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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

29 July 2015

We had a great turn out this week with 42 eager competitors lining up to do their run or walk. We welcomed 6 newcomers and recorded an amazing 10 personal best times for our regulars. 

We are constantly impressed with Rhys and Jaylah's outstanding performance each week, they both challenge each other and once again have both smashed the Broulee runners World record for their respective events. A Special mention also must go to Caitlyn, Lachlan, Mark and Jo who all bettered their times by a significant amount. Well done to all.

With the upcoming Moruya Town to surf fast approaching come along and join us for some extra training. All fitness levels and ages welcome.

Pictured is Caitlyn Forbes and Lachlan Davenport.


Rhys Flood6.32(PB11sec)
Jaylah Hancock-Cameron6.33(PB15sec)
James Dickinson8.03(PB16sec)
Riley Beby8.56
Bradley Lunn9.31
Caitlyn Forbes9.59 (PB26sec)
Bruce Dickinson10.04
Wade McDonald10.11
Sandra Lunn10.24(PB4sec)
Lachlan Davenport10.37
Dylan Holmes10.51
Jessica Flood11.35
Mitchell Beby11.54
David McCann14.25
Patrick Wade16.45
Makayla Wade17.10
Christopher Wade17.11
Richard Fisher17.40
Keira Lenehan18.46
Ashlee Beby18.47new
Michelle Beby18.47new
Victoria Flemming19.25
Debra Waser19.25


Kobe Jenkins17.23
Stephanie Lunn18.48(PB6sec)
Ross Hayward18.49
Scott Elliott19.03
Garry Griffiths19.16new


Daniel Beby17.11
Scott Carver19.52
Lachlan Brown20.32(PB35sec)
Kellen Lenehan20.54(PB1sec)
Matt Lambert21.01
Jo Flood21.35(PB17sec)
Dave Connaughton23.26
Andrew McPherson23.29
Greg Flood24.34
Mark Lavender25.25(PB1m11s)
Scott Senior26.03new
Craig Senior26.48new
Deb Connaughton26.48
Megan Dyason29.17new

42 Competitors

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

22 July 2015

The weather cleared of showers half an hour before the start of this week's run, although a muddy course met the runners the weather continued to be fine throughout the event. We had an amazing 9 personal best times, the most notable from Rhys Flood and Jaylah Hancock Cameron. The competitive nature of these two young runners kicked in and they pushed each other to record not only their own personal best times but they both improved on the clubs world record times for the men and women's respectively. We also acknowledge Jaylah's fantastic result for the NSW state cross country championships held in Sydney last Friday for her 13 year age group she put in an impressive 33rd place of 193 overall competitors which resulted in her coming 28th of 100 in her group. Well done.
See you all next Wednesday at 4.30pm, everyone welcome.

Pictured are the Elliott's, Lara, Tarren and Scott Elliott.


Rhys Flood                           6.43 PB1sec
Jaylah Hancock Cameron    6.48 PB23sec
Riley Beby                            9.39
Wade McDonald                  9.48
Bradley Lunn                       9.55
Lachlan Davenport              9.56 PB33sec
Cameron Lunn                    10.11 
Caitlyn Forbes                    10.25 PB3sec
Sandra Lunn                       10.50
Jessica Flood                     10.53 
Mitchell Beby                      10.57 PB1sec
Daniel Beby                         10.58 PB1sec
Lara Elliott                            11.25
Dylan Holmes                      12.31
Tarren Elliott                         12.54
Scott Elliott                          12.55
Pauline Hicks                       13.42
David McCann                     14.39
Charee Jackson                   14.59
Chris Wade                          15.39
Patrick Wade                        15.59
Richard Fisher                      18.20
Stella Lloyd-Jones               18.33
Lisa Lloyd-Jones                  18.43
Victoria Fleming                    19.09


John Hicks                            18.36 PB10sec
Stephanie Lunn                     20.17
Keira Lenehan                       21.36
Kim Young                             21.45


Dan Lloyd-Jones                 19.35
Kellen Lenehan                    20.55 PB2sec
Matt Lambert                        20.57 PB10sec
Jo Flood                                22.28
Gary Ashton                          23.01
Dave Connaughton               23.08
Aaron Flood                          23.58
Greg Flood                            24.27
Kylie Young                           26.14
Deb Connaughton                 27.10
Beth McCann                        28.37
Kristy Campbell                     29.26

41 Competitors

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

15 July 2015

Icy winds whipped across the Mossy Point headland this Wednesday, as 33 people lined up for this evening’s run.

There were 5 personal best times and we welcomed Melanie Atteridge to her first event.

Kirsty Campbell recorded a creditable time in her first attempt at the 5 kilometres.  It is great to see people improve by putting in the hard work.

Jaylah Hancock-Cameron established a new course record in the 2 kilometres event by lowering the old record by 10 seconds.  Jaylah will be competing in the State Cross Country Championships at Eastern Creek on Friday.  Her current form should place her near the top in her age group. We wish her all the best.

Daniel Beby smashed the local time in the 5 kilometres by 32 seconds in recording a time of 16.59.  This is his third personal best in three weeks, an amazing effort.

We wish Mike a big happy birthday this Saturday, hope Robyn spoils you rotten. See you all next Wednesday at 4.30pm, everyone welcome.

