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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

28 February 2018

Perfect conditions greeted the 77 starters in this evening’s Broulee Run/walk.  We had 13 new starters in the event.  We welcomed the Kelly family of Mattea, Zahlia, Leora and Cathy.  The Berry family of Ebony, Geoff, Jade and Jacquie.  The Richards family of Leo and Felicity.  Also new were Nerrida Louttit, Kylie Keen and Clare Smith.  The newest recruit was 3 weeks old Lucinda Mitchell, who was carried by her mother Michelle over the 2 kilometres distance.  It is never too young to start preparing for the Olympics.

In the 2 kilometres personal best times were recorded by Iona Kelly, Poppy Mitchell, Bonnie Lloyd-Jones, Annie Johnsen.  In the 3.5 kilometres improvers were Hayden and Keiran Louttit, Cathy West and Bart Gannon.  In the 5 kilometres a personal best time was recorded by Kathryn Jeffery.

Two of our regulars competed with distinction last weekend in top level events.  Lauren Evans tackled the Snowies Trail Run Festival at Lake Crackenback last Sunday and was place 3rd in her category over the distance of 21 kilometres.  Dan Lloyd-Jones raced in the Gold Coast Triathlon on Sunday and was placed 2nd in his event.

2 Kilometres

Mattea Kelly 8.04
Ina Kelly 8.16
Zahlia Kelly 10.05
David West 10.16
Leara Kelly 10.33
Poppy Mitchell 11.08
Annie Johnsen 11.09
Bonnie Lloyd-Jones 11.10
Dan Lloyd-Jones 11.11
Erin Domeny 11.25
Emily Dickinson 12.32
Bruce Dickinson 12.32
Margaret Dickinson 13.00
Millie Shanahan 13.26
Jillian Edwards 14.03
Ebony Berry 14.17
Geoff Berry 14.17
Sunni West 14.24
David McCann 14.55
Cathy Kelly 15.04
Makayla Wade 15.37
Kat Johnston 15.13
Ross Hayward 18.39
Julien Dunne 18.53
Sabrina Mallard 18.54
Rachael Wade 19.07
Daisy West 19.25
Patrick Wade 20.17
Trish Eccles 20.40
Sharee Jackson 20.42
Nerrida Louttit 20.43
Victoria Fleming 21.39
Roz Hayward 21.39
Liz Pirro 21.45
Jo Pirro 21.46
Hugo Mitchell 22.21
Luke Mitchell 22.22
Jade Berry 26.06
Jacquie Berry 26.19
Lucinda Mitchell 26.20
Michelle Mitchell 26.20
Nina McPherson 27.46
Michelle McPherson 27.46
Leo Richards 27.48
Felicity Richards 27.48

3.5 Kilometres

Emma Patyus 17.28
Hayden Louttit 17.55
Cathy West 18.53
Vaughn Gilligan 20.11
Dylan Holmes 20.54
Selby Johnston 20.56
Julianne Domeny 21.26
Keiran Louttit 21.52
Isabella Lopresti 25.28
Tiffany Johnston 26.24
Robyn Kennedy 26.52
Pamela Gannon 27.31
Richard Fisher 29.46
Bart Gannon 33.26
Declan McPherson 36.27
Andrew McPherson 36.34
Mike Kennedy 36.46
Kylie Keen 38.28
Clare Smith 38.32
Maureen Searson 41.08
Paul Searson 41.12

5 Kilometres

Matt Johnsen 19.33
Harrison Gilligan 21.35
Matt Lambert 23.30
Lauren Evans 25.04
Morgan Pettit 25.05
Julie De Ernsted 27.45
Anthony Miles 27.46
Tracey Denning 32.58
Angie Gannon 33.36
Kim Young 35.51
Kathryn Jeffery 39.32

77 starters

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

21 February 2018

Excellent running conditions attracted 75 starters to this evening’s event.  It was great to see Matt Johnsen come back to run after almost 4 years.  He is an elite athlete having represented Australia in Cross Country running in the USA.  He is the record holder of the 5-kilometre event.

