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Thursday, April 29, 2010

and lastly

Happy Birthday to DEB - see you at the group next Wednesday at 4.30 pm!

Hope it was a fabulous day for you.

the rest of your life .... read on

Whilst reading one of the many running books that I picked up recently in Canberra (at the Lifeline Book Fair), I came across this:

"The finish line is not the end. The finish line is the beginning. Standing at the starting line gives you permission to hope. Taking the time to train, putting in the mileage, making the changes in your life and taking the risks has given you consent to hope for the best in yourself. The miracle is not that you finished, but that you had the courage to start". John Bingham
Good luck to all of those out there competing in the Marathon this Sunday - 3 sleeps to go - getting to the start line is an achievement in itself. Look forward to hearing the race reports from Sunday, as well as the Half Marathon and Marathon race reports later in May.

new start time - 4.30 pm on a wednesday

Please note the new start time of 4.30 pm on Wednesday afternoon

Friday, April 23, 2010

wednesday's run - April 21st 2010

Yet another magical day in Broulee. Here are the results for this week:

5 km: Robert Beardsmore - 23.50, Nev Madden - 23.50, Dave Connaughton - 24.16, Kim Pidcock - 25.50, Mike Kennedy - 26.37, Deb Connaughton - 29.19, Jenny Horsley - 47.05.

3.5 km: Paige Connaughton - 20.30, Jill Brown - 20.13, Sam Brown - 23.40, Robyn Kennedy - 26.31.

Good luck to all those in taper mode. Several runners are currently in the final stages of preparation for the marathon on 2nd May in Canberra - good luck to Damien, Anthony and Liza.

Also, to Nev (competing in the marathon) and Jill (half marathon) in Victoria a few weeks later.

Monday, April 19, 2010

mike's half marathon - weston creek update

Well done to Mike (above) on completing yet another Half Marathon - the Weston Creek HM, earlier this year. Yes, it was early last month, but Mike has only just returned from another trip away.
Not sure if he's being told off in this photo or not!
Well done Mike!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

wednesday's run - April 17th 2010

A post run photo of some of the runners from this week! Aren't they colourful. That's Mike in the centre! Welcome home Mike.

Results for this week:

5 km run: Jamie Hawks - 19.24, Robert Beardsmore - 19.49 (PB), Nev Madden - 23.02, Dave Connaughton - 24.36, Mike Kennedy - 26.07, Kim Pidcock - 26.30.

3.5 km run: Ala Shatzman - 16.11, Eden Faulkner-Kew - 16.39, Emman Kennedy - 18.14, Paige Connaughton - 20.48, Sam Brown - 24.38, Jill Brown - 24.38, Robyn Kennedy - 26.05.

Well done to Robert on his PB - under 20 minutes for the 5 km has been his goal this year. Congratulations on reaching it!
  • Nev Madden is competing in the Great Ocean Road Marathon (45 kms) in May
  • Jill Brown is competing in the Great Ocean Road Half Marathon in May
  • Liza has entered the National Capital Marathon which is on 2nd May
  • Mike Kennedy is letting us know .......

Thursday, April 1, 2010

wednesday's run - March 31st

Results for this week:

5 km run: Robert Beardsmore - 20.12, Dave Connaughton - 25.46, Kim Pidcock - 26.40, Nev Madden - 26.42, Debbie Connaughton - 28.08

3.5 km run: Jill Brown - 19.23

HAPPY EASTER to everyone and see you next Wednesday ............

Guess who has entered the Great Ocean Road Marathon?