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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Easter Run - March 6th

A bit early, but we're organising an Easter Run

When: Sunday March 6th
Time: 7 am start
Distance: 10 km run/walk
Where: Meet at Corrigan's Beach Playground for a run to the bridge and back

Afterwards, stay around for a pre Easter breakfast together - grab a coffee - HOT CROSS BUNS provided on the day.

All runners/walkers welcome. Family can meet afterwards at Corrigan's Park - anytime after 8am.

Please let Liza know if you can make it.

wednesday's run - february 23rd 2011

Results for today's run:

2 km run: Viva Barson - 12.41.

3.5 km run: Dan Lloyd-Fones - 16.12, Sam Lavender - 16.50, Paige Connaughton - 20.59, Jono Hosking - 21.02, Ellen Hosking - 21.53, Abbey McDonald - 21.54, Libby Doughty - 22.25, Andrea Woodhouse - 22.25, Robyn Kennedy - 26.49.

5 km: Dave Connaughton - 25.11, Ross Haywood - 26.51, Mike Kennedy - 26.51.

Friday, February 18, 2011

running in the rain - tuesday, 16th february

Well done to the following runners who turned up and ran through the rain - it absoutely bucketed down!

Well done to Paige on her PB this week

2 kms: Jono Hosking - 9.57.

3.5 kms: Eden Faulkner-Kew -16.29, Paige Connaughton - 18.31 (PB by 27 seconds), Abbey McDonald - 18.32, Ellen Hosking - 18.33, Tegan Mars - 23.15.

5 kms: Dave Connaughton - 24.40, Kim Pidcock - 25.22, Nev Madden - 26.12, Ross Haywood - 26.25, Mike Kennedy - 26.12.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Birthday Photos

Our own tshirt - worn by Dave Connaughton - first runner to reach 100 runs with the Broulee Runners.

Photo taken after the birthday run - check out the balloon that made the distance!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

wednesday 8th february results

Results for today's run - our birthday run are:

2 km: Viva Barson - Ellen Hosking - 9.10, Jono Hosking - 9.13, Bianca Martini - 10.40, Siena Martini - 14.31, Liza Martini - 14.32.

3 km run: Eden Faulkner Kew - 16.40, Jill Brown - 19.24, Paige Connaughton - 21.30, Robyn Kennedy - 27.13.

5 km run: Nev Madden - 23.29, Dave Connaughton - 23.52, Taryn Carver - 24.42, Kim Pidcock - 25.48, Ross Haywood - 27.05, Mike Kennedy - 27.09.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

tuesday intervals

Perfect cool conditions for our interval session this morning in Broulee - consisting of 5 minute run - 2 minute jog, 4 minute run - 2 minute jog, 3 minute run - 2 minute jog, 2 minute run - 2 minute jog - 1 minute run ..........

See you all tomorrow night for the birthday bash -

dave's race report - photos -

david race report - Mt Tennent 25 km

The Mount Tennent 25 km mountain race was perfectly positioned as a good lead-in race for the Six Foot Track marathon. Clearly others thought so as well with a number of Six Foot entrants turning up to have a blast up and down Mount Tennent. The course was tough – 2.5 km climb up from the base of Mount Tennent to a drinks station, then an undulating out and back section along the Bushfold Flats trail, then a 4 km hard climb to the summit of Mount Tennent, then repeat in reverse....down to the drinks stations, Bushfold out and back and then down to the finish.

The race started in relative cool at 7:30 am on Saturday. Four runners started off quickly, Martin Fryer (Flyer) – world 48 hour champion and Australian ultra distance legend, David Osmond (Davo) – many time Australian Mountain running rep, Rob Walter (former Australian Orienteering Champion) and myself. Lurking a bit further back were a couple of other Australian Mountain Running and orienteering legends – Trevor Jacobs and Anthony Scott.

We went through the drinks station together after the first climb and you could have thrown a hula hoop over us at the turnaround of the first Bushfold out/back. Rob started to take a bit of a lead as we finished the first Bushfold section but I caught up to him soon after the drinks station on the climb. I took the lead and desperate not to look back started to surge on the climbs. Mentally I took myself back to the many Burri road hill climb sessions I had done in the last few months – the track was not that different. Unfortunately I could still hear Rob (he was starting to breath heavily) right behind me. I thought the others had dropped off but I was not certain. On the last km up to the top I put in a long surge and knew I had gapped Rob – confirmed at a switch back right at the top – finally I had a 20 m lead!

I touched the fire tower at the top and turned around for a very rapid 4 km descent. I was confident that if I belted down the hill I should be able to increase the lead. Once again, not game to look back I descended quickly and could really only hear my breathing and footsteps. On the way down I saw I had a couple of minutes on Flyer and a lot more on all the others. Just as I was about to hit the drinks station for the last Bushfold out/back, one of the runners climbing said “Great running guys”......”GUYS” I thought – oh crap. Sure enough Rob had caught up and overtook me just before the drinks station. I stuck with him for about a km and then started to drop off. My heart rate was low – low 150s but I could not get my legs to go fast enough – combined effect of the 130 km training weeks since Christmas and the long climb/descent. At the turnaround I was 20 seconds down, then 40 seconds at the drinks station and finally just over a minute at the finish.

The 1:54 and some time was really good – better than I expected, so I was really happy with the race! Second overall, first M40 and a lot of good runners behind was a really good result!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

****** we're turning 4 *********

Happy Birthday to the Broulee Runners - our running group will be celebrating our 4th birthday on 7th Febuary.

Thank you to Mike Kennedy for his drive and enthusiasm. Mike founded the Broulee Runners group on 7th February 2007 and has kept records of every single runner since that time.

We all appreciate your time and effort Mike and thank you to Robyn Kennedy as well.

### see you all next week ###

wednesday's run - february 2nd 2011

Nice and humid for all the runner - however, a pleasant change to yesterday's sweltering temperature of 41 degrees! Fortunately for us, we live by the beach.

Today's results:

2 kms - Viva Barson - 12.49

3.5 kms - Kim Pidcock - 17.12, Eden Faulkner-Kew - 18.16, Ellen Hosking - 22.00, Robyn Kennedy - 28.26, Jono Hosking - 37.18

5 kms - Dave Connaughton - 24.20, Nev Madden - 24.22, Taryn Carver - 26.06, Mike Kennedy - 28.07.