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Thursday, August 29, 2013

28 August 2013

We had 31 starters over the three distances this week, however two regulars Broulee runners were missing in action (pictured). The outstanding performance this week was by Dan Lloyd-Jones, who knocked off 23 seconds from his personal best in the 5 kilometre event.
Well done to all participants.
There is no fee to participate and we cater for walkers through to elite athletes and is a great community activity. Come and join us next week at 4.30pm.

2 Kilometre event

Anthony Patyus7.18
Shayn Hargraves8.54
Hugh Wignell9.11
Takiya Norris9.16
Lily Grima9.52
Ruby Connor14.14
Stella Lloyd-Jones14.16
Adrian Connor14.17
Bonnie Lloyd-Jones23.18
Liza Lloyd-Jones23.18
Jyoti Cleary23.18
Sophie Cleary23.18
Monty Lloyd-Jones23.23

3.5 Kilometre event

Sean Flood16.51
Greg Flood17.30
Jasmin Fuller18.11
Oscar Fuller18.11
Nick Hogg21.22
Robyn Kennedy24.50
David McCann27.27
Richard Fisher27.27

5 Kilometre event

Dan Lloyd-Jones18.55
Perry Wignell20.01
Matt Lambert22.25
Rhys Flood23.26
Justin Loutitt24.35
Simon Fearn25.06
Paige Connaughton25.13
Aaron Flood25.57
Samantha Law27.53
Mike Kennedy28.58

31 starters

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

21 August 2013

We had 28 starters this week with Leila and Samantha both posting PB's. Great to see so many young competitors turning up to give it a go.
We have 9 weeks left before the annual Moruya town to surf, so if you are thinking about participating, why not come along each Wednesday at 4.30pm and join us for a run/walk.


2 Kilometre event

Anthony Patyus7.42
Leila Patyus9.10PB66 seconds
Abbey McDonald9.51
Keziah Kennedy15.11
Stella Loyd-Jones21.25
Monty Lloyd-Jones22.10
Bonnie Lloyd-Jones22.10
Liza Lloyd-Jones22.10
Emma Patyus22.10
Katie Patyus22.10
Jyoti Cleary22.10
Sophie Cleary22.10

3.5 Kilometre event

Oscar Fuller18.03
Kai Sparrius18.03
Franzi Ziergiebel18.03
Nick Hogg20.42
Laurie Ashton20.43
Robyn Kennedy24.52
David McCann27.01

5 Kilometre event

Dan Lloyd-Jones19.58
Gary Ashton22.41
Dave Connaughton23.53
Justin Loutitt25.09
Simon Fearn25.54
Deb Connaughton26.29
Samantha Law27.24PB96 seconds
Paige Connaughton28.03
Mike Kennedy30.02

28 starters

Thursday, August 15, 2013

14 August 2013

Once again a great turn out for this week's windy run. Congratulations to Gary Ashton who completed his 50th run. Also a special mention must go to Ross Hayward, who has returned from participating in his 20th City to Surf in Sydney last weekend. See you all next week, everyone welcome.


2 Kilometre event

Kye Dworcowyi9.08
Shayne Hargraves9.11
Lily Grima10.04
Chey Dworcowyi14.56
Indiah Pointy14.57
Stella Loyd-Jones15.47
Monty Lloyd-Jones25.20
Bonnie Lloyd-Jones25.20
Liza Lloyd-Jones25.20

3.5 Kilometre event

Oscar Fuller16.56
Ross Hayward18.23
Jasmine Fuller19.22
Franzi Ziergiebel19.22
Nick Hogg19.41
Mike Kennedy19.54
Laurie Ashton20.47
Catherine Jeffrey23.10
Robyn Kennedy24.33

5 Kilometre event

Dan Lloyd-Jones19.40
Matt Lambert22.16
Oscar Starmer22.22
Adrian Connor22.31
Gary Ashton22.40
Darren Phillips23.24
Dave Connaughton24.12
Justin Loutitt25.05
Jeni Greenland25.32
Paige Connaughton26.38
Deb Connaughton27.04
Annie Phillips28.11
Samantha Law30.00

31 starters

Thursday, August 8, 2013

7 August 2013

Once again a great turnout for this week's Broulee runners meet, we had 33 competitors. The conditions were very favourable and this showed with some outstanding performances including seven PB's. Well done to Perry, Dan, Lauren, Takiya, Meg, Stella and Samantha who all improved on their times.
 A special congratulations must also go to Catherine Jeffrey (pictured) who will begin her Police training in the coming weeks. We will miss your smiling face while you are away. Good luck on your new career.

2Km Event

Shayn Hargraves       9.03
Takiya Norris              9.50  (PB 14sec)
Lily Grima                  10.59
Meg Phillips               12.14  (PB 1min 53sec)
Stella Lloyd-Jones     12.20  (PB 8sec)
Kye Dworcowyi          16.46
Nicole Lesslie            16.47
Lee Smith                  19.30
Chey Dworcowyi       19.30
Indiah Pointy             19.30
Liza Lloyd-Jones       25.09
Bonnie Lloyd-Jones   25.09
Monty Lloyd-Jones     25.10

3.5Km Event

Oscar Fuller                17.54
Samantha Law            18.30 (PB 32sec)
Jasmin Fuller               18.34
Simon Fearn                18.52
Lauren Cole                 19.09 (PB 1min 1sec)
Abbey McDonald         19.34
Catherine Jeffrey         23.04
Richard Fisher             27.02

5Km Event

Perry Wignell               19.17 (PB 14sec)
Dan Lloyd-Jones          19.18 (PB 6sec)
Scott Carver                 20.15
Matt Lambert                22.19
Gary Ashton                 22.20
Oscar Starmer              23.32
Justin Loutitt                 23.59
David Connaughton     25.30
Jenny Greenland         25.33
Paige Connaughton     26.07
Ross Hayward              26.22
Deb Connaughton        27.52

Thursday, August 1, 2013

31 July 2013

A terrific turnout this week with 39 starters lining up. All ages were covered from Bonnie Lloyd Jones (about to turn 1), hitching a lift with mum Liza in a backpack, to the 70+ (not mentioning any names). Great to see everyone giving their best. See you all next Wednesday. Everyone welcome.


2 Kilometre event
Shayne Hargraves9.27
Takiya Norris9.43
Kye Dworcowyi9.49
Lily Grima10.34
Gabrielle Stayte12.10
Skye Wildman12.11
Meg Phillips12.21
Stella Lloyd-Jones12.28
Eva Barker12.28
Georgia Voce15.01
Chey Dworcowyi16.12
Nicole Lesslie16.17
Monty Lloyd-Jones25.20
Bonnie Lloyd-Jones25.21
Liza Lloyd-Jones25.22

3.5 Kilometre event
Rob Wildman16.50
Simon Fearn18.02
Samantha Law19.02
Mike Kennedy19.24
Abbey McDonald19.41
Nicholas Hogg20.06
Laurie Ashton20.51
Robyn Kennedy24.06
Catherine Jeffrey24.16
Richard Fisher27.15
Barb Wells33.08

5 Kilometre event
Dan Lloyd-Jones19.29
Robbie Hogg21.05
Oscar Starmer22.06
Matt Lambert22.12
Gary Ashton22.19
Graeme Hincksman22.53
Darren Phillips23.34
Dave Connaughton23.52
Justin Loutitt24.21
Taryn Carver24.20
Paige Connaughton26.19
Deb Connaughton26.27
Geoff Wells26.37

39 starters