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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

19 November 2014

This week we had ideal temperature except that the strong North Easterly wind made it difficult on the way back for the competitors.

We had 51 starters with 3 new people (Kim Young, Libby Earlam and Tina Smith) and 9 personal best times were recorded.

The outstanding performers were the young Dunn sisters in the 5-kilometre event, who knocked a combined total of 3 minutes 51 seconds from their personal best times. A big happy birthday to Abbey who was celebrating her 10th birthday and heading home after the run for a big baked dinner, you certainly earned it.

Carissa and Steve Morgan continue to impress in the 2 kilometres with another personal best time.  Carissa is one of our Special Olympic athletes and participation in the event each week with her father and mother is wonderful to see.

We will be holding two Christmas celebrations this year the first one after the run on the 10th December, we will meet at the Tomakin club in the bistro area. Then on the 17th we will have a small presentation and social catchup after the run, bring a plate to share. Everyone welcome.

Pictured is Graham and Jane Hinksman.

2 Kilometre event

Lucy Hinksman7.40
Graham Hinksman8.02
Travis Fairweather8.51
Oliver Dolphin8.54
Zed Clare9.04
David West9.12
Leila Patyus9.33
Zac Van Weerdenburg10.16
Sunni West10.36
Charlie Jones10.53
Kim Wignell10.55
Stella Lloyd-Jones13.13
Claudia Skipper13.34
Amy Skipper13.47
Janelle Morgan14.06
Heidi Van Weerdenburg14.25
Sophie Van Weerdenburg14.26
Jo Van Weerdenburg14.26
Chris Wade14.40
Patrick Wade14.41
Carissa Morgan18.27
Steve Morgan18.28
Katie Patyus21.15
Emma Patyus21.15
Declan McPherson31.55
Nina McPherson31.55
Andrew McPherson31.55

3.5 Kilometres event

Adrian Connor15.49
Ross Hayward20.11
Lucy Jones20.34
Kim Young23.35New
Sue Christie31.21
Libby Earlam31.22New
Robyn Kennedy28.08
Mike Kennedy36.46

5 Kilometres event

Scott Carver20.03
Dan Lloyd-Jones20.19
Matt Lambert21.43
Dave Connaughton24.13

Gary Ashton24.13
Tina Smith25.22New
Nev Madden25.35
Abbey Dunn26.32
Patrick Dunn26.34
Paige Connaughton26.54
John Hicks27.16
Ashley Leggott27.26
Deb Connaughton27.34
Chloe Dunn28.31
Michelle McPherson29.21
Richard Fisher53.35

51 starters

Thursday, November 13, 2014

12 November 2014

This week we had excellent conditions that were conducive to good running as we had 60 starters and 6 new people and 13 personal best times.

The event is a family affair with 5 Floods, 4 Dolphins, 4 Leggotts, 4 Lloyd-Jones and 4 in the McPherson family.

Husband and wife John and Pauline Hicks are typical of the participants as they come along with no expectations and enjoy the experience and then set goals for improvement.  The community spirit generated by the event motivates them to improve and they have both set personal best time this week.

The top runner in the 5-kilometre event was Brendan Gorzalka, who is a new participant from Surf Beach.  He is looking to run the Canberra Marathon next year and wants to improve his short distance speed by regularly running in this event.

Congratulations to Scott and Taryn Carver who welcomed Emersyn Rose Carver last Saturday morning, another beautiful daughter for the couple.

Pictured is Brendon Gorzalka with son Isaac and regular runner Matt lambert who also achieved a PB.

See you all next Wednesday at 5pm.

2 Kilometre event

Oliver Dolphin8.19
Hugh Wignell8.44
Lucy Jones8.55PB
Hannah Campbell9.05
Ziggy Clare9.18
Sunni West9.19PB
Cathy West9.22New
Chloe Dunn9.33
Riley Campbell10.11PB
Charlie Jones10.32
Bernie Lambert10.33
Caroline McDonald10.34PB
Rhys Flood10.45
Archie Hadley10.53New
Michelle Dolphin10.58
Saul Dolphin11.11
Neil Dolphin11.12
Cameron Leggott12.10
Roger Leggott12.13New
Leah Leggott12.32
Stella Lloyd-Jones13.34
Katie McDonald13.40
Patrick Wade13.45
Chris wade13.46
Amy Skipper13.54PB
Claudia Skipper14.00
Monty Lloyd-Jones18.03
Bonny Lloyd-Jones18.04
Dan Lloyd-Jones18.04
Carissa Morgan19.28
Steve Morgan19.28
Anne Jones19.29
Declan McPherson31.35New
Nina McPherson31.45New
Andrew McPherson31.46

3.5 Kilometres event

Gary Ashton15.59
Sean Flood17.01
Ashley Leggott17.43PB
Isaac Gorzalka19.00
Lisa Lloyd-Jones19.19
Kim Wignell19.34PB
Kirsty Campbell19.36
Jessica Flood21.57
Jo Flood21.58
Pauline Hicks24.52PB
Richard Fisher25.50
Robyn Kennedy27.56

5 Kilometres event

Brendan Gorzalka20.36PB
Matt Lambert21.12PB
Dave Connaughton24.04
Greg Flood24.21PB
Aaron flood26.06
John Hicks27.13PB
Ross Hayward27.40
Abbey Dunn28.01PB
Deb Connaughton28.13
Michelle McPherson29.30
Campbell Padman31.18New
Zed Clare31.21
Mike Kennedy33.45

60 starters

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

5 November 2014

There were great conditions for running this evening.  We had 53 starters and there were 3 new entrants and 8 personal best times recorded.