                                    2 Kilometre event

Jaylah Hancock-Cameron7.11New record
James Dickinson8.27
Riley Beby9.11
Leila Patyus9.49
Bruce Dickinson10.11
Caitlyn Forbes10.28PB3secs
Jessica Flood11.55
Tarren Elliott12.07
Eva Barker12.45
Pauline Hicks13.41
David McCann14.45
Amelia Barker16.21
Melanie Atteridge16.39
Katie Patyus18.56
Emma Patyus18.56
Katie Madden18.57
Victoria Fleming18.58PB7secs
Makayla Wade20.05
Chris Wade20.11

                                    3.5 Kilometres event
John Hicks18.46PB18secs
Ben Jenkins20.10
Annie Johnsen21.15

5 Kilometres event

Daniel Beby16.59PB32secs
Dan Lloyd-Jones19.54
Jo Flood22.36
Gary Ashton22.43
Dave Connaughton23.14
Rhys Flood23.29
Sean Flood24.02PB35secs
Greg Flood24.30
Deb Connaughton27.13
Kirsty Campbell28.41
Mike Kennedy34.58

33 starters

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

8 July 2015

46 starters enjoyed the pleasant conditions for this evening’s run.  There were 9 personal best times and 8 new starters.  Some were visitors and others local coming to see what the event was all about.

We were fortunate to have Matt Johnsen have a run.  Matt has performed with distinction in Australian and overseas distance running events.  Daniel Beby appreciated the competition and lowered his 5 kilometres time by 21 seconds to record a local record of 17.23 minutes.

Other notable times were recorded by the very young and by the more mature competitors.  Sophie Carver reduced her time by 142 seconds and Roz Hayward and Katie Madden by 60 and 59 seconds respectively.

With the annual Moruya town to surf coming up in 9 weeks time, now is a perfect time to get some extra training in, some come along next Wednesday and have a go.

See you next Wednesday at 4.30pm.

Pictured are Matt And Annie Johnsen.

2 Kilometre event

James Dickinson8.19PB4secs
Jorja Pawhiro8.21New
Riley Campbell8.49PB82secs
Riley Beby8.57
Hannah Campbell9.27
Bradley Lunn9.58
Cameron Lunn10.21
Alexis Bocking10.23New
Caitlyn Forbes10.31PB26secs
Sandra Lunn10.47
Lachlan Davenport11.23
Chris Wade11.49
Rebecca Campbell12.39New
Sophia Carver13.06PB142secs
Eva Barker13.14
Marg Dickinson13.51New
Bruce Dickinson13.51
David McCann15.34
Alexis Carver15.52
Scott Carver15.53
Roz Hayward18.27PB60secs
Katie Madden18.28PB59secs

3.5 Kilometres event

Jaylah Hancock Cameron14.21
Bridget Lunn16.59
Nick Goddard17.44New
Kirsty Campbell18.00PB2secs
Ross Hayward19.03
Stephanie Lunn19.56
Annie Johnsen20.29
Kim Young21.12
Matthew Goddard22.54New
Mike Kennedy24.58
Cameron Hewitson25.09New
Denton Bocking25.10New

5 Kilometres event

Matt Johnsen17.23
Daniel Beby17.31PB21secs
Dan Lloyd-Jones19.39
Rhys Flood21.00PB12secs
Matt Lambert21.37
Gary Ashton22.55
Jo Flood22.57
Dave Connaughton22.59
Aaron Flood24.17
Greg Flood24.28
Kylie Young25.26
Deb Connaughton27.06

46 starters

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

1 July 2015

This evening there were 28 starters.  School Holidays always have an impact.  Nevertheless, everyone enjoyed the marvellous weather.  Six people recorded personal best times.

Katie Patyus and her mother Emma (pictured) received their 30 run shirts.  Katie, not yet at school, has been counting the runs since her first start in August 2013.  It is great to see someone so young accepting a challenge and enjoying her achievement.

Greg Flood joined his wife Jo and son Rhys in breaking the 50 run barrier.

Cameron Lunn ran an outstanding time in the 3.5 kilometres event lowering his record by 100 seconds.  Daniel Beby is the benchmark in the 5 kilometres with another run under 18 minutes.

Well done to all, see you all next Wedmesday at 4.30pm.

2 Kilometre event

Riley Beby8.58
Leila Patyus9.29
Stephanie Lunn11.07
Sandra Lunn11.10
Patrick Wade16.00
Chris Wade16.00
Katie Patyus17.56
Emma Patyus17.56
Katie Madden19.27PB66secs
Roz Hayward19.27PB55secs
Victoria Fleming19.27
Shane Madden20.50PB115secs

3.5 Kilometres event

Jaylah Hancock-Cameron14.07
Bridget Lunn17.46
Cameron Lunn17.55PB100secs
Annie Johnsen20.23
Kim Young21.26
Ruby Graham21.58PB43secs
Bradley Lunn24.51
Robyn Kennedy25.46

5 Kilometres event

Daniel Beby17.52PB5secs
Matt Lambert21.16
Gary Ashton22.58
Dave Connaughton23.11
Greg Flood24.34
Kylie Young25.42
Deb Connaughton27.11
Ross Hayward27.42

28 starters