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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

28 January 2015

The wet overcast conditions did not deter 56 competitors starting in this evening’s run. There were 4 new competitors, we welcomed Dimity Collier, Charlie McDonald, Liam Rogers and Lachlan Curtis.

Personal best times were very difficult to obtain in the windy and wet conditions.  Nevertheless, we had 4 personal best times.  Well done to Ashley Leggott, Sue Christie, Lucy Hinksman and Andrew Sutton.

The most outstanding performance on the evening was that of Lucy Hincksman.  
She recorded a time of 15.09 in the 3.5 kilometre event at her second attempt at this distance, 
which is the 3rd fastest time in the 8 year history of the run for a woman and is by far the fastest time for a young girl.

Back:Sandra Rogers and Zoe Curtis 
Front: Keira and Liam Rogers and Lachlan and Reaghan Curtis

2 Kilometre event

Ashley Leggott8.17PB8 secs
Oliver Dolphin8.25
Bradley Lunn9.37
Sunni West9.53
Cathy West9.53
Saul Dolphin10.21
Neil Dolphin10.21
Caroline McDonald11.04
Alice Hincksman11.08
Stephanie Lunn11.16
Michelle Dolphin11.22
Jessica Flood11.55
Sandra Lunn11.56
Dimity Collier12.11New
Annie Johnsen12.39
Rachael Wade12.45
Charlie McDonald13.03New
Cameron Leggott13.15
Sue Christie13.45PB31 secs
Patrick Wade14.03
Cathryn Jeffrey14.28
Katie McDonald15.59
Stella Lloyn-Jones16.03
Chris Wade19.07
Makayla Wade19.07
Carissa Morgan19.33
Steve Morgan19.34

3.5 Kilometres event

Rhys Flood14.48
Lucy Hincksman15.09PB106 secs
Aaron Flood16.31
Bridget Lunn18.05
Ross Hayward19.18
Dillon Collier20.38
Nick Hogg20.42
Janelle Morgan21.00
Liam Rogers21.02New
Kim Young21.14
Lachlan Curtis21.52New
Pauline Hicks25.04
Robyn Kennedy27.01
Richard Fisher27.55

5 Kilometres event

Dan Lloyd-Jones19.02
Peter Clark21.43
Matt Lambert21.43
Adrian Connor22.24
Jo Flood22.49
Andrew McPherson23.24
Gary Ashton23.39
Scott Rigby24.35
Dave Connaughton24.40
Greg Flood25.14
Sean Flood25.44
Marty Jones26.03
Deb Connaughton27.03
Andrew Sutton28.30PB78 secs
John Hicks28.42

56 starters

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

21 January 2015

This evening’s conditions were very hot and humid and in racing terms the track was officially slow, with lots of water and mud in the first kilometre.

There were 55 starters, with visitors from Canada, NSW, Victoria and the ACT.

There were 9 new people and 5 personal best times.  Given the conditions, anyone with a PB ran very well.

Andrew McPherson received his 30 run shirt and his family were there to celebrate the occasion with him.

Was nice having mother and daughter duo, Annie and Ruby Johnsen come along,Annie has moved back to Broulee after spending a year working in Melbourne. Is wonderful having you back in town. They are pictured with family friends Will and James Golds who have been coming to Broulee for an annual holiday for the past 17 years.

See you all next week at 5pm, everyone welcome.

2 Kilometre event

Bradley Lunn9.15PB1sec
Leila Patyus10.09
Ruby Johnsen10.15
Alice Hincksman10.45
Stephanie Lunn10.46
Jill Brown10.47
Jessica Flood10.55
Chris Wade10.57
Sally Hibbert11.21New
Sunni West11.22
Sandra Lunn11.40
Caroline McDonald11.54
Annie Johnsen12.24
Patrick Wade14.10
Susan Christie14.16PB58secs
Sarah Leach14.57PB58secs
Greg Leach14.58
Kathryn Jeffery15.12
Makayla Wade16.24
Rachael Wade16.25
Greg McDonald19.45
Katie McDonald20.32
Katie Patyus20.32
Emma Patyus20.35
Nina McPherson20.35
Michelle McPherson20.35
Jenny Maher20.39New

3.5 Kilometres event

Rhys Flood14.29PB8secs
Lucy Hincksman15.40
Aaron Flood17.05
Ashley Leggott17.41PB2secs
Bridget Lunn19.48
Sabrina Mallard20.56New
Belinda Kenyan22.01New
Kim Young22.03
Carmen McIntosh24.13
Richard Fisher27.35
David McCann30.40

5 Kilometres event

Geoff Hawke19.57
Will Golds20.46
Matt Lambert21.35
Penny Slater21.37New
Katie Slater21.52New
Josh Connaughton23.28
Morgan Rosin23.33New
Jo Flood23.40
Dave Connaughton24.44
Paige Connaughton25.05
Nev Madden25.12
Greg Food25.26
Andrew McPherson25.35
Caleb Marnes27.12New
James Golds27.37
Steve McDonald28.14
Andrew Sutton30.18New

55 starters

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

14 January 2015

Although the temperature was above 30 degrees, it did not stop 35 athletes fronting the starter at this evening’s Broulee run.

