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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

23 September 2015

School holidays and the arctic winds kept the numbers down this evening.  Nevertheless 36 brave souls faced the starter.  All the quality was in the 2 kilometres event as there were 9 personal times.  We welcomed three new members in the Bell family of Matilda, Isaac and Emma.

Sandra and Stephanie Lunn were awarded their 30 run shirts. They are pictured with the rest of the family Cameron, Bridget and Bradley.

Paige Connaughton made an appearance whilst on holidays from her studies in Melbourne.

See you next Wednesday at 4.30pm.

2 Kilometre event

Jorja Powhiro6.51PB
Riley Beby8.56
Cameron Lunn9.00PB
Aiden Kay9.07
Kristen Kay9.57PB
Sandra Lunn10.18PB
Alex Young11.19
Matilda Bell11.42New
Caroline McDonald11.45
Greg McDonald11.45PB
Mitchell Beby12.17
Pauline Hicks12.55PB
David McCann13.47PB
Katie McDonald14.32
Patrick Wade14.36
Eva Barker14.44
Makayla Wade16.47
Chris Wade16.49
Richard Fisher17.25
Ashley Beby17.58PB
Michelle Beby17.59PB
Isaac Bell18.09New
Emma Bell18.10New

3.5 Kilometres event
Bridget Lunn17.54
Stephanie Lunn18.57
Bradley Lunn20.58
Kim Young21.57
Kyle Young24.00
Cara Young26.03

5 Kilometres event
Daniel Beby17.10
Dan Lloyd-Jones21.05
Matt Lambert22.02
Dave Connaughton25.22
Kylie Young25.51
Deb Connaughton28.07
Paige Connaughton28.28

36 starters

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

16 September 2015

The conditions this evening were good for fast running as we had 8 personal best times from the 66 enthusiastic starters.  It was family night with the new 15 people; we welcomed 4 members of the Kay family, 3 from the Blake family, 3 from the Parkin family and 3 from the Walsh family.  We also welcomed Luke Mitchell and James Macintyre.

Daniel Beby, who won the Moruya fun run, backed up to record a very fast time in the 5 kilometres.  Adrian Conner (pictured)recorded his 100th run this evening.  Adrian had his first run on 9 March 2011 and he has improved rapidly since that beginning and now he competes in long distance triathlons.

Pictured are all our runners that competed in the town to surf last weekend, well done to you all.

2 Kilometre event
Indhi Filmer7.25PB
Taj Pendelbury7.31
Hugh Wignell7.48
Will Stone8.54
Alice Burgun-Boucher9.02
Sam Blake9.09New
Riley Beby9.33
Riley Campbell9.52
Jasmine Newans10.17PB
Aimee Walsh10.21New
Sandra Lunn10.23PB
Kirsty Campbell10.23PB
Ann Salmon10.45
Kim Blake10.51New
Kim Young11.12
Dylan Walsh12.03New
Abby Parkin12.12New
Georgie Parkin12.16New
Kim Parkin12.26New
Connor Kay12.31New
Kristen Kay12.32New
Hannah Campbell12.42
Cara Young12.47PB
Sue Christie12.49
Pauline Hicks12.57PB
Kim Wignell13.56
David McCann14.03
Patrick Wade15.13
Carissa Morgan15.36
Mitchell Morgan15.36
Makayla Wade17.04
Chris Wade17.06
Roz Hayward18.13
Declan McPherson22.23
Poppy Mitchell24.45
Hugo Mitchell24.46
Luke Mitchell24.46New
Andrew McPherson24.49
Nina McPherson24.49

3.5 Kilometres event
Adrian Connor15.11
Christian Filmer15.18PB
Cameron Lunn18.17
Aiden Kay18.29New
Finn Kay18.43New
Stephanie Lunn19.15
Meggs Dyason19.18
Lotte Morel19.40
Annie Johnsen22.21
Mike Kennedy24.13

5 Kilometres event

Daniel Beby17.08
Kellen Lenehan21.10
James Macintyre21.58New
Rhys Flood22.01
Jo Flood22.04
Michelle Mitchell23.49
Mark Lavender24.00PB
Dave Connaughton24.05
Greg Flood24.39
Scott Senior25.32
Kylie Young26.30
Jackson Blake26.51New
Kyle Young26.52
Wendy Walsh27.07New
Deb Connaugton28.01
Craig Senior28.12
Richard Fisher51.20

66 starters

9 September 2015

There were perfect conditions for this evening’s run.  Although, the track was wet in places, it did not slow the field down, as there were 12 personal best times.

