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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

25 June 2014

There were some very quick times this week with an amazing 12 PB's well done to Matthew, Shayne, Ziggy, Foxx, Andrew, Vanessa, Chris, Gary, Scott, Gabby, Corey and Wayne.
Pictured are Scott, Sophia and Alexis Carver all running together as a family.  We also welcome Andrew and Vanessa to the Broulee runners having moved to the area a few months ago and have added our event each week into their fitness regime. 
We meet every Wednesday at 4.30pm at the anchor on Mossy Point headland. Everyone welcome.

2 Kilometre event

Matthew Johnston​7.58​ (PB​ 4secs)
Shayne Hargraves​8.01​ (PB​ 2secs)
Oliver Dolphin​8.24
Seb Giri​8.28
Ziggy Clare​8.41 (​PB​ 4mins 35secs)
Foxx McGeachy​9.26​ (PB​ 52secs)
Summer McGeachy​9.32
Takiya Norris​9.32
Jake Walker-Tutty​10.21
Saul Dolphin​10.57
Andrew Hill​11.17 (​PB​ 44secs)
Vanessa Delaney​11.26​ (PB​ 50secs)
Indiah Pointy​12.30
Leila Patyus​12.30
Chris Wade​13.01​ (PB​ 1min 48secs)
Cherise Walker​14.18
Andrea Giri​17.23
Cindy Johnston​17.24
Monty Lloyd-Jones​17.40
Stella Lloyd-Jones​17.42
Sophia Carver​17.50
Alexis Carver​18.12
Scott Carver​18.26
Bonnie Lloyd-Jones​19.27
Liza Lloyd-Jones​19.30

3.5 Kilometre event

Gary Ashton​15.43​ (PB​ 7secs)
Scott Elliot​16.52​ (PB​ 2secs)
Gab Smith​19.00​ (PB​ 22secs)
Richard Fisher​26.32

5 Kilometre event

Corey Powers​19.14​ (PB​ 1sec)
Dan Lloyd-Jones​19.14
Adrian Connor​23.07
Dave Connaughton​23.18
Andrew McPherson​24.41
Paige Connaughton​24.58
Wayne Turner​25.02​ (PB​ 46secs)
Kim Pidcock​26.18
Deb Connaughton​26.59

38 starters

Thursday, June 19, 2014

18 June 2014

We had 33 starters today, we welcomed Andrew Hill, Vanessa Delaney, Jacob Carrasco and Katrina Stabback, was great meeting you all hope you all make it a regular event.
Congratulations to Jo Flood, Andrew McPherson and Scott Elliott all putting in PB's great effort guys.
See you all at 4.30pm next Wednesday everyone welcomed.
Pictured are a couple of our younger runners Jaccob Carrasco and Matt Lambert.


Matthew Johnston.          8.02
Shayne Hargraves            8.08
Oliver Dolphin                   8.09
Roxy Horne                       8.11
Takiya Norris                     9.22
Jake Walker-Tully              9.23
Leila Patyus                      9.27
Saul Dolphin                    10.21
Katie McDonald               12.01
Stella Lloyd-Jones           12.02
Andrew Hill                      12.15
Vanessa Delaney             12.16
Stella Horne                     12.49
Di Butt                              14.58
Cherise Walker                 15.36
Patrick Wade                    16.18
Christopher Wade             16.19
Cindy Johnston                 18.09


Rhys Flood                          15.31
Jo Flood                              15.33 (PB 21sec)
Wayne Turner                      16.23
Caroline McDonald              21.59


Dan Lloyd-Jones                   19.12
Scott Carver                          19.40
Jacob Carrasco                     22.38
Matt Lambert                         23.12
Andrew McPherson               23.14 (PB 31 sec)
Dave Connaughton                23.18
Gary Ashton                           23.44
Scott Elliott                             24.29 (PB 44sec)
Paige Connaughton                25.22
Deb Connaughton                   26.23
Katrina Stabback                     37.15

33 starters

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

11 June 2014

We had 33 starters this week with a massive 7 PB's congratulations to Claudia, Jake, Katie, Monty, Cindy, Sue and Scott on their improvements.
Stella and Corey both received their Broulee runners shirt. Stella has been counting down to her 30th run for quite some time now so she was very pleased to finally be presented with her very own. We say goodbye to Corey in a few weeks time as his student exchange comes to an end and he heads home to America. We have enjoyed meeting you and has been great to see you come along and put the pace on with some of the quicker runners.
Have a great week see you all next Wednesday. 

