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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

24 April 2019

Summer conditions attracted 104 starters to the Broulee Runner/walkers celebration of its 600th run.  It was also the recognition of Dave Connaughton’s 450th completion of the 5 kilometres event.

We were able to enjoy the occasion with a large cake that fed most of the competitors and it made for a great community celebration, which is in part why the event has been so successful.

It was also a special night for Margaret Dickinson who received her 30-run shirt.  Margaret is the fourth member of the family to proudly wear the Broulee Runners shirt.

We were able to welcome Anya, Hans and Jossie of the Lawatsch family, Sue and Yvonne Carter, Jo and Steve Wynn, Dirk and Edwina Wymer, Les and Shani Ridsdale, Ross Wallis, Liliana Murphy, Vicki Whitter, Nicole McLoy and Gill Stapleton to their first run with the group.

In the 2 kilometres personal best time were run by Ryan Huynh. Eli Sleeman, Millie Shanahan, Zara Hungerford, Asha Hewitson.  In the 3.5 kilometres the improvers were Jacob Shepherd, Kai Sleeman and Judy Kennedy.  In the 5 kilometres personal best times were recorded by Thach Huynh, Stephanie Lunn and Luke and Joy Drudy.

See you all next week at 4.30pm. 

2 Kilometres
Ryan Huynh 7.12
Riley Beby 8.05
Eli Sleeman 8.41
Rosie McPartland 8.47
Deakin McPartland 9.14
Selby Johnston 9.28
Emily Huynh 9.30
Mitchell Beby 9.36
Liliana Murphy 10.24
Angus Murphy 10.25
Erin Domeny 10.33
Anya Lawatsch 10.57
Millie Shanahan 10.58
Hans Lawatsch 11.00
Hallie Wignell 11.41
Lilly van Weerdenburg 12.23
Melissa Van Weerdenburg 12.24
Zara Hungerford 12.26
Asha Hewitson 12.26
Gerard Van Weerdenburg 12.27
Isabella Lopresti 12.46
Tiffany Johnston 12.48
Kelly McPartland 13.08
Kaden Drudy 14.12
Michelle Connor 14.13
James Dickinson 14.16
Ruby Connor 15.35
Stella Lloyd-Jones 15.35
Katie Kennedy 15.36
Jason Domeny 16.15
Steve Morgan 17.16
Carissa Morgan 17.17
Ross Wallis 18.31
Gillian Edward 18.32
Susan Klower 18.44
Jossie Lawatsch 18.47
Rhonda Robinson 19.35
Keith Robinson 19.36
Christina Murray 21.22
Jenny Pollock 21.23
Roz Hayward 21.23
Susan Pettit 23.29
Sue Carter 23.30
Morgan Pettit 23.31
Aiden Johnston 24.33
Kat Johnston 24.39

3.5 Kilometres

Jacob Shepherd 14.21
Matt Johnsen 15.06
Anna Hosking 15.55
Yvonne Carter 16.00
Kai Sleeman 16.58
Cameron Lunn 17.02
Tess Klower 17.02
Shani Ridsdale 18.35
Les Ridsdale 18.36
Andrew Greenway 18.53
Ross Hayward 19.58
Jessica Flood 20.00
Judy Kennedy 20.39
Janelle Morgan 20.41
Julianne Domeny 21.19
Bradley Lunn 21.24
Sandra Lunn 21.29
Emily Dickinson 25.06
Bruce Dickinson 25.06
Wendy Donoghue 25.21
Vicki Whitter 25.22
Gary Ashton 25.23
Robyn Kennedy 25.32
David McCann 28.10
Nicole McLoy 30.55
Margaret Dickinson 30.56
Jo Wynn 32.45
Richard Fisher 34.05