We had 5 new starters and 2 personal best times.  We welcomed Sam Selinger-Morris who visits the area annually and has been interested in coming along to the running group for the last couple of visits and finally pushed herself to come and join us on this trip. Vince Restagno also on holidays joined us and put in a great first time. Was lovely meeting you both, hope to see you next time your in the area.

Carmen McIntosh came and did an article on the running group last week for the Bay post and decided to come and join us this week to experience the run for herself.

Seven-year-old Hugh Wignell received his 30 run shirt this evening.  He is an outstanding athlete with exceptional times in all three distances. He brought along his two cousins Andrew and Isabella McGee was great to see the three cousins competing and enjoying themselves.

Gary Ashton recorded his 100th run this evening, he is an accomplished veteran runner, who performs at a high level.

Hopefully will have slightly cooler conditions next week.

2 Kilometre event

Rhys Flood​7.05​PB​34secs
Lucy Hincksman​7.25
Hugh Wignell​9.20
Andrew McGee​9.20​New
Harper Smee​10.32
Kirby Smee​10.58
Alice Hincksman​12.09
Graeme Hincksman​12.11
Rachael Wade​12.45
Patrick Wade​15.19
Isabella McGee​16.45
Kathryn Jeffrey​17.27
Amy Prior​18.11
Makayla Wade​18.47
Chris Wade​18.48

3.5 Kilometres event

Jo Flood​16.07
Ashley Leggott​18.35
Mitchell Morgan​19.19
Sam Selinger-Morris​21.27​New
Kim Young​21.58
Carmen McIntosh​23.01​New
Pauline Hicks​26.48
Richard Fisher​28.11
Robyn Kennedy​28.20

5 Kilometres event

Dan Lloyd-Jones​19.41
Geoff Hawke​20.06
Bede Webster​20.48​PB​16secs
Vince Restagno​21.24​New
Matt Lambert​22.37
Gary Ashton​24.14
Dave Connaughton​24.56
Greg Flood​26.00
Aaron Flood​25.45
John Hicks​26.45
Deb Connaughton​28.37

35 starters

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Broulee runners video

Thankyou to Richard Fisher for making this video on the Broulee runners.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

7 January 2015

We had a great start to 2015 with excellent conditions for running.  55 people participated and there were 14 personal best times and 8 visitors.

The visitors came from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. We welcomed back to the group on their holiday visit to the area; Will Golds, Brendan McKenzie, The Hayward and Kennedy clans and Josh Connaughton.

The most outstanding performances were from Sue Christie in the 2 kilometres event, who on her third attempt at the distance sliced 5 minutes 42 seconds from her previous best time. Lucy Hinksman continues to chip away at her PB taking off another 4 seconds. Will Golds has returned to shave off an impressive 3 min 12 seconds of his previous time.

Happy 2015 to everyone. Hope to see you all next Wednesday.

2 Kilometre event

Lucy Hincksman7.21PB4secs
Graeme Hincksman7.24PB6secs
Harper Smee9.32PB26secs
Kirby Smee9.57PB30secs
Hugo Hayward10.15PB39secs
Alice Hinchsman10.22PB19secs
Mollie Kennedy10.42
Chris Wade10.43
Louie Hayward13.59
Jackie Hayward13.59New
Ross Hayward14.00
Patrick Wade14.05
David McCann14.46
Amy Prior14.50PB10secs
Sue Christie15.14PB5mins 42secs
Makayla Wade15.32
Rachael Wade15.33
Samson Kennedy16.01
Carissa Morgan17.55PB1secs
Steve Morgan17.56PB1secs
Phil Aungles18.03

3.5 Kilometres event

Andrew McPherson16.06
Aaron Flood18.08
Mitchell Morgan18.31PB7secs
Janelle Morgan20.39PB12secs
Kim Young21.26
Disa Smee23.02
Alisha Duggan28.23New
Pauline Hicks28.40
Robyn Kennedy30.50

5 Kilometres event

Anthony Kennedy18.23
Will Golds19.13PB3mins 12secs
Scott Carver20.48
Matt Lambert21.23
Tess Aungles22.21
Brendan McKenzie23.12
Adrian Connor23.14
Jante Lowe23.25
Josh Connaughton23.41
Richard Duggan23.42New
Gary Ashton23.43
Dave Connaughton24.04
Paige Connaughton24.32
Byron Grant25.02New
Kylie Young25.14PB24secs
Greg Flood25.28
Rod Brazier27.04New
Rowen Grant27.19New
Myles Grant27.21New
Gavin Grant27.26New
Ashley Leggott27.57
Deb Connaughton28.31
John Hicks28.40
Rohan Bodman29.36
Richard Fisher51.33

55 starters