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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

27 May 2015

This evening we had perfect conditions for running.  This was reflected by the turn out with 53 people running or walking one of the three distances.  We welcomed Harper Blewitt to his first run with his father Chris.  The conditions helped 12 people perform personal best times.

The outstanding athletic of the night was Jaylah Hancock-Cameron, pictured, who smashed the record for women over the 3.5 distance by 30 seconds.  She is an outstanding athletic, having competed with distinction at state level in 800 and 1500 metres on the track.  She represented Moruya High School, in the zone cross-country carnival and finished a close second.  She is confident that she will go one better at the Regional final at Nowra on Friday. We wish her luck.

See you all next Wednesday at 4.30pm on the MossyPoint headland. Everyone welcome.

2 Kilometre event
Riley Beby8.53PB2secs
Keira Lenehan9.13PB6secs
Leila Patyus9.33
Bruce Dickinson9.52
Lara Elliott10.32
Rob Wildman10.40PB18secs
Sandra Lunn10.43
Dylan Holmes11.17
Jessica Flood11.21
Simone Elliott11.25
Mitchell Beby11.48
Daniel Beby11.49
Tarren Elliott11.55
Scott Elliott11.56
Skye Wildman12.17
Sharee Jackson14.26PB22secs
Sari Jenkins14.38
Carissa Morgan14.47PB5secs
Janelle Morgan14.48
Patrick Wade16.28
Katie Patyus16.55
Harper Blewitt17.00New
Chris Blewitt17.01
Emma Patyus17.02
Victoria Fleming19.15PB20secs
Makayla Wade19.23
Chris Wade19.24

3.5 Kilometres event
Rhys Flood13.31PB23secs
Jaylah Hancock-Cameron13.39PB30secs
Adrian Connor15.03
Kobe Jenkins16.25
Callum Elliott17.04PB21secs
Kylie Young17.10PB22secs
James Dickinson18.01
Michelle Dolphin19.03PB62secs
Ben Jenkins20.10
Kim Young21.16
Annie Johnsen21.49
Bradley Lunn22.57
Cameron Lunn23.46
Richard Fisher27.40
Sue Christie28.34
Robyn Kennedy29.06

5 Kilometres event

Dan Lloyd-Jones19.26
Scott Carver20.01
Kellen Lenehan21.09PB3secs
Matt Lambert21.14
Jo Flood21.56
Gary Ashton23.30
Dave Connaughton23.39
Greg Flood24.44
Deb Connaughton27.12
Mike Kennedy33.19

53 starters

Thursday, May 21, 2015

20 May 2015

This evening we had perfect conditions for running and 50 people turned up to enjoy the event.  There were 12 personal best times recorded.  We welcomed Catlin Forbes together with 3 Beby family members and 2 Lenehan family members to the event.

The star of the evening was Jaylah Hancock-Cameron, who shaved 8 seconds from the women’s record over the 3.5 kilometre distance with a time of 14.09.

Matt Lambert, who is a regular with the Broulee Runners, competed with distinction at last Sunday’s Sydney Half Marathon and in the process knocked 8 minutes from his personal best time over the distance.

Geoff Hawke shows that age is no barrier to performing in major events.  At age 57 he won his 55-59 age division in the New Zealand Iron Man.  He qualified to compete in the famous Hawaiian Iron Man in October.  This event is regrated as the pinnacle in the Triathlon world. We wish him all the best on his continuing gruelling training schedule over the coming months and look forward to hearing how he goes in October.

Thank you to Richard Fisher, who was busy mowing the grass as all the competitors were arriving, to provide a safer running track for us all.

Lastly a big congratulations to the wonderful Robyn and Mike Kennedy who are celebrating their 49th wedding anniversary. (Robyn is one patient and tolerant woman)....Only kidding Mike. Have a great day you two love birds.

See you all next Wednesday at 4.30pm.

2 Kilometre event

James Dickinaon8.48
Oliver Dolphin8.54
Riley Beby8.55New
Keira Lenehan9.19New
Saul Dolphin9.40PB7secs
Bruce Dickinson9.48PB23secs
Lara Elliott10.24
Lachlan Davenport10.29
Simone Elliott10.47PB100secs
Dylan Holmes11.01
Catlin Forbes11.13New
Michelle Beby11.31New
Daniel Beby11.32New
Tarren Elliott11.34PB44secs
Scott Elliott11.35
Sari Jenkins12.16PB9secs
Karen Motyka12.36PB23secs
Patrick Wade14.12
Sharee Jackson14.15PB33secs
Chris Wade14.41
Carissa Morgan14.52PB43secs
Janelle Morgan14.53
Katie Patyus15.54
Leila Patyus15.54
Lily Van Weerdenburg16.45
Melissa Van Weerdenburg16.45
Klaye Van Weerdenburg16.53

3.5 Kilometres event

Jaylah Hancock-Cameron14.09PB8secs
Kobie Jenkins16.17PB103secs
Jaymz Motyka16.38
Callum Elliott17.25PB44secs
Rory Hogg18.21
Max Motyka18.33
Tess Klower21.33PB55secs
Dean Klower21.33
Robyn Kennedy25.14
Richard Fisher27.05
Sue Christie27.22

5 Kilometres event

Dan Lloyd-Jones19.12
Geoff Hawke19.55
Kellen Lenehan21.12New
Andrew McPherson21.26
Matt Lambert21.29
Dave Connaughton23.59
Greg Flood25.14
Kylie Young25.19
Taryn Carver27.06
Deb Connaughton28.16
Kim Young33.12
Mike Kennedy33.18

50 starters

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

13 May 2015

An icy South Wester greeted our running group this week.we had three new participants and an amazing 12 PB's. The most notable PB's were from Jake Walker-Tully, Lily Van Weerdenburg, Dylan Holmes and Karen Motyka who all took off over a minute from previous runs.
A special mention must also go to Mother and Son duo Michelle and Saul Dolphin who decided to try the longer distance of 5km for the first time, they both completed the event in a very respectable time.
Goodluck to some of our younger runners heading to Canberra for the upcoming southern School Cross Country. 
If you have been thinking of coming along to join in, there is no charge, all fitness levels and ages are most welcome. Well done to all see you all next week at 4.30pm.

