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Thursday, February 25, 2016

24 February 2016

Even over 30-degree heat did not deter 33 people contesting the three events on offer to the Broulee Runners.

Leo Weymans and Anthony Smith recorded personal best times well done to you both.

The event is for any age and ability as babies in their mother arms come along together with people in their seventies, and people training for upcoming running events participate. 

See you all next Wednesday at 5pm.

Pictured are our 30 run recipients Mark Lavender and Riley Beby

2 Kilometre event

Riley Nimmo8.02
Ava Weymans8.13
Julian Nimmo8.30
Leo Weymans9.02
Paul Weymans9.04
Maxine Plant14.16
Naomi Nimmo14.24
Monty Lloyd-Jones15.41
Victoria Fleming16.22
Patrick Wade18.21
Stella Lloyd-Jones21.46
Leah Rigby21.47
Rachael Wade26.45
Makayla Wade27.17

3.5 Kilometres event

Rhys Flood15.16
Jo Flood15.38
Anthony Smith17.29
Johnny Olver18.14
David McCann26.10
Richard Fisher35.33

5 Kilometres event

Dan Lloyd-Jones19.26
Matt Lambert21.57
Scott Rigby22.47
Andrew McPherson23.09
Dennis Olver24.02
Gary Ashton24.42
Nev Madden24.59
Dave Connaughton26.10
Greg Flood26.15
Mark Lavender27.29
Deb Connaughton28.45
Mike Kennedy36.37
Kirsty Campbell36.58

33 starters

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

17 February 2016

In excellent conditions 47 starters participated in Wednesday event.  

Personal best times were recorded by Maxine Plant, Ava and Leanne Weymans, Amelia Tomson and Mark Lavender. Well done to you all.

A number of the younger runners are training for Broulee Primary School Fun run, which will be held on the beach at South Broulee on 26 February.  So go along and enjoy some excercise and fun all for a good cause.

Ziggy Clare, who recorded the fastest time in the 2 kilometres, ran without shoes to prepare himself for this event.

Makayla Wade (pictured with mum and dad) was awarded her 30 run shirt this evening. This is remarkable as she is not yet 5 years old.  She comes regularly with her mother, father and brother.

See you all next Wednesday at 5pm.

2 Kilometre event

Ziggy Clare7.41
Riley Nimmo8.33
Mitchell Beby9.48
Daniel Beby9.48
Riley Beby10.13
Jill Brown10.44
Flynn Pratt11.52
Hannah Campbell11.57
Jake Pratt12.46
Sean Pratt12.47
Maxine Plant13.06
Carissa Morgan14.32
Janelle Morgan14.33
Stella Lloyd-Jones16.16
Monty Lloyd-Jones16.28
Makayla Wade16.58
Jessica Campbell17.19
Bonnie Lloyd-Jones17.53
Victoria Fleming17.54
Roz Hayward17.55
Lisa Lloyd-Jones18.24
Michelle Mitchell18.56
Hugo Mitchell18.57
Rachael Wade 19.04
Poppy Mitchell19.06
Luke Mitchell19.07
Patrick Wade20.29

3.5 Kilometres event

Rhys Flood13.59
Ava Weymans16.41
Leanne Weymans16.49
Ross Hayward19.56
Amelia Tomson20.55
Riley Campbell22.04
Kirsty Campbell22.19
Kim Young23.55
Chris Wade25.48
Robyn Kennedy26.34
David McCann29.41

5 Kilometres event

Matt Lambert21.32
Andrew McPherson22.05
Jo Flood22.45
Scott Rigby23.16
Mark Lavender23.57
Nev Madden24.05
Dave Connaughton25.26
Greg Flood25.45
Deb Connaughton27.51
Mike Kennedy35.14

47 starters

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

10 February 2016

The evening of 10 February marked the 9th anniversary of the Broulee Runners.  The first run was held on 7 February 2007 attracted 8 starters over 5 kilometres.

A decision was made to add shorter distances so in September 2008 a 3.5 kilometres distance was included and in October 2010 a 2 kilometres course was offered.
The latter inclusion was a master stroke as it opened the door to a wide range of people and is by far the most popular as it allows people to run or walk without being conspicuous and of course enjoy the event.

This evening is the 435th run and of these Dave Connaughton has completed 314.

This evening we had 44 starters and 6 personal best times recorded.

All competitors celebrated after the run with a birthday cake.

2 Kilometre event

Jaylah Hancock Cameron7.10
Rhys Flood7.37
Kyle Young9.17
Riley Beby9.21
Flynn Pratt9.42
Mitchell Beby9.49
Daniel Beby9.50
Hannah Campbell10.50
Jake Pratt11.20
Sean Pratt11.25
Caroline McDonald11.47
Monty Lloyd-Jones11.54
Leah Rigby13.39
Katie McDonald14.30
Maxine Plant14.45
Jessica Campbell16.22
Roz Hayward19.06
Victoria Fleming19.06
Bonnie Lloyd-Jones20.35
Lisa Lloyd-Jones21.33
Declan McPherson24.40
Nina McPherson26.50
Michelle McPherson26.51

3.5 Kilometres event

Gary Ashton16.16
Anthony Smith17.46
Kylie Young20.02
Ross Hayward20.36
Riley Campbell21.17
Kirsty Campbell21.18
Kim Young23.11
Cara Young24.47
Libby Buttress25.06
Mike Kennedy25.10

5 Kilometres event

Dan Lloyd-Jones20.56
Matt Lambert21.52
Scott Rigby22.44
Adrian Connor24.02
Mark Lavender24.17
Andrew McPherson24.41
Dennis Olver24.56
Dave Connaughton25.04
Greg Flood25.30
Deb Connaughton27.16
Amelia Tomson32.36

44 starters

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

3 February 2016

Due to having a week away am a little late posting last week's times, as the old saying goes better late than never.

Don't forget our birthday run is tomorrow so come along have a run and maybe some cake.

See you all at 5pm.

2 Kilometre event

Rhys Flood​6.52
Ava Weymans​8.00
Leanne Weymans​8.11
Kyle Young​8.26
Riley Beby​8.45
Daniel Beby​8.47
Jasmine Blake​9.29
Leah Rigby​9.48
Alex Young​9.53
Flynn Pratt​10.06
Lilly Olver​10.47
Olivia Blake​10.57
Stella Lloyd-Jones​11.07
Monty Lloyd-Jones​11.13
Caroline McDonald​11.21
Jake Pratt​11.22
Sean Pratt​11.26
Hannah Campbell​11.43
Christopher Wade​12.02
Cameron Blake​12.52
Katie McDonald​13.17
Cara Young​13.44
Gabbi Blake​13.49
Carissa Morgan​14.00
Janelle Morgan​14.01
Richard Fisher​15.38
Libby Buttress​16.07
Victoria Fleming​16.19
Matt Goddard​16.43
Jess Campbell​16.44
Riley Campbell​16.44
Kirsty Campbell​16.46
Makayla Wade​19.01
Rachael Wade​19.18
Mitchell Beby​19.23
Michelle Beby​20.58
Ashlee Beby​20.59

3.5 Kilometres event

Nicholas Goddard​17.52
Johnny Olver​17.55
Anthony Smith​17.57
Michelle McPherson​20.19
Amelia Tomson​21.57
David McCann​29.08

5 Kilometres event

Dan Lloyd-Jones​20.30
Matt Lambert​21.30
Dennis Olver​22.40
Scott Rigby​22.58
Jo Flood​23.10
Mark Lavender​24.43
Adrian Connor​25.06
Greg Flood​25.18
Gaileen Light​47.24
Bev Dickson​47.24

53 starters