In the 2 kilometres personal best times were recorded by Ruby Johnsen, Benjamin and Neil Mackay.  In the 3.5 kilometres improvers were Dylan Holmes and Erin Domeny and the 5 kilometres those to achieve were Andrew Oberg, Louise Cox and Harrison Gilligan.

We welcomed to their first run with the group the McPartland family of Deakin, Rosie, Darren and Kelly, also Piper and Abbey Blacka, Isabella Loprespi, Savina Small, Kim Chivers, Vicky Haritos and Tony Whittaker.

Paul Searson and Dylan Holmes were awarded their 30-run shirts this evening.  This award is most significant for Dylan as his grandfather Peter Jackson and mother Sharee Jackson helped kick of the Broulee runners back on 7 February 2007.

The star of the evening was Chris Wade, who celebrated his 100th run.  The Wade family are great supporters of the event and Chris with his wife Rachael and children Patrick and Makayla have amassed a total of 448 runs.

Pictured are Matt Johnsen, Chris Wade and Paul Searson. See you all next week at 5pm. 

2 Kilometres
Deakin McPartland 8.59
Iona Kelly 8.59
Rosie McPartland 9.20
Darren McPartland 9.21
Ruby Johnsen 9.52
Sean Costin 10.23
Sunni West 10.25
Jill Brown 11.09
Emily Dickinson 11.39
Bruce Dickinson 11.39
Annie Johnsen 11.48
Tiffany Johnston 11.50
Daisy West 12.00
David West 12.03
Milly Shanahan 12.17
Cathy West 12.50
Kelly McPartland 12.55
Jillian Edwards 13.47
Makayla Wade 13.56
Patrick Wade 14.16
Chris Wade 14.22
David McCann 14.45
Declan McPherson 18.04
Richard Fisher 18.18
Charley Proksch 18.56
Christian Proksch 18.56
Julien Dunne 19.34
Sabrina Mallard 19.34
Aiden Johnston 20.13
Kat Johnston 20.23
Roz Hayward 21.05
Ross Hayward 21.05
Jo Pirro 23.36
Liz Pirro 23.37
Benjamin Mackay 24.40
Neil Mackay 24.41
Leo Proksch 25.27
Jo Pollock 25.27
Nina McPherson 26.40
Andrew McPherson 26.40
Piper Blacka 27.17
Peter Breedon 27.51

3.5 Kilometres

Vaughn Gilligan 17.58
Dylan Holmes 20.43
Abbey Blacka 20.54
Kim Young 23.06
Isabella Loprespi 24.18
Selby Johnston 24.20
Erin Domeny 24.46
Robyn Kennedy 25.20 
Kathryn Jeffery 26.09
Sevina Small 26.16
Mike Kennedy 26.44
Nancy Costin 29.45
Nathan Costin 29.45
Kim Chivers 31.08
Susan Pettit 32.57
Maureen Searson 41.00
Paul Searson 41.02

5 Kilometres
Matt Johnsen 17.35
Andrew Oberg 19.54
Harrison Gilligan 20.47
Bede Webster 22.45
Louise Cox 24.11
Paige Connaughton 25.02
Lauren Evans 25.48
Morgan Pettit 25.49
Nev Madden 26.32
Anthony Miles 26.33
Julie De Ernsted 29.35
Vicky Haritos 29.53
Tony Whittaker 30.45
Tracy Denning 31.22
Julianne Domeny 31.28

75 Starters

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

14 February 2018

The 39-degree heat of the day made everyone think twice about coming to this evening’s Broulee Run/Walk.  However, 20 minutes before the start the southerly buster arrived with its powerful wind testing the resolve of those 25 dedicated athletes, who arrived for the event.

We welcomed Peter Clarke from Canberra.  Peter is an experienced marathon runner and was able to give advice to the aspiring Broulee Marathon novices.

The star of the evening was Anthony Miles, who reduced his 5-kilometre time by 51 seconds.  This is on top of his excellent run at last Saturday’s Batemans Bay Park run where he cracked the 20-minute mark.

It was great to see the very young Van Der Meulen sisters Alba and Elani brave the conditions to participate with their father Dylan.

