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Thursday, September 25, 2014

24 September 2014


2 Kilometre event

Hugh Wignell9.23
Jill Brown10.19
Zac Van Weerdenburg11.01
Joe Van Weerdenburg11.02
Jessica Flood11.05
Ellie Van Weerdenburg11.13PB
Leah Leggott12.03PB
Jayada Edwards13.48
Pauline Hicks14.00PB
Hayley Edwards14.46
Catherine Jeffries15.00
David McCann15.58
Deb Waser16.54PB
Carissa Morgan19.08PB
Steve Morgan19.08PB
Lily Van Weerdenburg19.54
Melissa Van Weerdenburg19.54

3.5 Kilometre event

Aaron flood17.11
Greg Flood17.18
Ashley Leggott18.05
Mike Kennedy20.57
Janelle Morgan22.03

5 Kilometre event

Perry Wignell21.40
Matt Lambert22.35
Rhys Flood23.19
Jo Flood23.27
Dave Connaughton24.07
Paige Connaughton24.58
Gerard Van Weerdenburg25.03
Nev Madden26.13
Deb Connaughton26.36
John Hicks29.09
Matt Edwards30.11
Richard Fisher47.05

34 starters

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

17 September 2014

This evening we had 38 runners and walkers.  There were 9 personal best times.  The conditions were excellent for running.

We welcomed new starters Carissa and Steve Morgan.

The numbers were down because of a local school disco and other end of term activities.  It is a question of priorities, as young athletes need to be in top shape for dancing!

The star of the evening was Michele McPherson, who slashed 135 seconds off her PB in the 3.5 kilometre event.  This is remarkable as she only recently gave birth and this is her first run back.  What a great role model for young mothers getting back in to active sport.BROULEE RUNNERS RESULTS

2 Kilometre event
Ashley Leggott8.25PB
Claudia Hannan8.38
Wade McDonald8.49PB
Ziggy Clare8.52
Zed Clare9.13PB
Jonas Kew9.14
Foxx McGeachy9.26
Aidan Jay10.24
Summer McGeachy10.28
Travis McGeachy10.33
Andrew Leggott11.56
Ellie Van Weerdenburg12.15PB
Deanne Ison12.34
Tabitha Kew12.37
Jayda Edwards12.48PB
Leah Leggott12.54
Cameron Leggott12.56
Hayley Edwards13.20PB
Jenny Kew13.23PB
Patrick Wade14.04
Chris Wade14.06
Deb Waser17.55PB
Carissa Morgan 19.58
Steve Morgan19.59

3.5 Kilometre event
Aaron flood16.05
Matthew Edwards17.03
Greg Flood17.48
Michelle McPherson19.51PB
Robyn Kennedy25.01

5 Kilometre event
Scott Carver19.42
Matt Lambert22.43
Dave Connaughton23.50
Paige Connaughton24.56
Rory Hogg26.43
Jasper Motyko26.50
Deb Connaughton27.21
Simon Wall29.01
Mike Kennedy32.02

38 starters

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

10 September 2014

This evening we had 48 starters and we welcomed Oscar Tweedie, Pauline Hicks, Deb Waser and Kendall Barnes. We had a very impressive 9 personal best times from our regular runners.

Our numbers are steadily climbing as more become aware that the event is a community activity for the young and old regardless of whether you are a serious athlete or a casual walker.

With the approaching Moruya fun run coming up at the end of October, hopefully the run will inspire people to come and test themselves out prior to the event. Everyone welcome.

The star of this evening was Jo Flood, who was awarded her 30 run shirt.  Jo is a very competitive athlete and she is expected to perform very well in the Moruya Fun Run.  Her family of 3 boys and daughter Jessica, with husband Greg, are regular runners with the group.

See you all next Wednesday at 4.30pm.

2 Kilometre event
Travis Fairweather​8.27
Kobie Jenkins​8.40
Hugh Wignell​8.45
Zed Clair​9.17​PB
Foxx McGeachy​9.21​PB
Travis McGeachy​9.22​PB
Wade McDonald​9.36
Leila Patyus​9.37
Aidan Jay​10.01
Summer McGeachy​10.08
Jasmine Newans-McIntyre​10.35​PB
Cameron Lunn​11.05​PB
Eden Faulkner-Kew​11.05
Sandra Lunn​11.36
Caroline McDonald​11.44
Cameron Leggott​11.44​PB
Ashley Leggott​11.49
Ruby Connor​12.06
Oscar Tweedie​12.23
Kim Wignell​12.54
Ellie Van Weerdenburg​12.54​PB
Klaye Van Weerdenburg​12.54
Melissa Van Weerdenburg​12.55​PB
Ziggy Clare​14.35
Charlie Samsa​14.36
Patrick Wade​15.51
Chris Wade​15.51
David McCann​16.46
Andy Samsa​18.33
Katie McDonald​19.21
Stella Lloyd-Jones​19.24
Pauline Hicks​19.25
Deb Waser​19.25
Katie Patyus​20.50
Emma Patyus​20.53

3.5 Kilometre event
Adrian Connor​16.36
Bradley Lunn​19.29
Robyn Kennedy​26.22

5 Kilometre event
Dan Lloyd-Jones​19.27
Scott Carver​19.46
Perry Wignell​20.25
Jo Flood​23.02
Aaron Flood​24.44​PB
Dave Connaughton​24.51
Kendall Barnes​25.19
Deb Connaughton​26.10
Paige Connaughton​26.12
Mike Kennedy​32.48

48 starters

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

3 September 2014

The wind and cold weather did not deter 31 people from participating in this weeks event. The Broulee Runners is a real family affair as there were thirteen family groupings. The Flood family stole the show with 5 members.

There were 5 personal best times and we welcomed Haley and Matt Edwards and Travis McGeachy.

The star of the night was Lucy Jones, who ran a personal best in the 3.5 kilometres to beat her father by 1 second.

With the upcoming Moruya Town to surf at the end of next month, come along and get some training in. It would be great to have a big contingent of Broulee runners turn up and enter this wonderful community event.

2 Kilometre event

Travis Fairweather​8.17​PB
Zed Clair​9.28​PB
Hayden Fairweather​9.37​PB
Foxx McGeachy​9.40
Leila Patyus​9.41
Ziggy Clare​9.55
Summer McGeachy​10.14
Travis McGeachy​10.18
Jasmine Newans-McIntyre​11.40
Jessica Flood​11.48
Sean Flood​11.49
Ellie Van Weerdenburg​13.42
Hayley Edwards​13.59
Jayda Edwards​14.13
Melissa Van Weerdenburg​14.14
Patrick Wade​15.45
Chris Wade​15.45
Katie Patyus​19.09
Emma Patyus​19.10

3.5 Kilometre event

Rhys Flood​15.05
Aaron flood​16.09
Greg Flood​17.41
Ashley Leggott​17.59​PB
Lucy Jones​19.13​PB
Marty Jones​19.14
Robyn Kennedy​25.01

5 Kilometre event

Matt Lambert​23.19
Dave Connaughton​24.50
Paige Connaughton​25.10
Matt Edwards​26.44
Deb Connaughton​27.34
Mike Kennedy​34.52

32 starters