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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

wednesday's run - 23rd march 2011

Congratulations to Adrian on another PB!!!!

Today's results: 2 km run: Jono Hosking - 25.37, Sue Lindsay - 25.37, Aisha Smith - 25.37.

3.5 km run: Paige Connaughton - 19.12, Jill Brown - 19.43, Ellen Hosking - 20.01, Abbey McDonald - 26.29, Tegan Mars - 28.02.

5 km run: Nev Madden - 23.33, Dave Connaughton - 23.41, Adrian Connor - 26.08 (PB by 50 seconds), Ross Haywood - 26.14.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

wednesday's run - 16th march 2011

Wonderful to have so much rain in Broulee. A good turn out this afternoon with a few PBs too.

Congratulations to: Eden Faulkner-Kew, Sam Lavender and Adrian Connor on achieving their PBs this week.

Results for the day were:

2 km: Jono Hosking - 16.15.

3.5 km: Sam Lavender - 15.06 (PB by 13 seconds), Eden Faulkner-Kew - 15.35 (PB by 8 seconds), Aisha Smith - 17.37, Ellen Hosking - 17.38, Mike Kennedy - 18.29, Jill Brown - 19.27, Tegan Mars - 25.40, Chelsea Penkethman - 25.41.

5 km: Dave Connaughton - 23.36, Ross Haywood - 25.58, Adrian Connor - 26.58 (PB by 21 seconds).

Broulee Community Association plug - let's support them!

The Broulee Community Association is raising money for the shared pathway, which we utilise each Wednesday afternoon. This pathway is being extended along Heath Street! In order to raise the funds required the BCA is selling individual ($50) or double ($75) pavers. The paver(s) will be permanently installed in the new pathway in Heath Street and by purchased one, or more, you can have your name engraved as a lasting record of your support. Forms and more details are available from Robyn at the post office, in Broulee.
Also, the BCA is hosting the BAY THEATRE PLAYERS Production - 'Dinkum Assorted' on Wednesday, 20th April. Tickets are $20 and must be purchased by 1st April. Again, see Robyn at the post office.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

dave's running report - 6 foot track

Six Foot Track Marathon 2011 - Race Report

Quick Summary - I came 7th in a time of 3:44:35 - a PB by over 3 minutes and better than my 10th and 11th places in 2008 and 2009. Very happy with my effort!

The Six Foot Track marathon is a 45km off road mountain race in the Blue Mountains which follows the Six Foot Track hiking trail from Katoomba to the Jenolan Caves. I have run the race 5 times before with a best time of just under 3 hours and 48 minutes and a best placing of 10th.

The weather on the morning of the race was perfect - blue sky and a few clouds. Everything started well. The first 3 km follows a slippery staircase and creek bed down the side of the cliff. The stairs were really slippery due to recent rain - and the Salomon shoes I was wearing don't deal with wet rocks well (great everywhere else though) but I survived without incident. The unfortunate part about this stage of the race is that you are so focussed on where your feet need to land you get little time to look up and appreciate the amazing cliffs that surround you as you descend.

The next section is an undulating trail through farmland and Eucalypt forest down to the Cox's river (15.5 km into the race). I ran with Anna Frost (New Zealand international mountain runner) until the river I told her I was a fellow kiwi and we chatted a bit. After wading across the river I hit the first of two big climbs that take you up 1000m in altitude over 10 km. On the first hill I passed a number of people including one of the early race favourites who had already hit the wall and was walking. He told me I was in 12th place. I picked up a few more spots on the second climb and got to the top (26 km) in 9th place.

My legs at that point were starting to feel all of the descent and climbing and were dangerously close to cramping but I was regularly taking gels and sips of electrolyte drink out of my sports bottle. Unfortunately the next 10km along Black Range are gently but relentlessly uphill and undulating . It was a fairly lonely journey along Black Range but I finally reached the next major checkpoint. The next section was a series of steep descents and then climbs (none that big but over rough and muddy terrain) and the Aid Station guys were warning runners about a slippery dangerous track. I felt strong up all of the uphill pinches in that section and was going well until I hit a mud puddle with no obvious route around. Oh well I was covered in mud anyway - straight through! One of my shoes stuck in the mud and as I yanked my foot out - heard the squelch of sucking mud! Yeow - big cramp deep in my left quad. On the plus side, my shoe was still on so I hobbled on and gradually the pain left and I got my rhythm back. One of the spectators confirmed I was 8th and about 300m behind the next, with no one in sight behind me. As I moved past him he called out that someone had just come into sight. I picked up the pace and got a real boost running through the drink station at the Caves Road (39km) - so many people cheering you on.