2 Kilometre event

Matthew Johnston8.20
Oliver Dolphin8.41
Claudia Hannan8.46PB
Jake Walker-Tully9.20PB
Saul Dolphin11.02
Deanne Ison13.04
Indiah Pointy13.18
Leila Patyus13.18
Katie Patyus13.19PB
Stella Lloyd-Jones13.23
Monty Lloyd-Jones14.03PB
Dan Lloyd-Jones14.04
Chersie Walker16.03
Cindy Johnston16.04PB
Patrick Wade16.46
Chris Wade16.47
Bonnie Lloyd-Jones19.38
Emma Patyus20.05
Lisa Lloyd-Jones20.06

3.5 Kilometre event

Roxy Horne19.01
Ross Hayward20.10
Sue Christie24.20PB
Robyn Kennedy25.48

5 Kilometre event

Corey Powers19.52
Scott Carver19.48
Adrian Connor22.47
Matt Lambert23.32
Gary Ashton23.34
Dave Connaughton23.36
Andrew McPherson24.25
Paige Connaughton25.05
Scott Elliott25.13PB
Deb Connaughton26.32

33 starters

Thursday, June 5, 2014

4 June 2014

2 Kilometre event

Matthew Johnston 8.07
Shayne Hargraves 8.07
Callum Elliott 8.28
Summer McGeachy 9.28
Leila Patyus 9.34
Jake Walker-Tutty 9.44
Takiya Norris 9.50
Zed Clare 10.15
Fox McGeachy 10.18
Saul Dolphin10.29
Siena Martini11.33
Summer Bradshaw11.48
Katie McDonald12.09
Chantal Bradshaw12.15
Tarren Elliott12.18
Stella Horne12.19
Cameron Leggott14.16
Di Butt14.39
Patrick Wade14.48
Chris Wade14.49
Leah Leggott15.21
Andrew Leggott15.29
Lara Elliott15.43
Maya Bradshaw15.48
Simone Bradshaw15.49
Ziggy Clare16.44
Tina Clare16.52
Cherise Walker16.53
Cindy Johnston16.54

3.5 Kilometre event

Wayne Turner16.18
Scott Elliott16.54
Roxy Horne18.33
Ashley Leggott 18.53
Gab Smith20.27
Sue Lindsay20.27
Ellen Hosking20.28
Caroline McDonald21.51
Greg McDonald21.52
Richard Fisher25.22
Robyn Kennedy26.06
Barb Wells26.53

5 Kilometre event

Scott Carver19.55
Adrian Connor22.43
Gary Ashton23.31
Dave Connaughton23.46
Andrew McPherson25.45
Geoff Wells26.01
Paige Connaughton26.04
Kim Pidcock26.24

49 starters

28 May 2014

We had a huge turnout of 42 runners/walkers this week. Was nice once again to have a few new faces come along, this is what the group is all about, we welcome any age and fitness level. So if you have been thinking about joining in, come along next Wednesday and give it a go we start at 4.30pm see you there.
2 Kilometre event

Matthew Johnston8.48
Bradley Lunn9.17
Claudia Hannan9.18
Andrew Leggott9.55
Jake Walker-Tutty10.08
Saul Dolphin10.20
Cameron Lunn10.37
Michelle Dolphin10.44
Meg Phillips11.10
Leila Patyus11.15
Stephanie Lunn11.17
Sandra Lunn11.37
Ruby Connor12.00
Deanne Ison12.29
Stella Lloyd-Jones12.52
Stella Horne13.55
Leah Leggott13.55
Cameron Leggott13.56
Cherise Walker14.16
Di Butt14.26
Patrick Wade15.54
Chris Wade15.55
Sophie Carver16.55
Alexis Carver16.56
Taryn Carver16.57

3.5 Kilometre event

Corey Powers15.07
Rhys Flood15.56
Aaron flood16.16
Wayne Turner16.33
Roxy Horne20.29
Richard Fisher26.44

5 Kilometre event

Dan Lloyd-Jones19.38
Dave Fleming22.13
Adrian Connor22.45
Gary Ashton23.27
Dave Connaughton23.38
Andrew McPherson24.21
Rhys Nicholls25.17
Scott Elliott25.33
Paige Connaughton26.37
Deb Connaughton26.56

42 starters