See you all next week at 5pm.

2 Kilometres

Emily Dickinson 12.28
Bruce Dickinson 12.28
Alba Van Der Meulen 12.59
Elani Van Der Meulen 13.43
Louise Cox 13.45
Dylan Van Der Meulen 13.46
David McCann 14.42
Kathryn Jeffery 19.33
Susan Pettit 19.34

3.5 Kilometres

Vaughn Gilligan 22.07
Richard Fisher 33.59
Maureen Searson 38.53
Paul Searson 38.54

5 Kilometres

Anthony Miles 21.03
Harrison Gilligan 22.31
Peter Clarke 22.54
Alan Andrews 23.27
Morgan Pettit 25.29
Dave Connaughton 25.40
Brock Gilligan 26.03
Greg Flood 26.11
Nev Madden 26.12
Paige Connaughton 26.28
Deb Connaughton 27.51
Julie De Ernsted 27.52

25 Starters

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

7 February 2018

The 65 runners seem to cope well with the windy conditions in this evening’s event.  Isabella Lopresta had her first run with the group and we welcomed back Andrew Oberg from the Goulburn Runners Club.

In the 2 kilometres personal best times were recorded by mother and daughter Annie and Ruby Johnsen, Milly Shanahan Jacqui and Ebony Berry.  In the 3.5 kilometres Bart Gannon improved on his previous times.  In the 5 kilometres Andrew Oberg and Alan Andrews were the big improvers.  Alan has had 4 runs and he improves with each appearance.

Today we celebrated the 11th birthday of the event, which started on 7 February 2007 with 8 starters over the 5 kilometres distance.  This event has inspired some to achieve at higher levels.  Young talent have moved on to National track athletic level and currently there is Anthony Miles preparing for 100-kilometre event later in the year and Nev Madden and Morgan Pettit aiming for the Canberra Marathon in April.  Others like Daniel Beby and Adrian Connor are testing themselves at the extreme level with the Iron Man event at Port Macquarie in April.

See you all next Wednesday at 5pm.

2 Kilometres

Ruby Connor 8.38
Adrian Connor 8.39
Cathy West 8.45
David West 9.46
Ruby Johnsen 10.00
Sunni West 10.32
Amber Domeny 10.53
Jill Brown 11.06
Stella Lloyd-Jones 11.11
Annie Johnsen 11.29
Milly Shanahan 11.40
Kat Johnston 11.59
Jillian Edwards 13.32
Carissa Morgan 14.49
Janelle Morgan 14.50
Daisy West 15.02
David McCann 15.03
Patrick Wade 15.08
Jacqui Berry 15.09
Michelle Connor 15.11
Ebony Berry 15.23
Bruce Woodland 15.53
Makayla Wade 15.56
Chris Wade 16.00
Charley Proksch 17.30
Christian Proksch 17.31
Martin Shanahan 18.23
Trish Eccles 20.10
Victoria Fleming 21.35
Roz Hayward 21.35
Leo Proksch 23.09
Jo Pollock 23.13
Jenny Pollock 23.14
Julien Dunne 23.17
Sabrina Mallard 23.18

3.5 Kilometres

Vaughn Gilligan 20.19
Julianne Domeny 20.54
Selby Johnston 22.42
Robyn Kennedy 25.44
Isabella Lopresta 27.18
Pamela Gannon 27.20
Tiffany Johnston 27.26
Erin Domeny 28.17
Nancy Costin 28.42
Nathan Costin 28.48
Bart Gannon 34.21
Ross Hayward 34.21

5 Kilometres

Dan Lloyd-Jones 19.34
Andrew Oberg 20.36
Andrew McPherson 21.09
Harrison Gilligan 22.44
Alan Andrews 23.03
Anthony Miles 23.52
Lauren Evans 24.20
Louise Cox 24.42
Morgan Pettit 25.04
Dave Connaughton 25.36
Greg Flood 26.06
Brock Gilligan 26.32
Julie De Ernsted 28.01
Deb Connaughton 28.02
Angie Gannon 31.50
Rob Ryan 37.27
Kathryn Jeffery 41.44

65 Starters