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Thursday, October 31, 2013

30 October 2013

Another strong turnout this week for the Broulee runners. The weather was finally kind and quite a few Pbs were made. Well done all.
A big congratulations again to 20 of our participants that competed in the town to surf last Sunday. A special mention to the following who placed in their respective categories:

Under 13 Males
Klaye Van Weergenburg 1st

Women's 13-17
Paige Connaughton 1st
Isabelle Starmer 2nd

Women's 18-29
Emma Robbins 3rd

Men's 30-39
Dan Lloyd Jones 1st

Women's 40-49
Jo Flood 3rd

See you all next week at 5pm.

2 Kilometre event

Sean Flood7.22
Shayne Hargraves8.22
Ruby Fuller9.18
Meg Phillips9.18
Hugh Wignell9.28
Hannah Campbell9.42
Lily Grima10.49
Kim Wignell11.11
Michelle Connor12.14
Jessica Food12.33
Aaron Flood12.34

3.5 Kilometre event

Klaye Van Weerdenburg14.28
Jasmin Fuller17.49
Nicholas Hogg19.55
Harry Smith20.10
Kirsty Campbell20.44
Oscar Fuller22.12
Richard Fisher25.40
Cathren Whiting28.40

5 Kilometre event

Corey Powers20.32
Scott Carver20.37
Oscar Starmer22.28
Gary Ashton22.47
David Connaughton24.19
Justin Loutitt24.28
Isabel Starmer24.56
Simon Fearn25.22
Emma Robbins25.42
Greg Flood25.59
Paige Connaughton26.54
Ross Hayward27.02
Deb Connaughton27.23
Mike Kennedy30.28
Lawrie Ashton31.48

34 starters

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Moruya town to surf

Congratulations to all the Broulee runners who competed in the town to surf today. Will post some of our place getters later in week.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

23 October 2013

Once again trying conditions were present for this weeks run, 28 degrees and a hot NW wind blowing. However, a fantastic turnout showed up, some preparing for the upcoming town to surf in Moruya this Sunday.
Was great to see Cory (pictured) come in first in the 5km event this week. Cory is an American exchange student who is attending Moruya High and has been staying with Cathren Whiting and her family.
Good luck to all participants in the fun run, will look forward to hearing how you go.
See you all next week at 5pm.

2 Kilometre event

Sean Flood7.45
Rhys Flood7.53
Shayne Hargraves8.33
Hugh Wignell9.57
Takiya Norris10.25
Dan Lloyd-Jones12.12
Stella Lloyd-Jones12.11
Meg Phillips14.22
Ruby Fuller14.22

3.5 Kilometre event

Oscar Fuller18.06
Aaron Flood18.10
Ross Hayward19.25
Mike Kennedy20.08
Caroline McDonald21.03
Nicholas Hogg21.20
Lisa Robbins25.50
Robyn Kennedy29.38
Richard Fisher30.00
Cathren Whiting30.03

5 Kilometre event

Cory Power21.25
Matt Lambert21.54
Gary Ashton23.29
Oscar Starmer24.52
David Connaughton24.58
Isabel Starmer26.44
Simon Fearn26.49
Paige Connaughton26.54
Deb Connaughton27.52
Emma Robbins28.18
Samantha Law31.33
Lawrie Ashton33.51

31 starters

Monday, October 21, 2013

16 October 2013

Once again a very warm afternoon greeted our runners. We had a great turnout of 31 participants and is wonderful to see so many people of all ages and fitness levels turning up.
See you all next week at 5pm. Everyone welcome.

2 Kilometre event

Shayne Hargraves8.50
Hugh Wignell9.25
Lily Grima11.04
Kim Wignell12.22
Stella Lloyd-Jones17.10
Jessica Flood17.18
Rhys Flood18.18

3.5 Kilometre event

Kai Sparrius15.54
Aaron Flood17.23
Jasmin Fuller19.09
Oscar Fuller19.20
Tessa Muskett23.14
Robyn Kennedy24.50
Cathren Whiting30.26

5 Kilometre event

Dan Lloyd-Jones19.07
Cory Power19.27
Matt Lambert22.45
Gary Ashton22.59
Jo Flood23.30
Oscar Starmer24.51
Isabel Starmer25.36
Paige Connaughton25.59
David Connaughton26.01
Sean Flood26.20
Greg Flood26.28
Emma Robbins28.14
Ross Hayward28.26
Deb Connaughton28.41
Mike Kennedy30.16
Thomas Lene32.53
Karyn Starmer34.43

31 starters

9 October 2013

An extremely hot afternoon greeted the Broulee runners this week. A north westerly wind picked up just after we headed off . A great effort to all who battled on. Is always nice to see the Flood family turn up run together. Don't forget with the start of daylight savings we are now meeting at 5pm. See you next week, everyone welcome.

2 Kilometre event

Jessica Flood15.46
Sean Flood15.46
Kye Dworcowyi15.56
Nicole Lesslie15.56
Chey Dworcowyi17.03

3.5 Kilometre event

Jasman Fuller19.44
Ross Hayward20.15
Karyn Starmer22.32
Oscar Fuller22.49
Nicholas Hogg22.49
Richard Fisher26.44
Cathren Whiting32.55

5 Kilometre event

Matt Lambert22.14
Cory Power21.07
Oscar Starmer25.31
David Connaughton25.47
Simon Fearn26.45
Thea Zimple26.56
Justin Loutitt27.09
Greg Flood27.39
Isabel Starmer28.16
Mike Kennedy29.28
Deb Connaughton29.33
Rhys Flood30.04
Jo Flood30.05
Aaron Flood31.56
Paige Connaughton32.38

27 starters

Saturday, October 5, 2013

2 October 2013

We had 32 starters this week braving the big gusts of wind which was either a help or a hindrance depending on which stage of the course you were at.
Was great to see Aidrian and Michelle Connor turn up after their holiday to Uluru (which by the way Aidrian ran around the sacred rock and was a distance of 9.6 kms).
We welcomed a few visitors on holidays, was lovely meeting you hope to see you next holiday.
With the beginning of daylight saving this weekend we will start next week at 5pm, hope to see you there.
                                          2 Kilometre event

Hugh Wignell9.00
Hannah Campbell9.10
Hallie Wignell9.50
Ruby Graham9.50
Nina McLachlan10.00
Michelle Connor10.20
Kim Wignell11.05
Kristen McLachlan11.05
Stella Lloyd-Jones11.20
Hugo Hayward11.20
Katie Kennedy12.00
Lily McLachlan12.30
Liza Lloyd-Jones20.04
Bonnie Lloyd-Jones20.04
Monty Lloyd-Jones20.04
Joxti Lloyd-Jones20.12
Sophie Lloyd-Jones20.12

3.5 Kilometre event

Deb Connaughton19.01
Tessa Muskett21.59
Richard Fisher26.58

5 Kilometre event

Dan Lloyd-Jones19.50
Heath McLachlan21.10
Adrian Connor22.57
Josh Connaughton23.01
Gary Ashton23.06
Dave Connaughton24.50
Simon Fearn26.16
Thomas Lene28.03
Mike Kennedy30.58
Sophie Hodge31.33
Kate Hodge31.33
Robyn Kennedy46.30

32 starters