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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

27 May 2015

This evening we had perfect conditions for running.  This was reflected by the turn out with 53 people running or walking one of the three distances.  We welcomed Harper Blewitt to his first run with his father Chris.  The conditions helped 12 people perform personal best times.

The outstanding athletic of the night was Jaylah Hancock-Cameron, pictured, who smashed the record for women over the 3.5 distance by 30 seconds.  She is an outstanding athletic, having competed with distinction at state level in 800 and 1500 metres on the track.  She represented Moruya High School, in the zone cross-country carnival and finished a close second.  She is confident that she will go one better at the Regional final at Nowra on Friday. We wish her luck.

See you all next Wednesday at 4.30pm on the MossyPoint headland. Everyone welcome.

2 Kilometre event
Riley Beby8.53PB2secs
Keira Lenehan9.13PB6secs
Leila Patyus9.33
Bruce Dickinson9.52
Lara Elliott10.32
Rob Wildman10.40PB18secs
Sandra Lunn10.43
Dylan Holmes11.17
Jessica Flood11.21
Simone Elliott11.25
Mitchell Beby11.48
Daniel Beby11.49
Tarren Elliott11.55
Scott Elliott11.56
Skye Wildman12.17
Sharee Jackson14.26PB22secs
Sari Jenkins14.38
Carissa Morgan14.47PB5secs
Janelle Morgan14.48
Patrick Wade16.28
Katie Patyus16.55
Harper Blewitt17.00New
Chris Blewitt17.01
Emma Patyus17.02
Victoria Fleming19.15PB20secs
Makayla Wade19.23
Chris Wade19.24

3.5 Kilometres event
Rhys Flood13.31PB23secs
Jaylah Hancock-Cameron13.39PB30secs
Adrian Connor15.03
Kobe Jenkins16.25
Callum Elliott17.04PB21secs
Kylie Young17.10PB22secs
James Dickinson18.01
Michelle Dolphin19.03PB62secs
Ben Jenkins20.10
Kim Young21.16
Annie Johnsen21.49
Bradley Lunn22.57
Cameron Lunn23.46
Richard Fisher27.40
Sue Christie28.34
Robyn Kennedy29.06

5 Kilometres event

Dan Lloyd-Jones19.26
Scott Carver20.01
Kellen Lenehan21.09PB3secs
Matt Lambert21.14
Jo Flood21.56
Gary Ashton23.30
Dave Connaughton23.39
Greg Flood24.44
Deb Connaughton27.12
Mike Kennedy33.19

53 starters

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