Pictured are Shayne Hargraves, Abbey Colbourne, Max Motyka and Jake Walker-Tully.


Oliver Dolphin.                  8.04
Callum Elliott.                    8.05
Kobe Jenkins.                    8.31
Matthew Johnson.             8.32
James Dickinson.               8.32(PB 10s)
Leila Patyus.                       9.53
Lara Elliott.                        10.16(PB 33s)
Scott Elliott.                       10.17
Bruce Dickinson.                10.22
Dylan Holmes.                    10.54(PB1.40)
Sandra Lunn.                      10.54
Jessica Flood.                     12.19
Tarren Elliott.                        12.27
Simone Elliott.                      12.28(PB 23s)
Karen Motyka.                      12.59(PB1.05)
Sari Jenkins.                         14.33
Sharee Jackson.                   14.48(PB 32s)
Chris Wade.                          14.58
Patrick Wade.                        15.00
Ellie Van Weerdenburg           15.24
Lily Van Weerdenburg.           15.33 (PB2.02)
Melissa Van Weerdenburg.     15.34
Carissa Morgan.                     15.35 (PB 3s)
Janelle Morgan.                      15.36
Cindy Johnston.                      16.12
Kate Patyus.                            16.56
Emma Patyus.                         16.57   
Liz Hepburn                             19.55 New
Lachlan Davenport                  19.56 New
Declan McPherson.                  22.47


Rhys Flood.                               14.25
Bridget Lunn.                             16.15 (PB39s)
Jaymz Motyka.                           16.18 (10s)
Max Motyka                                17.58
Shayne Hargraves.                      17.59
Jake Walker-Tully.                        18.21 (2.27)
Abbey Colbourne.                        19.28 New
Stephanie Lunn.                           19.35
Cameron Lunn.                            19.35
Bradley Lunn.                               22.23
Skye Wildman.                             22.28
Gabrielle Stayte.                           22.29
Annie Johnsen.                             23.37


Dan Lloyd-Jones.                         19.29
Scott Carver.                                 20.07
Andrew McPherson.                     21.23 (3s)
Jo Flood.                                       22.38
Dave Fleming.                               23.50
Dave Connaughton.                      24.08
Sean Flood.                                   24.41
Greg Flood.                                   25.05
Kylie Young.                                  25.41
Saul Dolphin.                                30.41
Michelle Dolphin.                          30.42
Kim Young.                                   33.19

55 Starters

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

6 May 2015

We had perfect conditions for this evening’s run and as a result 52 people participated and there were 9 personal best times.

The stand out was Jaylah Hancock-Cameron, who ran an outstanding time of 14.17 over the 3.5 kilometres course, reducing her personal best time by 63 seconds and establishing a new Broulee runners record by 20 seconds.  A visitor set this time over 2 years ago and it is great to see local young athletes setting the standard.

We welcomed Sharee Jackson back to our event.  Sharee and her father Peter were there at the very beginning of the running club in 2007. We have managed to keep records of all participants and it is great to see people come back and join us and see what event and time they ran when they last participated.

Goodluck to all our young runners participating in the district cross country today. See you all next Wednesday at 4.30pm everyone welcome.

Pictured are the Motyka family; twins Jaymz and Max and Mum Karen and big brother Jasper.

                                    2 Kilometre event
Sienna Rolfe9.18
Leila Patyus9.20
Bradley Lunn9.52
Saul Dolphin9.56
Bruce Dickinson10.22
Sandra Lunn10.28PB25secs
Noah Reid10.52
Emma Waters10.53
Lara Elliott12.04
Dylan Holmes12.34
Tarren Elliott12.47
Scott Elliott12.48
Sari Jenkins13.00
Karen Motyka14.04
Cameron Lunn14.31
Patrick Wade14.35
Chris wade14.35
Sharee Jackson15.20
Kate Patyus15.22
Emma Patyus15.23
Victoria Fleming19.35PB177secs
Declan McPherson23.24
Nina McPherson23.55
Michelle McPherson23.56

                                    3.5 Kilometres event

Jaylah Hancock-Cameron14.17PB63secs
Jaymz Motyka16.28PB8secs
Max Motyka17.19PB52secs
Leon Rolfe17.23PB34secs
Bridget Lunn17.34
Heidi Woolridge17.49PB292secs
Rory Hogg17.56
Kobie Jenkins18.00
Callum Elliott18.09PB28secs
James Dickinson18.15
Ross Hayward19.07
Stephanie Lunn19.32
Mike Kennedy22.08
Annie Johnsen24.06

 5 Kilometres event

Dan Lloyd-Jones19.24
Scott Carver20.03
Matt Lambert21.18
Jo flood22.29
Adrian Connor23.08
Dave Connaughton23.50
Jasper Motyka24.11PB40secs
Greg Flood25.11
Mark Lavender26.36
Charlie Lavender26.37
Deb Connaughton27.02
Paige Connaughton27.04
Andrew McPherson27.25
Ben Jenkins31.11

52 starters