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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

31 December 2014

This evening’s event was very successful, despite the road closure at the entrance to the start.  This was a New Year’s evening lock out, people still managed to find their way to the start line.

We had 61 starters, which included visitors from Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne.  There were 14 personal best times and 19 new faces.

Family groups were the order of the evening.

The Wade family were outstanding with 4 out of 4 personal best times.  Chris was the standout with 1 minute 41 seconds improvement.

Wishing everyone a happy healthy year ahead. See you all next Wednesday for the start of a great year of running.

2 Kilometre event

Lucy Hincksman​7.25​PB​3secs
Natalie Dolly​7.37​New
Harper Smee​9.58​New
Kirby Smee​10.27​New
Chris Wade​10.33​PB​1min 41secs
Olivia Dolly​10.36​New
Alice Hincksman​10.41​PB​37secs
Graeme Hincksman​10.43
Jessica Flood​10.48
Caroline McDonald​10.50
Hugo Hayward​10.54​PB​26secs
Stella Lloyd-Jones​10.55
Dan Lloyd-Jones​10.56
Louie Hayward​11.47​New
Ross Hayward​11.48
Judy Kennedy​11.54
Katie Kennedy​11.54
Ruby Connor​11.54
Betsy Beaumont​11.54​New
Michelle Connor​11.54
Matt Smee​12.01​New
Annie Johnsen​12.06
Patrick Wade​12.40​PB​20secs
Rachael Wade​12.44​PB​14secs
Makayla Wade​13.33
Sharon Dolly​13.34​New
Amy Pryor​15.00​New
Carissa Morgan​17.56​PB​18secs
Steve Morgan​17.57​PB​29secs
Michelle Morgan​17.58​New
Henry Beaumont​18.05​New
Claire Beaumont​18.06​New
Richard Humphryes​18.07​New
Elizabeth McPherson​18.49​New
Katie McDonald​18.59

3.5 Kilometres event

Rhys Flood​14.52
Jo Flood​14.53
Andrew McPherson​16.36
Kylie Young​17.32
Gabriel Kennedy​18.26​PB​49secs
Mark Kennedy​18.28​PB​41secs
Mitchell Morgan​18.38​New
Greg McDonald​19.00​PB​39secs
Stephen Phipps​19.36​PB​13secs
Kim Young​20.42​PB​43secs
Janelle Morgan​21.20
Disa Smee​22.34​New
Justine Beaumont​23.07
Pauline Hicks​25.18
Robyn Kennedy​26.42
Richard Fisher​35.34

5 Kilometres event

Greg Leach​20.34​PB​1min 23secs
Matt Lambert​21.33
Chris Tailby​21.35​New
Dave Connaughton​23.49
Emma Burgess​24.54​New
Greg Flood​25.26
Deb Conaughton​27.15
Ashley Leggott​27.29
John Hicks​28.10
Hayley Burgess​32.02​New

61 starters

Thursday, December 25, 2014

24 December 2014

We had an amazing 35 starters turn up for our Christmas Eve run. There were 5 personal best times and 9 new people.
We had an international flavour with visitors from England and USA joining us.
Due to the success of this week's run we will hold the run again next Wednesday on New Years Eve. Hope to see all you holiday makers and locals come along for our final run of the year.


2 Kilometre event

Nina McLachlan9.49PB11secs
Mollie Kennedy10.04PB51secs
Anthony Kennedy10.05
Katie Kennedy10.42
Caroline McDonald11.41
Amelia Barker14.15PB2mins 31secs
Stella Lloyd-Jones14.16
Katie McDonald14.41
Eva Barker14.45
Greg McDonald14.56
David McCann15.15
Nancy Harter17.32New
Jack Cannon18.15New
Charlotte Dunn18.16New
Caroline Cannon18.16New
Rhonda Robertson20.00
Michelle Connor20.01
Bonnie Lloyd-Jones24.55
Monty Lloyd-Jones25.59
Declan McPherson26.02

3.5 Kilometres event

Andrew McPherson15.34PB33secs
Stephen Phipps19.49New
Kim Young21.25PB9secs
Pauline Hicks25.34