We welcomed 11 new starters to our event.  The most notable was Ellie O’Kane, who smashed the women’s record for the 5 kilometres by 16 seconds in recording a time of 19.02.  Lexy Gilmore set this record in 2012.

We also celebrated the awarding of 30 run shirts to Bradley Lun and our Special Olympics representative Carissa Morgan.

Best of luck to all Broulee Runners, who will be competing in the Moruya Fun run next Sunday.

See you all next Wednesday at 4.30pm.

2 Kilometre event

Indhi Filmer8.03New
Kyle Young8.18PB
James Dickinson8.38
Oliver Dyason8.40New
Cameron Lunn9.25
Sam Wise9.30
Bradley Lunn9.43
Dylan Holmes9.54PB
Stephanie Lunn9.54
Alex Young9.55PB
Alice Burgun-Boucher10.00
Annabelle Smith10.01
Tess Klower10.05
Bruce Dickinson10.32
Rafael Dyason10.43New
Sandra Lunn10.44
Meg Dyason10.52New
Amryn Carnall12.01PB
Garran Carnall12.02PB
Lotte Morel12.17
Cara Young12.55PB
Pauline Hicks13.04PB
Patrick Wade15.08
Chris Wade15.12
David McCann15.15
Carissa Morgan15.29
Mitchell Morgan15.30
Sharee Jackson17.50
Stella Lloyd-Jones18.02
Miya Hollis22.24New
Declan McPherson22.28
Hugo Mitchell22.39New
Jazmyn Hollis22.40New
Poppy Mitchell22.41New
Mikayla Hollis22.47New
Andrew McPherson23.10
Nina McPherson23.10

3.5 Kilometres event

Gary Ashton15.31PB
Christian Filmer16.09New
Sean Flood16.37
Bridget Lunn17.25
Aaron Flood17.53
Jasmin Fuller18.59
Alastair Mars19.18
Kim Young21.46
Mike Kennedy25.38
Richard Fisher29.50

5 Kilometres event

Daniel Beby17.25
Ellie O’Kane19.02New
Kellen Lenehan20.57
Matt Lambert21.13
Sam Lavender21.47New
Adrian Connor22.41
Jo Flood22.44
Michelle Mitchell22.48PB
Scott Senior23.59PB
Mark Lavender24.01PB
Wendy Walsh26.44PB
Ross Hayward26.53
Kylie Young27.05
Craig senior28.15
Annie Johnsen34.29

62 starters

2 September 2015

There were 54 starters.  12 new starters and 6 personal best times.
Bradley Lunn and Carissa Morgan received their 30 run shirts.
There was a tree across the track at the bottom of the hill and the course was very wet around the bottom section. Richard threatens to attack the tree with a chain saw. We will wait and see what happens for the run next week. Everyone welcome see you at 4.30pm.

2 Kilometre event
Jaylah Hancock Cameron6.47
Rhys Flood7.46
Taj Pendlebury7.52
James Cashin8.00
Thomas Cashin8.38PB2secs
Kylie Young8.54
Riley Beby8.54
Daniel Beby8.56
Naomi Beby8.57New
Sam Wise10.06
Bradley Lunn10.07
Marley Eaton10.22PB31secs
Ruby Connor10.58
Kira Pendlebury11.00New
Alex Young11.09New
Mitchell Beby11.20
Sandra Lunn11.22
Michelle Connor11.52
Dylan Holmes12.15
Amryn Carnall12.29New
Garran Carnall12.29New
Pearl Eaton12.32New
Pauline Hicks13.52
David McCann14.18
Katie Patyus15.15
Leila Patyus15.20
Carissa Morgan15.45
Mitchell Morgan15.45
Patrick Wade15.54
Makayla Wade17.19
Chris Wade17.21
Roz Hayward17.34
Cara Young18.02New
Ashlee Beby18.02PB45secs
Michelle Beby18.03PB44secs

3.5 Kilometres event
Lotte Morel16.39New
Amy Walsh16.49New
Bridget Lunn17.42
Topaz Eaton18.24PB29secs
Alastair Mars19.21
Stephanie Lunn20.58
Cameron Lunn20.58
Sam Ricza25.21

5 Kilometres event
Lachlan Brown21.23
Matt Lambert22.05
Adrian Connor23.25
Gary Ashton23.36
Greg Flood24.42
Scott Senior25.37
Mark Lavender26.30
Wendy Walsh28.36New
Craig Senior29.11
Michelle McPherson29.20
Richard Fisher54.59

54 starters