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Thursday, May 30, 2013

29 May 2013

We had a great turnout this week after our washed out session last week. A big congratulations to Jono Hoskings on a massive 130 sec PB and Taryn Carver with her 1 second PB. Lovely to see a few new faces join us, everyone is welcome, come join us at 4.30pm at the anchor on Mossy point headland. See you next Wednesday.


2 Kilometre event

Shayn Hargraves8.20
Georgia Norman9.20
Takiya Norris10.30
Kye Dworcowyi17.44
Chey Dworcowyi18.03
Judith Grayson18.48
Nicole Lesslie18.48

3.5 Kilometre event

Klaye Van Weerdenburg14.16
Jono Hosking15.20PB130 seconds
David McCann27.01

5 Kilometre event

Dan Lloyd-Jones19.43
Scott Carver20.00
Gary Ashton21.57
Taryn Carver23.10PB1 second
Matt Lambert23.11
Dave Connaughton23.36
Justin Loutitt24.18
Paige Connaughton25.51
Deb Connaughton27.08
Maddie Grayson27.41
Mike Kennedy27.42
Ross Hayward27.46
Simon Fearn30.46
Robyn Kennedy44.14

24 starters

Monday, May 27, 2013

22 May 2013

We had a washed out week this week. The Connaughton's have been in charge of time keeper while the Kennedy's are away, and did their runs early so could be back to complete their timing duties. On completion of their run the heavens opened and we had a a massive downpour which put a stop to anyone else competing. Was the first time in the Broulee runners history that the run wasn't contested. The Connaugton's results are as follows:

5 Km Event

Dave Connaughton         23.55
Paige Connaughton        25.10
Deb Connaughton          28.56

Thursday, May 16, 2013

15 May 2013

Three of our quickest runners this week catching their breath after their run. Dan Lloyd-Jones, Scott Carver and Gary Ashton.

15 May 2013

There were 19 runners that braved the Northwesterly wind and smokey conditions this week. Slower times all round, but considering the trying conditions was a credit to all who ran.

Good luck to all our young runners competing in the final stages of the various school cross country races next week.

Come up and join us next Wednesday at 4.30pm at the anchor at Mossy Point headland. All fitness levels; runners, joggers and walkers welcome.

2 Kilometre event

Shayn Hargraves             8.45
Georgia Norman              9.17
Takiya Norris                  10.28
George Matthews           10.36

3.5 Kilometre event

Bradley Matthews            16.29
Johno Hosking                 17.30
Abbey McDonald              20.27
David McCann                  26.42
Annie Johnsen                  28.05

5 Kilometre event

Dan Lloyd-Jones               19.30
Scott Carver                      20.12
Klaye Van Weerdenburg   21.44
Gary Ashton                      22.02
Simon Fearn                     24.15
Matt Lambert                    24.16
David Connaughton         24.45
Paige Connaughton         26.47
Ross Hayward                  27.36
Deb Connaughton            27.50

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

8 May 2013

The Broulee runners had 16 starters this week with a great run by Dan Lloyd-Jones, who only a few weeks ago was trying to beat the 20 minute barrier, and since doing so has continued to improve every week since, will be now looking to beat the 19 minute mark.
Some of our younger runners competed and did really well this week in the Catholic south regional cross country. Rhys Flood and Klaye Van Weerdenburg came 1st in their respective age groups. Sean Flood came 2nd and Shayn Hargraves and Bradley Matthews came in 4th. They will all be heading off to the regional cross country in the coming weeks.

Paige Connaughton won her school cross country last Friday at the senior Anglican event and smashed the under 17 years girls record, and will be competing in the southern district cross country to be held in Nowra on Friday.

Goodluck to all in their next race.

Just a reminder that our starting time is now 4.30 pm every Wednesday, come and join us at the anchor on MossyPoint headland. All fitness levels; runners, joggers and walkers welcome.

2 Kilometre event

George Matthews             9.26
Abbey McDonald            10.45

3.5 Kilometre event

Bradley Matthews            16.11
Annie Johnsen                 22.37
David McCann                 26.11
Richard Fisher                 29.40

5 Kilometre event

Dan Lloyd-Jones             19.24       PB   20 sec
Scott Carver                    20.31
Gary Ashton                    22.04
Taryn Carver                   23.24
Justin Loutitt                    24.21
Simon Fearn                    24.44
Jeni Greenland                25.25
Paige Connaughton        26.23
Deb Connaughton.          29.12
Dave Connaughton         29.31

Thursday, May 2, 2013

1 May 2013

There were 3 PB's today Hannah did 80 second PB, Georgia did 161 Second PB and once again Taryn did another PB of 25 seconds. 


2 Kilometre event

Hannah Campbell9.28PB80 seconds
George Matthew9.59
Takiya Norris11.17
Milly Preston11.19

3.5 Kilometre event

Bradley Matthews16.19
Shayn Hargraves18.33
Georgia Norman19.10PB161 seconds
Laurie Ashton19.20
Abbey McDonald20.04

5 Kilometre event

Dan Lloyd-Jones20.14
Gary Ashton22.27
Taryn Carver23.11PB25 seconds
Michelle Mitchell24.54
Simon Fearn24.57
Paige Connaughton28.28
Mike Kennedy29.41

16 starters

24 April 2013

There were 19 starters today, once again some great PB's for 8 of our runners. Dan finally achieved his sub 20 minute run by 17 seconds, Taryn has been improving her time each week and produced a 31 second PB today. Well done to everyone. 


2 Kilometre event

Lucy Hincksman8.16PB31 seconds
Shayn Hargraves8.18PB38 seconds
Graeme Hincksman8.22PB35 seconds
Milly Preston10.43
Annabel Blake10.44

3.5 Kilometre event

Bradley Matthews16.28
George Matthews20.27
Roger Britten23.03PB31 seconds
Robyn Kennedy25.32
Diarmaid Brogan25.57

5 Kilometre event

Dan Lloyd-Jones19.44PB 17 seconds
Scott Carver20.00PB14 seconds
Peter Clarke21.20PB8 seconds
Taryn Carver23.36PB31 seconds
Dave Connaughton25.52
Simon Fearn26.10
Paige Connaughton26.52
Mike Kennedy28.19
Ross Hayward29.31

19 starters