The young runners were outstanding with Matthew Johnson and Lucy Hincksman recording exceptional times in the 2 kilometres to smash their personal best times.

Scott Carver (pictured) ran strongly in the 5 kilometres after his successful showing in the Coolangatta Gold held last Sunday.  His time in the gruelling event was 6 hours and 15 minutes the course comprising of a run, ski, paddle and swim. Scott was pleased with his effort and can now sit back and wait for his new baby to arrive within the coming weeks. We look forward to a new little Broulee runner.
See you all next Wednesday at 5pm. Everyone welcome.

2 Kilometre event

Matthew Johnson7.19PB
Lucy Hinksman7.28PB
Graham Hinksman7.30
Hugh Wignell8.24
Ziggy Clare8.26
Foxx McGeachy9.10
Leila Patyus9.21
Sunni West9.47New
Wade McDonald9.55
David West10.03
Bernadette Lambert10.13New
Charlie Jones10.27
Marty Jones10.28
Kim Wignell10.32PB
Aiden Jay10.45
Jessica Flood10.54
Riley Campbell11.02
Stella Lloyd-Jones13.40
Lucy Jones13.42
Claudia Skipper13.56PB
Amy Skipper14.01PB
Chris Wade14.37
Patrick Wade14.50
Makayla Wade17.46New
Rachael Wade17.47
Carissa Morgan18.46
Steve Morgan18.47
Katie Patyus19.39
Emma Patyus19.40
Monty Lloyd-Jones19.47
Bonnie Lloyd-Jones20.25

3.5 Kilometres event

Aaron Flood17.06
Zed Clare19.21
Hannah Campbell19.43
Janelle Morgan20.51PB
Mike Kennedy21.11
Kirsty Campbell21.28
Pauline Hicks25.48PB
Richard Fisher26.50
Robyn Kennedy27.54

5 Kilometres event

Dan Lloyd-Jones19.25
Scott Carver19.45
Matt Lambert21.28
Dave Connaughton24.33
Patrick Dunn24.51
Greg Flood25.10PB
Paige Connaughton25.44
Nev Madden26.06
Andrew McPherson26.42
Deb Connaughton27.47
John Hicks28.04
Abby Dunn30.51
Chloe Dunn30.54

53 starters

Sunday, November 2, 2014

29 October 2014

This evening we had 49 starters.

There were 9 personal best times

There were 10 new people to the event.

Jo Flood recorded her personal best on top of her outstanding run to come 3rd in her age group in the Moruya Town to Surf Fun run.

Rhys Flood continues to impress with an outstanding time in the 3.5 kilometre event.  He was 1st in his age group on Sunday.

7-year-old Hugh Wignell continued with his assault on the 5-kilometre event with another personal best time of 25.50.  He is an outstanding athlete.  There were two other impressive 7 year-old runners Ziggy Clare and Foxx McGeachy in the 5-kilometre event.  The competition amongst the young is great and will no doubt make for a great cross-country team for Broulee Primary School.
Pictured are some of the Broulee runners who competed the Moruya town to surf.

2 Kilometre event

Leila Patyus9.48
Saul Dolphin10.08PB
Neil Dolphin10.10new
Zac Van Weerdenburg10.29
Jessica Flood10.39PB
Riley Campbell10.53PB
Kristy Blackwell12.03new
Stella Lloyd-Jones13.21
Lucy Jones13.22
Sari Jenkins13.59
Kirsty Campbell14.00
Patrick Wade14.19
Chris Wade14.20
Claudia Skipper14.39new
Amy Skipper14.40new
Roz Hayward15.54new
David McCann15.59
Jo Van Weerdenburg16.40
Heidi Van Weerdenburg16.41new
Sophie Van Weerdenburg16.42new
Joan McPherson18.14new
Carissa Morgan18.33
Steve Morgan18.34
Katie Patyus20.52

3.5 Kilometres event

Rhys Flood14.55
Isaac Gorzalka18.07new
Ashley Leggott18.35
Kim Wignell20.09PB
David West20.10
Roxy Horne21.18
Chloe Dunn21.19
Michelle Dolphin21.27
Cathyrn Jeffrey26.37
Pauline Hicks26.47
Robyn Kennedy27.18

5 Kilometres event

Brendan Gorzalka21.11new
Matt Lambert21.16PB
Jo Flood21.52PB
Adrian Connor22.58
Gerard Van Weerdenburg23.01
Gary Ashton23.38
Michelle Mitchell24.10PB
Andrew McPherson24.38
Greg flood25.24
Hugh Wignell25.50PB
John Hicks27.26PB
Ross Hayward28.44
Ziggy Clare34.59
Foxx McGeachy35.05

49 starters