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Saturday, January 23, 2010

wednesday's run

Results for the 5 km run: Oliver Polland - 18.31, Geoff Hawke - 19.03, Jamie Hawke - 19.47, Nev Madden - 23.07, James Golds - 23.20, Liza Martini - 23.35, Brendan Stewart - 23.50, Dave Connaughton - 24.37, Brian Pololen - 25.20, Mike Kennedy - 25.48, Toni Brown - 28.05, Catherine Molan - 29.08. 3.5 km run: Jill Brown - 18.24, Annie Johnsen - 21.30.

Intervals at Captain Oldrey on Tuesday - AUSTRALIA DAY - at 7 am.

Monday, January 18, 2010

sunday training

A fabulous training run for all. Well done to Mike who ran to the end of Percy Davis Dr and Jill on her long run too. Nev and Liza ran a solid 19km at 4.53 pace!

Friday, January 15, 2010

weston creek events - 14th march

Several of us are competing in the Weston Creek Half Marathon on Sunday 14th March. The annual race starts and finishes at Black Mountain Peninsula. There is also the option of a relay team comprising of 2 or 3 runners! (2 legs x 10.55 km or 3 legs x 7 km and 7.1 km). Let Mike know if you're keen on competing or coming along to help support the Broulee crew.

Entry forms are online and it's a 7.30 am start.

sunday long run

Long run planned for Sunday down 'no name' street - meeting at Liza's at 6am.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

long interval session - friday - all welcome

Friday at 7am at Captain Oldrey Park for a long interval session - thanks to Nev for organised this. All are welcome! Hope to see you there.

wednesday's run

Another big night with 15 starters. Fortunately we were finished just before the welcome rain!
Geoff Hawke had the fastest time in the 5km this week and Catherine Molan showed a 30 second improvement, also in the 5km. Congratulations to Jill Brown who achieved a PB in the 3.5km.

Results for this week:

5km run: Geoff Hawke - 19.34, Matt Klopak - 21.05, Robert Beadsmore - 21.20, Tim Farrelly - 21.55, Will Clark - 22.21, Will Golds - 22.45, Nev Madden - 23.49, Roger Klopak - 24.00, James Golds - 24.50, Lachlan Stewart - 25.07, Tom Clark - 25.19, Elliot Golds - 26.40, Catherine Molan - 29.06.

3.5km run: Jill Brown - 18.07, Annie Johnsen - 25.00.

Well done to all who competed.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

sunday loooonnnnnng run

Was a long run this morning for Mike, Nev and Liza on the 'brother' run of 30 kms, though I can think of other words to describe the run. Jill put in a fine effort too. Hot week ahead in our local paradise. Thanks Nev and Jill for timing this Wednesday :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

city to surf 2010

Looks like there are a few Broule Runners considering the C2S 2010 - Kim, Anita, Catherine, Nev .......

wednesday's run

Wednesday night we had 16 starters - 14 in the 5km and 2 in the 3.5km.

5 km times: Matt Johnsen 16.32 (record), Benedict Aungles 19.12, Tim Gold 19.19, Geoff Hawke 19.30, Vincent Aungles 20.57, Roger Klopak 21.50, Mark Buttifant 22.26, Liza Martini 23.01, James Gold 23.47, Harry Buttifant 25.49, Mike Kennedy 26.08, Phil Aungles 26.09, Dave Connaughton 29.10, Catherine Molan 29.41.

3.5 km times: Maddie Buttifant 20.25, Annie Johnsen 20.35.

Monday, January 4, 2010

fartlek session

Thanks to Nev for co-ordinating the fartlek session at Captain Oldrey Park this afternoon for those of us brave enough (or stupid enough) to give the beach a miss. Ouch.

Wednesday afternoon 5pm at the anchor for the timed 3km or 5km run.

See you there.