn Johnston and Andrea Scroope were both able to match their personal best times over this distance.

2 Kilometres

Justin Murphy 8.16
Jordan Hatcher 11.41
Emily Dickinson 12.36
Bruce Dickinson 12.36
Evelyn Johnston 13.11
Andrea Scroope 13.12
Millie Shanahan 14.01
Jillian Edwards 16.29
Kathryn Jeffery 18.33
Ross Hayward 19.50
Roz Hayward 20.01
Christine Murray 21.57
Jenny Pollock 21.58
Jade Berry 25.39
Ebony Berry 30.37
Jacquie Berry 30.56

3.5 Kilometres

Dylan Holmes 18.51
Andrew Greenway 19.03
Angie Gannon 22.13
Vicki Whitter 22.49
Gary Ashton 22.49
Annie Johnsen 24.16
Robyn Kennedy 25.06
David McCann 28.35

5 Kilometres

Matt Edenborough 19.07
Todd Jeffrey 19.49
Bede Webster 20.20
Matt Lambert 20.28
Harrison Gilligan 21.05
Dylan Van Der Meulen 21.11
Will Rosner 21.13
Chris Garcia 21.17
Angus Murphy 22.14
Anthony Miles 22.45
Louise Cox 22.46
Julie De Ernsted 28.15
Rob Ryan 33.13
Mike Kennedy 37.50

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

17 July 2019

Broulee Run/Walk.  The star of the night was Matt Johnsen, who equalled the course record for the 5 kilometres with a sensational time of 15.51.  Matt set this time back on 16 April 2014.  Matt is making a serious attempt to lift his training in preparation for the Melbourne Marathon later this year.  Matt represented Australia at the World University Cross Country Championships in 2012 in USA and he ran in a number of other National Championships when he represented Lamar University whilst on an athletic scholarship in the USA. 

We welcomed Nate Toelleatkinson and Jayden Wong to their first run with the group.  We also welcomed back Louise Cox, having returned from her English home.   She has been a regular runner with the group having registered more than 50 runs.  

Personal best times in the 2 kilometres were recorded by Marcus, Benji and Neil Mackay.  In the 3.5 kilometres, Matt Johnsen’s dad Peter, recorded a personal best.  In the 5 kilometres Sam Selinger-Morris from Sydney improved on her previous time set in January 2018.

2 Kilometres

Andrew McPherson 7.50
Daniel Greenway 9.40
Bruce Dickinson 10.31
Erin Domeny 11.10
Amber Domeny 11.44
Victoria McDermott 11.44
Nate Toelleatkinson 12.22
Jayden Wong 12.34
Marcus Mackay 12.48
Benji Mackay 12.55
Neil Mackay 12.56
Charley Proksch 14.39
David McCann 14.45
Emily Dickinson 14.57
Margaret Dickinson 14.59
Leo Proksch 18.41
Christian Proksch 18.42
Jo Pollock 18.44
Connor McDermott 20.24
Angie Gannon 20.27
Julia McDermott 20.27
Bailey McDermott 20.31

3.5 Kilometres

Andrew Greenway 20.09
Vicki Whitter 23.02
Gary Ashton 23.03
Annie Johnsen 25.47
Mike Kennedy 25.54
Robyn Kennedy 26.22
Peter Johnsen 32.59

5 Kilometres

Matt Johnsen 15.51
Daniel Beby 18.49
Matt Edenborough 19.21
Matt Lambert 20.52
Chris Garcia 21.10
Harrison Gilligan 22.24
Angus Murphy 22.48
Vaughn Gilligan 23.51
Louise Cox 23.55
Jason Domeny 24.32
Yma Carnall 26.59
Garran Carnall 26.59
Sam Selinger-Morris 31.21
Julianne Domeny 31.34

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

10 July 2019

Cold winter winds kept the numbers down for this evenings Broulee run/walk.  We were able to welcome baby Alfie Mackay to his first outing being carried by his mother Eva.  We recruit them young and by the time he is five he will have close to 50 appearances to his credit.

Personal best times were recorded by the other Mackay family members in the 2 kilometres with Marcus, Benji and Neil all improving.  Brenton Cole was the other improver in this event.