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 18.21
Dan Lloyd-Jones 18.22
David Hosking 20.04
Anthony Sleeman 20.08
Bede Webster 20.52
Thach Huynh 21.00
Matt Lambert 21.02
Harrison Gilligan 21.25
Rhys Flood 22.09
Steve Wynn 22.14
Bridget Lunn 22.43
Vaughn Gilligan 23.03
Jo Flood 23.12
Dave Connaughton 23.31
Adrian Connor 23.47
Anthony Miles 23.48
Stephanie Lunn 24.23
Jan Kruger 25.52
Julie De Ernsted 27.02
Deb Connaughton 27.12
Brock Gilligan 27.46
Ross Wilson 28.16
Jane Sleeman 28.50
Gill Stapleton 28.51
Steve Phipps 30.46
Luke Drudy 30.47
Joy Drudy 31.35
Edwina Wymer 32.44
Dirk Wymer 32.44
Mike Kennedy 37.36

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

17 April 2019

Strong winds tested the endurance of the 69 starters in tonight’s Broulee Run/Walk.  We had visitors from Canberra and various Country areas.  A special welcome to Lucas and Mitch

Carissa Morgan achieved her 100th run this evening.  Her parents Janelle and Steve were joined by Carissa’s brothers Lucas and Mitch to celebrate this occasion.  The boys had travelled some distance for this special run.  Carissa is part of Special Olympics Eurobodalla and she competes regularly in Swimming, T-ball, soccer and cricket.

In the 2 kilometres personal best times were achieved by Natalie Greenway, Marcus and Neil Mackay.  In the 3.5 kilometres Wendy Donoghue improved and in the 5 kilometres the stand out was Jason Domeny.  Jason has shown remarkable improvement since he started running in the 2 kilometres back 17 October 2018.

There were several Broulee runners competing in the Canberra Running festival last weekend.  Lauren ran her first marathon in the excellent time of 3 hours 20 minutes.  In the half Lisa Robbins and Matt Lambert were outstanding and in the 10 kilometres Matt Johnsen ran an incredible time of 31.38 to come third missing out winning by a mere 37 seconds.

Next week we will be celebration of our 600th run.  The event has come a long way since 8 people did the first run back on 7 February 2008.  Some children have grown up doing the run in that time starting as babes in their mother’s arms and now running super quick times.

2 Kilometres
Will Alexander 7.31
Sam McCabe 7.41
Shaun McCabe 7.42
Charlotte Alexander 8.12
Tino Lopresti 8.17
Hugo Hayward 8.57
James Greenway 9.48
Sarah Leach 10.23
Amber Domeny 11.18
Emily Dickinson 12.36
James Dickinson 12.38
Daniel Greenway 13.09
Natalie Greenway 13.09
Lucy Warringham-Kennedy 14.20
Margaret Dickinson 15.00
Charley Proksch 15.38
Christian Proksch 15.38
Peter Johnsen 16.42
Matt Johnsen 16.43
Marcus Mackay 17.07
Neil Mackay 17.08
Carissa Morgan 17.13
Steve Morgan 17.14
Lucas Morgan 17.15
Roz Hayward 17.59
Leo Proksch 20.52
Jo Pollock 22.52
Christina Murray 21.20
Jenny Pollock 21.20
Erin Domeny 24.15
Benji Mackay 25.08
Eva Mackay 25.09
Michelle Beby 25.17
Ashley Beby 25.18
Isabella Lopresti 25.34

3.5 Kilometres

Bridget Lunn 14.34
Cameron Lunn 16.48
Andrew Greenway 19.09
Megan McClelland 19.31
Laura Lopresti 19.57
Bradley Lunn 20.33
Wendy Donoghue 20.34
Gary Ashton 20.35
Sandra Lunn 20.37
Julianne Domeny 21.03
Bruce Dickinson 21.08
Janelle Morgan 21.39
Mitch Morgan 22.17
Meg Edenborough 22.35
Annie Johnsen 22.51
Robyn Kennedy 25.52
David McCann 28.16
Richard Fisher 32.46
5 Kilometres

Matt Edenborough 19.15
Daniel Beby 19.57
Bede Webster 21.20
Harrison Gilligan 21.53
Matt Lambert 22.12
Dave Connaughton 23.42
Vaughn Gilligan 24.11
Jason Domeny 24.33
Adrian Connor 24.35
Jan Kruger 25.50
Steve Phipps 27.04
Deb Connaughton 27.34
Stephanie Lunn 28.16
Julie De Ernsted 28.41 
Tracy Denning 31.53
Michael Kennedy 39.40

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

10 April 2019

The first Broulee run/walk after day light saving finished gave us a taste of the cooler conditions to came.  Regardless, it must have been ideal as there were 12 personal best times.