5 Kilometres event

Dan Lloyd-Jones19.34
Heath McLachlan20.50
Adrian Connor22.26
Dave Connaughton24.20
Robyn Smith24.26New
Suzanne Harter24.44New
Kylie Young26.31
Ashley Leggott27.44
Oliver Dunn28.48New
Sarah Dunn28.53New
John Hicks28.55

35 starters

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

24 December 2014

Just a reminder that we will be holding our weekly run this afternoon at 5pm. So if in need of some excercise before your big day tomorrow, come along and join us, everyone welcome.
Wishing all our runners both regular and not so regular, a wonderful Christmas and a happy healthy year ahead.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

17 December 2014

This evening we had our Christmas run and celebration of the year’s events.  Even though it was the last day of school celebrations we still had 47 starters.

We had 2 new starters and 8 personal best times.

Patrick Wade received his 30 run shirt.

Participation awards for the most runs in each event, were given to Stella Lloyd-Jones(2km), Richard Fisher (3.5km) and Paige Connaughton(5km).

Recognition was given to the fastest junior runners in each of the distances.  These were as follows:

5 KILOMETRE EVENT                        
Male: Rhys Flood (21.39)
Female: Abbey Dunn (26.32)

3.5 KILOMETRE EVENT                        
Male: Sean Flood (15.03)
Female: Roxy Horne (17.48)

2 KILOMETRE EVENT                        
Male: Matt Johnstone (7.19)
Female: Lucy Hincksman (7.28)

There is outstanding young talent in the junior runners and I am sure we will see lots of improvement in the upcoming year.

We look forward to starting a series in Moruya on a Monday evening next year.  This will be for Special Olympic Athletes and anyone else that wants to come along. Will give you more details in the new year.

We will continue to hold our Wednesday run right throughout the holiday period including Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. So if you feel like a run in amongst all your celebrations please come along.
For those of you who won't be able to join us please have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New year.

2 Kilometre event

Lucy Hincksman​7.44
Lizzy Foot​8.10​New
Leila Patyus​9.28
Jill Brown​10.20
Jo Van Weerdenburg​10.21
Katie Kennedy​10.34​PB​1 min 26 secs
Zac Van Weerdenburg​10.48
Caroline McDonald​10.51
Alice Hincksman​11.18​PB​3 mins 31 secs
Patrick Wade​13.00​PB​11 secs
Chris Wade​13.00
Katie McDonald​14.25
Stella Lloyd-Jones​14.27
Claudia Skipper​14.29
Amy Skipper​14.29
David McCann​15.14​PB​6 secs
Joan McPherson​17.43
Carissa Morgan​18.14​PB​13 secs
Janelle Morgan​18.15
Richard Fisher​18.35
Bonnie Lloyd-Jones​20.21
Sue Christie​20.56​PB​1 min 12 secs
Katie Patyus​21.37
Emma Patyus​21.38

3.5 Kilometres event

Rhys Flood​15.30
Andrew McPherson​16.07
Sean Flood​16.44
Ross Hayward​19.43
Kim Young​21.34​PB​43 secs
Jessica Flood​24.30
Jo Flood​24.30
Pauline Hicks​25.38
Robyn Kennedy​28.42

5 Kilometres event

Matt Lambert​22.26
Scott Rigby​22.45
Ben Foot​22.51​New
Dave Connaughton​23.46
Adrian Connor​23.46
Graham Hincksman​24.36
Nev Madden​25.05
Greg Flood​25.09
Kylie Young​25.38​PB​1 min 9 secs
Deb Connaughton​27.10
John Hicks​27.53
Simon Wall​29.37
Judy Kennedy​31.29

47 starters

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

10 December 2014

This evening we had 42 starters with 4 personal best times and 6 new starters.

It is great that we can attract new participants each week.  Generally, the overall numbers are evenly split between female and male.  It makes no difference if you are an elite athlete or a casual walker.  People set themselves a target and they strive to better it.

Chris Wade achieved the target of 30 runs and was awarded his shirt.
The best performer of the afternoon was Heidi Van Weerdenburg with an improvement on her time of 43 seconds.

A number of our runners participated in a triathlon last weekend with distinction achieving personal best times and major placing in their age groups.