Bernadine Lambert improved in the 3.5 kilometres and in the 5 kilometres Lauren Evans recorded her second personal best time in 2 weeks.  Her time of 20.25 was excellent in the conditions.

The two member of Skydive Moruya team in Chris Garcia and Daniel Rowen demonstrated that they can run as well as fly by recording personal best times in the 5 kilometres

2 Kilometres
Erin Domeny 11.02
Victoria McDermott 12.20
Amber Domeny 12.20
Marcus Mackay 13.33
Benji Mackay 14.23
Neil Mackay 14.25
Connor McDermott 16.25
Lachlan Cole 16.38
Brenton Cole 16.39
Peter Johnsen 17.00
Eva Mackay 21.18
Alfie Mackay 21.19
Bailey McDermott 21.24
Julia McDermott 21.26
Robyn Domeny 21.38
Jenny Pollock 21.40

3.5 Kilometres

Bernadine Lambert 18.01
Dylan Holmes 18.37
Finn Holmes 18.48
Regina Knobel 19.13
Julianne Domeny 20.43
Keiran Louttit 20.48
Mike Kennedy 25.04
Robyn Kennedy 27.30

5 Kilometres

Lauren Evans 20.25
Chris Garcia 20.37
Bede Webster 20.44
Matt Lambert 20.51
Dylan Van Der Meulen 20.53
Scott Carver 21.14
Vaughn Gilligan 21.51
Daniel Rowen 23.57
Anthony Miles 24.12
Andrew McPherson 24.13
Gary Ashton 24.22
Jason Domeny 24.44
Nina McLachlan 26.10
Harrison Gilligan 26.25
Julie De Ernsted 27.06
Yma Carnall 29.17
Garran Carnall 29.18

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

3 July 2019

This evening we had 40 starters and of those we had visitors from Melbourne and Canberra as some schools are on holidays.  We welcomed Chris Garcia, Daniel Rowen and Mick Lambert to their first run with the group.  Mick is a well-known identity in the Broulee Surf life saving movement and it is great to see him support the run.

Personal best time in the 2 kilometres were run by Isabella Lopresti, Jordan Hatcher and Audrey Knobel.  In the 3.5 kilometres Justine Beaumont improved her time as did her son Gabriel Kennedy in the 5 kilometres.  Both are regular visitors to Broulee from Melbourne and always compete in the event.  Owen Gordon ran another personal best in the 5 kilometres and he looks set to continue with this improvement.

The 5 kilometres was contested with a strong field with the top 10 placing being under 25 minutes. Clayton was the stand out with a time of 18.28 minutes.  He promises to return and test the local guns in Daniel Beby and Dan Lloyd-Jones.

2 Kilometres

Tino Lopresti 8.43
Isabella Lopresti 9.08
Samson Kennedy 9.09
Jordan Hatcher 9.45
Audrey Knobel 9.54
Justin Murphy 10.11
Liliana Murphy 10.14
Emily Dickinson 12.42
Bruce Dickinson 12.43
Rocco Lopresti 13.47
Laura Lopresti 13.48
Carissa Morgan 16.34
Steve Morgan 16.35
Jenny Pollock 21.35
Erin Domeny 21.56
Robyn Domeny 21.58

3.5 Kilometres

Dylan Holmes 19.53
Finn Holmes 19.55
Justine Beaumont 21.20
Paul Searson 21.27
Mike Kennedy 24.30
Bernadine Lambert 27.43
Mick Lambert 27.44
Robyn Kennedy 28.50

5 Kilometres

Clayton O’Brien 18.28
Bede Webster 20.34
Gabriel Kennedy 20.37
Lauren Evans 20.43
Matt Lambert 20.52
Chris Garcia 21.00
Anthony Miles 22.22
Angus Murphy 22.23
Daniel Rowen 24.08
Gary Ashton 24.15
Jason Domeny 25.31
Owen Gordon 25.58
Yma Carnall 26.22
Julie De Ernsted 27.24
Rob Ryan 30.32
Julianne Domeny 35.05