In the 2 kilometres, personal best times were recorded by Benjamin and Eva Mackay, Tino Lopresti, Deakin McPartland, Harper Lasscock and Peter Johnsen.  In the 3.5 kilometres, the improvers were Erin Drewsen, Tess Klower and Andrew Greenway.  In the 5 kilometres, the improvers were Angus Murphy and Tessa Muskett.

Kirsty Campbell recorded her 30th run this evening after an absence of almost 3 years.  It must be back to Broulee as Tessa Muskett run a best time after an absence of almost 6 years.  It is great that people remember the run and that we can keep a record of their past achievements.

Lauren Evans and Lisa Robbins are competing in the Canberra Marathon and half Marathon this coming weekend and they will make the Broulee runners proud.  We also congratulate Nev Madden and Jill Brown who both competed in the Albury Marathon weekend in late March.

2 Kilometres

Tino Lopresti 8.15
Deakin McPartland 8.17
Rosie McPartland 9.17
Declan McPherson 9.45
Harper Lasscock 10.24
Evie Theodore 12.08
Emily Dickinson 12.21
Bruce Dickinson 12.22
Nellie Shanahan 12.25
Rocco Lopresti 12.55
Hannah Campbell 12.58
Kirsty Campbell 12.59
Erin Domeny 13.29
Isabella Lopresti 13.29
Carissa Morgan 13.56
Janelle Morgan 13.56
William Brewer 15.00
Molly Brewer 15.06
Katie Moon 15.07
Gillian Edwards 16.03
Peter Johnsen 16.22
Travis Dummett 17.28
Kathryn Jeffery 17.40
Suzanne Klower 18.29
Benjamin Mackay 20.51
Eva Mackay 20.52
Jenny Pollock 21.07
Christine Murray 21.08
Nina McPherson 22.19
Michelle McPherson 22.25

3.5 Kilometres

Erin Drewsen 16.32
Tess Klower 16.56
Gary Ashton 17.03
Max Hadley 18.21
Andrew Greenway 18.29
Laura Lopresti 19.35
Sandra Lunn 20.42
Paul Searson 22.02
Robyn Kennedy 25.32
David McCann 28.16
Richard Fisher 29.55

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 20.19
Harrison Gilligan 21.21
Angus Murphy 22.05
Bridget Lunn 22.57
Adrian Connor 22.59
Dylan Van Der Meulen 22.59
David Connaughton 23.10
Vaughn Gilligan 23.58
Andrew McPherson 24.21
Jason Domeny 24.59
Stephanie Lunn 26.15
Deb Connaughton 27.11
Steve Phipps 27.35
Ross Hayward 29.49
Tessa Muskett 30.37
Anna Gooch 30.38
Julianne Domeny 31.56

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

3 April 2019

56 starters contested the last Broulee Runners and walkers before the end of day light saving.  Although, the conditions were perfect, we were only able to squeeze out 4 personal best times.

In the 2 kilometres Justin Murphy recorded another impressive personal best time by 45 seconds and Millie Shanahan improved by 21 seconds.

In the 3.5 kilometres Andrew Greenway and Declan McPherson were the star performers, both with solid personal best times.

We welcomed Wendy Donoghue to her first run with the group.  She is a local and has seen the event over the years and was under the impression that is was only for good athletes.  She now knows that it is an event for all who wish to run or walk and mix with members of the community.  She did an impressive first run and is keen to improve in the future.