There on I was running strongly - as fast as I could - from my watch I could see a sub 3:45 might be possible. One more cramp in the same muscle that I ran out and finally I was onto the steep 3km rocky descent down to the Jenolan Caves House. I saw a runner ahead and he glanced back and immediately sped up. Game on.....! I caught his back just as we entered that last final narrow rocky descent with the cliff on one side and a big drop off on another. The guy had definitely sped up but was struggling and with me breathing literally on his neck he decided to let me past about half way down. So I was in 7th place! However he did not slow down and now he was breathing on my neck! I put a small gap on him as we entered the concrete switchback path and we were both sprinting down using the rail to help make the 180 degree turns. On the last downhill he gave up and was 20 odd seconds back at the finish. I suddenly realised I would break 3:45 and come in 7th - two bests for me. Emotion bubbled up and as I crossed the line, I had hyperventilated so much I could barely breath! A weird feeling when you are so ecstatic!

Monday, March 14, 2011

weston creek half - nev's report

Here is Nev's race report:

This time last year I was 2/3rds into marathon training with Mike and Liza. I was training for the Great Ocean Road Marathon. This year I had no marathon training behind me and very little long distance. Was I mad or what to enter the Weston Creek 1/2 marathon? Conditions were perfect on Sunday morning and again a great turn out for this local run starting at Black Mountain Peninsula then along the lake out to Woden and back. I set out conservatively looking to last the distance. Got into a rhythm early and was very happy at 5km in 23m 14s (a tad faster than my usual Broulee run pace), then 10km in 46m 38 sec. Half way loomed up and I was comfortable. I now ignored the watch and run as I felt. Still okay at the 4th water stop at Curtin. After running across Scrivener Dam there is a testing uphill before it is basically down hill with 3 km to the finish. I was tiring. The two runners I had pacing myself with now left me to plod on. Finally home in 1 h 38m 33s - 2 minutes slower than last year. But very happy with that. And very happy with the two bottles of wine from the barrel draw.
Weston Creek you have done it again - well done to the organisers.
Mike and Liza - I hope you are back next year so I can find that 2 minutes (or better still 4 minutes).
Anthony Kennedy ran a 81.07. Well done!
An awesome effort to Dave Hosking in the 6 foot track - coming in 7th overall - congratulations to you both. Nev.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

wednesday's run - 9th march

Results for this week:

3.5 km run: Sam Lavender - 15.19, Eden Faulkner - Kew- 17.13, Abbey McDonald - 18.43, Aisha Smith - 18.58, Deb Connaughton - 19.19, Donna Clarke - 19.20, Jill Brown - 19.49, Ellen Hosking - 21.03, Paige Connaughton - 21.47, Andrea Woodhouse - 22.22, Jono Hosking - 25.17, Chelsea Penkethman - 25.26, Tegan Mars - 28.43, Zoe Simmons - 33.22.

5 km run: Nev Madden - 23.42, Dave Connaughton -24.02, Mike Kennedy - 26.32, Adrian Connor - 27.19, Ross Haywood - 27.47.

Good luck to Nev for the run on the weekend at Weston Creek.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

fun run in BBAY ..... let's support

On the weekend of April 2/3rd ELITE ENERGY is organising a number of events. See their website:

There is a 2 km or 5 km fun run being held on the Saturday ...... a few of us will be running in it, with some also taking part in the triathlon on the Sunday.

Anyone keen to enter the fun run - let Mike or Liza know - we'll be wearing the cool BROULEE RUNNER tshirts that Mike organised.

Entries close in a few weeks - so check out their website and let's support them.

Monday, March 7, 2011

weston creek half

News in that Nev has just registered for the Weston Creek Half this weekend, in Canberra. He's been working through interval sessions for a few months now. This, coupled with the Garmin should get that competitive streak back in action. Looking forward to hearing how you go Nev.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

exciting news ....

Lovely run this morning at Corrigan's Beach - a 10km run following the Elite Energy Triathlon run course - which is on in April in the Bay. We missed you Ross ~

Race report from Anita, who ran the 10km in Orange this morning -

"lovely run on the outskirst of Orange. Autumn in the air and nice temperatures. Did 54.49 and am happy with that".

Lastly, good luck to Dave, who will be running the 6 Foot Track next weekend. We look forward to your race report.

See you all on Wednesday night.

wednesday's run - 2nd march

PB's this week for three runners - Sam, Dan and Andrea - congratulations!

Results for today's run:

2 km run: Bianca Martini - 10.54, Viva Barson - 11.37.

3.5 km run: Dan Lloyd-Jones - 14.30 (PB by 1.42), Sam Lavender - 15.30 (PB by 1.20), Ellen Hosking - 18.51, Paige Connaughton - 19.07, Aisha Smith - 19.32, Donna Clarke - 23.08, Zoe Simons - 23.08, Jono Hosking - 23.08, Abbey McDonald - 19.53, Andrea Woodhouse - 23.05 - 23.05 (PB by 40 seconds), Chelsea Penkethman - 24.26.

5 km run: Nev Madden - 24.12, Dave Connaughton - 24.27, Ross Haywood - 25.56, Mike Kennedy - 27.27.