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Thursday, October 25, 2012

wednesday 24th october 2012

Firstly, good luck to all the Broulee Runners who will be taking part in the fun run in Moruya this Sunday - will see you all there with your Broulee Runners tshirts on! 

Happy tapering to Robyn.

Results for today's run:

2 km:  Kye Dworcowyi - 9.29, Leila Patyus - 12.15 (PB by 68 seconds), Emma Patyus - 12.18, Chey Dworcowyi - 21.13, Leah Rigby - 21.13, Rebecca Rigby - 22.02.

3.5 km:  Abbey McDonald - 18.33, Deb Connaughton - 19.21, Nicholas Hogg - 20.48 (PB by 10 seconds), Ellie Prow - 21.06, Karyn Starmer - 21.59, Roger Britten - 24.45, Catherine Jeffrey - 25.45.

5 km:  Daniel Hogg - 20.37, Robbie Hogg - 21.54 (PB by 4 seconds), Gary Ashton - 21.55, Oscar Starmer - 22.44 (PB by 56 seconds), Matt Lambert - 23.28, Liza Martini - 23.38, Simon Fearn - 23.58, Dan Lloyd-Jones - 24.09, Taryn Carver - 24.16, Scott Rigby - 24.27, Dave Connaughton - 24.29, Ross Hayward - 26.31, Paige Connaugthon - 26.38, Isabelle Starmer - 26.57 (PB by 62 seconds), Cath Prow - 27.33 (PB by 35 seconds).

Thursday, October 18, 2012

record number of runners

A record number of runners this afternoon.  Thank you to Mike, Ross and Deb for recording all the times.

Reminder that the 8 km fun run is on next Sunday (28th October) in Moruya.  We look forward to seeing the sea of runners in their Broulee Runners Tshirts!

Here are today's results:

2 km run:  Kye Dworcowye - 9.21, Anthony Smith - 9.57, Wade McDonald - 12.39, Aiden Jay - 13.01, Abbey McDonald - 13.02, Karen Gilmore - 14.34, Chey Dworcowyi - 16.47, Jono Hosking - 17.31, Scott Rigby - 17.31, Leah Rigby - 17.51, Rebecca Rigby - 20.44, Scott Rigby - 24.08.

3.5 km run:  Ellen Hosking - 16.51, Jill Brown - 18.57, Deb Connaughton - 19.15, Lee Loutitt - 21.22 (PB by 33 seconds), Nicholas Hogg - 21.52, Robyn Kennedy - 27.39.

5 km run:  Daniel Hogg - 20.32, Robbie Hogg - 21.58, Gary Ashton - 22.00, Oscar Starmer - 23.40 (PB by 10 seconds), Matt Lambert - 23.46, Dave Connaughton - 23.47, Liza Martini - 23.54, Simon Fearn - 24.00 - 24.00, Taryn Carver - 24.01, Sue Lindsay - 26.17 (PB by 27 seconds), Jeni Greenland - 26.58, Cath Prow - 28.08 (PB by 12 seconds), Justin Loutitt - 29.18, Isabelle Starmer - 29.44, Karyn Starmer - 33.08 (PB by 70 seconds), Dan Lloyd-Jones - 34.33.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

wednesday's results: october 10th 2012

Today's results:

2 km run:  Kye Dworcowyi - 9.08, Anthony Smith - 11.33, Chey Dworcowyi - 17.40, Scott Rigby (jnr) - 17.40, Leah Rigby - 18.13, Rebecca Rigby - 19.18.

3.5 km run:  Deb Connaughton - 18.50, Robyn Kennedy - 28.02.

5 km run:  Dan Lloyd-Jones - 21.43, Dave Connaughton - 23.22, Simon Fearn - 24.01, Taryn Carver - 24.15, Greg Leach - 25.14, David Leach - 25.18, Paige Connaughton - 25.31, Kim Pidcock - 25.33, Scott Rigby (snr) - 25.43, Mike Kennedy - 28.14, Kath Prow - 28.20.

Robyn's birthday

Happy Birthday to you Robyn Kennedy 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

results for wednesday 3rd october 2012

2 km run:  Kye Dworcowyi - 9.06, Chey Dworcowyi - 14.21

3.5 km:  Mike Kennedy - 19.14, Catherine Jeffrey - 22.36, Robyn Kennedy - 28.35

5 km:   Josh Connaughton - 21.18 (PB by 27 seconds), Dan Lloyd-Jones - 21.27, Gary Aston - 21.42, Adrian Connor - 22.55, Dave Connaugton - 23.23, Todd Stewart - 24.26, Kim Pidcock - 25.48, Simon Fearn = 25.56, Paige Connaughton - 26.13.