We also congratulate Pat Hammond, who completed the Ironman in Busselton, West Australia, last Sunday. Pat completed the 3.8km swim, 18km bike ride and a 42.2km run in 11 hours and 23 minutes. He placed 40th in his age group of 45-49 year olds.

We have our Christmas party after the run on the headland next Wednesday. Bring a plate and something to quench the thirst, everyone welcome.

2 Kilometre event

Lucy Hinksman7.31
Graham Hinksman7.32
Hugh Wignell8.26
Zed Clare9.15
Wade McDonald9.22
Foxx McGeachy9.32
Leila Patyus9.28
Sunni West9.39
Cathy West9.39
Zac Van Weerdenburg10.19
Jill Fraser10.26New
Kim Wignell10.43
Kendall Barnes10.52
Oscar Tweedie11.52PB31 secs
Stella Lloyd-Jones12.40
Heidi Van Weerdenburg13.03PB43 secs
Jo Van Weerdenburg13.04
Patrick Wade13.19
Chris Wade13.26
Max Andrews16.47
Debbie Wilson16.47New
Sue Christie22.08

3.5 Kilometres event

Jaylah Hancock Cameron19.26New
Michelle McPherson19.32PB19 secs
Kim Young22.17PB18 secs
Ruby Graham22.41
Heidi Woolridge22.41New
Robyn Kennedy27.41

5 Kilometres event

Scott Carver20.00
Matt Lambert21.49
Dan Lloyd-Jones22.09
Adrian Connor23.13
Scott Rigby23.19
Dave Connaughton24.20
Paige Connaughton24.32
Gary Ashton24.47
Nev Madden25.48
Tom McKay26.13New
Kylie Young26.47New
Ashley Leggott27.19
Deb Connaughton27.30
John Hicks29.07

42 starters

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

3 December 2014

We had a washout this week with heavy rain and lightning hitting Broulee at 4.30pm and continuing right through to our start time.
Just a reminder that after our run next week, 10 December, we will have a Christmas get together after the run at the Tomakin club, everyone welcome, and then the following week, 17th December we will have a social catchup after the run on the headland. See you all next week fingers crossed weather will be better.

26 November 2014

This evening we had a variation of the theme birthday with Zed Clare inviting his mates to run before the party.

There were 48 starters with 4 new and 9 personal best times.

The strong southerly wind tested the condition of competitors.  Given the number of personal best times some handled the conditions better than others.  This was very evident with the performance of two of our more mature women in Bernie Lambert and Kim Young, who recorded excellent times in the 3.5 kilometres event.  At the other end of the scale 7 year old Stella Lloyd-Jones recorded a four and a half minutes personal best in the same event.

2 Kilometre event

Lucy Hinksman7.43
Hugh Wignell8.29
Chloe Dunn8.30PB
Zed Clare8.58PB
Ziggy Clare9.18
Anton Thorn9.21PB
Fox McGeachy9.22
Campbell Padman9.26
Leila Patyus9.44
Zac Van Weerdenburg9.52
Summer McGeachy10.22
Max Andrews11.34New
Hayley Padman11.55New
Claudia Skipper12.43PB
Oscar Tweedie13.03
Sunnie West13.10
Chris Wade13.35
Patrick Wade13.36
Heidi Van Weerdenburg13.46PB
Jo Van Weerdenburg13.47
Amy Skipper14.38
Alice Hincksman14.49New
Finn Siecker15.13New
Sophie Carver16.25
Katie Patyus16.26
Emma Patyus17.49
Alexis Carver17.58
Scott Carver17.59
Carissa Morgan19.27
Steve Morgan19.28

3.5 Kilometres event

David West18.22PB
Bernie Lambert19.44
Janelle Morgan21.22
Kim Young22.35PB
Stella Lloyd-Jones26.13PB
Caroline McDonald26.52
Robyn Kennedy27.01
Katie McDonald28.36

5 Kilometres event

Dan Lloyd-Jones19.07
Matt Lambert21.35
Jo Flood22.20
Adrian Connor24.10
Gary Ashton24.32
Ashley LeggotT27.04PB
John Hicks27.28
Abbey Dunn28.12
Ross Hayward28.44
Mike Kennedy53.28

48 starters