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Saturday, July 30, 2011


A friend told me it's tenacity that gets one through the marathon .... she's absolutely right.

Here is a shot of Nev and I, taken just after the Bush Capital Marathon (yesterday). It seems a world away now. Only reminders are the sore muscles and the fabulous blood blister on my toe!

Weatherwise we had perfect running conditions. A very cold start (overnight was minus 7) with frosts and clear blue skies, resulting in a maximum of 15 degrees. The event started and finished at Campbell High School sportsfield, with the marathon commencing at 8.30 am. A very challenging and undulating run, which was well organised and full of friendly runners. A great event overall, one that I would highly recommend.

I had a great sleep the night before and was well rested for the run. I found the first 30 kms or so quite easy and enjoyed taking in the beautiful scenery on a perfect winter day. The next few kms became quite a struggle and I had to dig deep. Funny how the mind wanders during a long run and the self talk that goes on .... fortunately, by km 34 I was back on track and ready for the challenges of the hills ahead - the last 8 kms of the race I found the hardest, but at the same time, the most rewarding.

Knowing that the run was so challenging, I had hoped to finish under 4.30, even though my previous marathon PB was 3.38 on a flat course. I was absolutely thrilled with the finish time of 4.10.03. Still on cloud 9.

Thanks to everyone for the support, texts and phone calls.

wednesday's run - 27th july 2011

Results for today's run:

2 km run: Jono Hosking - 18.37, Sue Lindsa7 - 18.37.

3.5 km run: Simon Fearn - 17.34, Ellen Hosking - 17.48, Abbey McDonald - 21.39, Annie Johnsen 24.05.

5 km run: Pat Hammond - 20.53, Dave Connaughton - 24.10, Liza Martini - 25.32, Geoff Wells - 25.50, Ross Haywood - 26.01, Deb Connaughton - 28.20.

marathon weekend

Marathons all round this weekend.

Liza and Nev completing the Bush Capital Marathon today ..... race report to come.

Dan Haywood completing the Ultra Marathon in Canberra today too.

Anthony Kennedy taking part in the Westlink Marathon tomorrow.

Thanks for all the support from the Broulee Runners :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

wednesday's run - 20th july 2011

rain, rain and more rain - just what Broulee needed. Well done to the runners who turned up this week:

3.5 km: Bede Webster - 15.07, Eden Faulkner-Kew - 16.19, Simon Fearn - 17.37, Salvatore Algeidi - 18.14, Mike Kennedy - 1818, Annie Johnsen - 24.16.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mike's 70th birthday wishes

Happy 70th Birthday Mike Kennedy

Mike and Robyn, who have organised and timed the Broulee Runners

over the past 4 years - THANK YOU BOTH

After a Sunday morning run through Broulee and Mossy Point, many of the Broulee Runners met up at the local Muffin Shop for a leisurely morning tea. Here we all are:

Saturday, July 16, 2011

2 more sleeps ...........

until someone's turning 70 ..........

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I knew you would ........

Verbatim quote from Nev:

"I was feeling so great after this mornings lovely run with Liza that I was stupid enough to enter the marathon. Whoa!! "

I knew you would!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

results for wednesday, 13th july, 2011

More Broulee Runner's tshirts were distributed this afternoon - thank you to the Kennedy clan for organising these. We stand out more than ever!

Here are today's results:

3.5 km run: Simon Fearn - 18.16, Deb Connaughton - 19.03, Jill Brown - 19.17, Paige Connaughton - 21.24, Eden Faulkner-Kew - 22.43, Robyn Kennedy - 25.02.

5 km run: Patrick Hammond - 21.21, Liza Martini - 23.28, Nev Madden - 23.39, Dave Connaughton - 24.18, Kim Pidcock - 25.05, Mike Kennedy - 27.36.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

wednesday's run - 6th july 2011

They say that the windiest places in Australia are Port Welshpool and Sandy Point. Lately, it seems that Broulee would be a hot contender .... how windy has it been? Today's run was no exception.

Well done to those of us who braved the elements and turned up for the run.

3.5 km: Liza Martini - 16.30, Deb Connaughton - 19.00, Simon Fearn - 20.06, Paige Connaughton - 23.10.

5 km: Patrick Hammond - 21.31, Tim Farrelly - 23.02, Dave Connaughton - 23.28.

Thank you to Ross, for timing today.

Monday, July 4, 2011

wednesday's run - 29th june 2011

Today's results:

2 km run: Mike Kennedy - 11.03, Gabriel Kennedy - 11.03, Justine Beaumont - 15.08.

3.5 km: Eden Faulkner Kew - 17.25, Ross Haywood - 18.18, Deb Connaughton - 19.00, Simon Fearn - 21.36, Paige Connaughton - 23.00, Robyn Kennedy - 25.08, Dan Llyod-Jones - 25.50, Annie Johnsen - 31.03, Ruby Johnsen - 31.03.

5 km: Nev Madden - 23.23, Dave Connaughton - 24.18.