Dave's ultra report - 100 km run

I ran my first ever 100km on Saturday – the Surf Coast Century (  This is a fabulous race set around Anglesea in Southern Victoria – just off the Great Ocean Road.  I finished in 9:43 and placed third!  Met all of my objectives (finishing, getting the sub 13 hour 1 litre beer mug and going under 10 hours) so very very happy!

For a while I had been wondering about going longer.  My longest races had been Six Foot Track, Brindabella Classic and Deep Space Marathon, so nothing over 60km.  We have wanted to take the family down to the great Ocean Road for a while so when I saw the inaugural Surf Coast Century (a relatively easy 100km) on during school holidays I realised this would be the perfect opportunity.

So, fast forward to race weekend….

Leg 1 is run along the beach from Anglesea to Torquay (an easy 21km) passing the famous Bells Beach at 15km.  This was almost entirely along the beaches under the towering cliffs.  Fortunately it was low tide so the sand was mostly hard packed.  The only tricky bits were rock hopping around some of the headlands on the exposed reef and rock pools.  Talk about a beautiful run.  Weather was perfect cool and sunny with only a light breeze.  I set out easy and let the front runners take off into the distance.  I was terribly slow on the rock hopping parts not wanting to damage an ankle or take too much out of my legs.  I completed the 21 km for Leg 1 in 1:46.  Sue and the kids met me at the aid station where I had a quick change of socks/shoes, refuelled and took off.  I had no idea what place I was in and didn’t really care.

Leg 2 was a more undulating 28km across the cliff tops back from Torquay to Anglesea.  It was part of the Surf Coastal Walk and started with fairly wide gravelly paths but got into some sweet single track as we got to the Ironbark Basin area. At about 40 km I ran with Steve Johnson (who was 2nd at the Bush Capital 63 km) for a bit.  We had a chuckle at our slow marathon time.  Steve was feeling the heat and not having a good time so I left him and continued on the four wheel drive tracks that then joined back up with the Surf Coast Walk.  At the latter stages of this leg I was walking any uphills and deliberately keeping my pace down.  I finished the leg in 2:33 – entering the halfway point (well 49km) in 4:21.  Still no idea what place – Sue knew I was in third position but did not share (for fear I may overdo the next leg).

Leg 3 took us inland into the Cape Otway National Park.  It started with a scramble under a bridge – literally crawling on my stomach and headed away from Anglesea into the bush on a large four wheel drive track.  It was quite hot and exposed and I was glad Sue had insisted on sunblocking my neck and ears.  Over the first 10km of this leg there several climbs up to the top of Mt Ingoldsby and the “Heartbreak Hill” – neither of which were that high but reasonably steep so I walked most of the climbs.  Entering a singletrack surrounded by wildflowers the track then took us to a Trig Point at an elevation of about 250m at the 67 km point.  I ran short of water at this point and was happy to reach an aid station at 70km.  There I refilled and was very surprised when I was told that I was in third position amongst the solo competitors.  The next 7 km were quite slow as I walk / ran up another couple of climbs and was very happy to reach my support crew at the Moggs Creek Aid station.  That 28 km took me 2:56 to complete.  I was completely in unknown territory now.  My support team looked after me well at that aid station – forcing food into me and got me ready for the last 23 km.

Leg 4 started with more climbs and single track which opened out into an amazing view over Aireys Inlet and the lighthouse there.  We had climbed to the top of it the day before while doing a bit of a reccie of the course.  I felt a whole lot better during this leg though kept looking over my shoulder to see if I could see another solo runner.  I was passed by a team of 2 competitor who offered to pace me to the finish at 5:30 pace which I told him I could not match so he gradually disappeared ahead.  Another scramble under a bridge – not easy after 85km on your legs and I was at the final aid station and received cheery support from my wife and kids.  I ran most of the way to the lighthouse at 86km and then onto the Surf Coast Walk again which headed back to Anglesea and the race finish.  Hitting 90km I began to count the kms down.  There was a 3.5km stretch along a beach just short of Anglesea – this time not at low tide which was a bit tough on the legs.  It seemed to go on forever but I finally reached the end and joined the Surf Coast walk again.  I had a minor panic with 2km to go where I was confused by course markings but was very relieved to see the Anglesea SLSC and hit the beach for the final time.  Ellen and Anna ran with me for the final 400m and I crossed the line in 9 hours and 43 minutes in third position!  First was Rowan Walker in a super quick 8:25.  Jonathan Worswick was second in 9:10.  Steve Johnson came in fourth in 9:59.

Big thanks to Sue, Jono, Ellen and Anna for cheering me on and supporting me so well.  The course was amazing, well marked, provisioned and  the whole race extremely well organised - I would thoroughly recommend it for next year.  Not sure what I will do next yet but now one is out of the way I am sure I will try another 100km (+) sometime in the future.