Gillian Edwards received her 30-run shirt this evening and was seen wearing it proudly before the start in company with her daughter Millie, who received her shirt last week.
2 Kilometres

Justin Murphy 7.57
Rosie McPartland 9.03
Sophia Carver 10.30
Erin Domeny 11.05
Millie Shanahan 11.16
Emily Dickinson 11.59
Bruce Dickinson 11.59
Amber Domeny 12.47
Julianne Domeny 12.47
Kelly McPartland 13.27
Carissa Morgan 13.54
Janelle Morgan 13.54
Gillian Edwards 13.55
David McCann 14.40
Ashlee Beby 18.22
Mitchell Beby 18.23
Michelle Beby 18.24
Roz Hayward 20.03
Robyn Domeny 21.21
Nina McPherson 25.52
Michelle McPherson 25.54
Suzie Pettit 27.57
Morgan Pettit 27.57

3.5 Kilometres

Erin Drewsen 17.49
Tess Klower 17.59
Max Hadley 19.20
Daniel Greenway 19.56
Andrew Greenway 19.56
Sandra Lunn 22.03
Wendy Donoghue 22.55
Gary Ashton 22.55
Michael Kennedy 24.17
Robyn Kennedy 26.24
Declan McPherson 27.56
Richard Fisher 30.05

5 Kilometres

Matt Edenborough 19.35
Harrison Gilligan 20.49
Matt Lambert 21.09
Daniel Beby 21.55
Vaughn Gilligan 22.21
Angus Murphy 22.45
Bede Webster 22.57
Bridget Lunn 23.04
Lauren Evans 23.06
Anthony Miles 23.22
Adrian Connor 23.36
Dave Connaughton 24.22
Jason Domeny 25.18
Stephanie Lunn 26.26
Paige Connaughton 26.32
Steve Phipps 27.43
Deb Connaughton 27.48
Andrew McPherson 27.59
Julie De Ernsted 28.02
Ross Hayward 30.21
Rob Ryan 32.09

27 March 2019

Great autumn weather attracted 43 starters in Wednesday evening Broulee run/walk.  We welcomed a runner from Oregan USA by the name of Courtney Drewsen.  She ran an excellent time of 20.55 in the 5 kilometres, which is impressive because this was her first look at the course.  Other members of the Drewsen clan in Kloey and Erin also participated.

In the 2 kilometres Justin Murphy slashed 3 minutes off his best time and Peter Johnsen equalled his previous best time.  In the 3.5 kilometres Ross Wilson managed to run his fourth persona best time this year.

Millie Shanahan and Matt Edenborough were awarded their 30-run shirts.  Millie is one step ahead of her mother Gillian, who will receive hers at her next run.

Anthony Miles, ran this evening and showed no ill effects from his 50 kilometres Australian Alpine Ascent trail run in the Snowy Mountains last Sunday.  His mate Morgan Pettit, who is a regular, is recovering from this gruelling event.  Both Morgan and Anthony were well placed in this event and are both looking for another challenge.

2 Kilometres

Justin Murphy 8.42
Max Hadley 10.21
Betty Davis 10.32
Audrey Knobel 11.11
Erin Domeny 11.19
Millie Shanahan 11.58
Gillian Edwards 13.44
Roz Hayward 16.01
Peter Johnsen 16.58
Travis Dummett 18.16
Kathryn Jeffery 18.25
Nina McPherson 18.51
Anna Johnson 18.53
Nellie Johnson 18.54
Declan McPherson 20.17
Matt Johnsen 20.22
Andrew McPherson 20.24

3.5 Kilometres

Angus Murphy 15.00
Ross Wilson 17.27
Tess Klower 18.09
Andrew Greenway 20.19
Ross Hayward 27.36
David McCann 28.10
Richard Fisher 32.07

5 Kilometres

Matt Edenborough 18.55
Josh Connaughton 20.31
Courtney Drewsen 20.55
Harrison Gilligan 21.20
Matt Lambert 21.33
Dave Connaughton 24.53
Jason Domeny 25.18
Julie De Ernsted 25.58
Anthony Miles 25.58
Julie Davis 26.44
Vaughn Gilligan 26.56
Deb Connaughton 27.25
Steve Phipps 28.47
Erin Drewsen 29.17
Robert Ryan 31.55
Julianne Domeny 32.13
Lisa Robbins 35.07
Tracy Denning 35.08
Kloey Drewsen 45.00