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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

23 April 2014

WOW WOW WOW is the only way to describe this week's turnout we had an amazing 51 runners/walkers arrive. Was lovely meeting some of our visitors to the area here on holidays, a few we have met before and were retuning to see if they could better their time. We look forward to seeing you all next time you are here.
A big congratulations to Andrew and Michelle on the arrival of their beautiful baby girl last Friday. Am sure we will 

2 Kilometre event

Jonas Kew9.12
Eden Faulkner-Kew9.30
Callum Elliott9.46
Kobe Jenkins9.46
Oscar Livermore10.22
Caroline McDonald10.39
Beatrice O’Donovan10.40
Cameron Lunn10.47
Lily Piggott11.22
Geoff Piggott11.23
Sandra Lunn11.44
Eva Barker12.04
Katie Kennedy12.23
Tarren Elliott12.55
Scott Elliott12.55
Katie McDonald13.07
Stella Lloyd-Jones13.23
Greg McDonald13.24
Eric Haenni15.50
Chris Haenni15.53
Sarah Leach15.55
David McCann16.15
Robyn Sinclair18.20
Ashley Sinclair1821
Bonnie Lloyd-Jones19.16
Lisa Lloyd-Jones19.17
Monty Lloyd-Jones19.19

3.5 Kilometre event

Olli Goodrun14.00
Lachlan Fountain19.13
Stephanie Lunn19.31
Jennifer Sinclair25.53
Richard Fisher25.58
Robyn Kennedy28.50

5 Kilometre event

Dan Lloyd-Jones18.51
Corey Powers19.15
Scott Carver20.02
Greg Leach21.57

5 Kilometre event (continued)

Damien O’Donovan22.10
Adrian Connor22.26
Brendan Sinclair23.12
Deb Livermore23.21
Dave Connaughton23.39
Andrew McPherson25.13
Paige Connaughton25.49
Deb Connaughton27.09
Bridget Lunn28.50
Simon Wall28.53
Ross Hayward30.04
James Bryant31.10
Michelle Haenni37.08
Katrina Leach37.30

51 starters

Thursday, April 17, 2014

16 April 2014

We welcomed some regular holiday makers back this week was great seeing you all. Matt Johnsen returned from Melbourne, to try and beat his record that he set a few years back, for the fastest 5km. He was very much in form this time and set a new record at 15min 51sec, smashing his old time by 41 sec. Not to be out done Andrew McPherson  knocked an amazing 1min 12sec off his previous best in the 5km event. A big congratulations to you both.
Don't forget we are now meeting at 4.30pm each Wednesday. Wishing everyone a happy and safe Easter.

2 Kilometre event

Jonas Kew9.26
Nina McLachlan10.26
Leila Patyus10.48
Lily Ralston10.53
Stella Lloyd-Jones12.23
William Hayward12.30
Bradley Lunn13.24
Olivia Hayward13.37
Ross Hayward13.39
James Hayward13.39

3.5 Kilometre event

Stephanie Lunn20.56
Jill Brown21.33
Robyn Kennedy25.42
Richard Fisher26.54

5 Kilometre event

Matt Johnsen15.51
Dan Lloyd-Jones19.17
Scott Carver20.03
Heath McLachlan20.39
Dave Connaughton23.58
Andrew McPherson24.10
Nev Madden25.51
Bridget Lunn26.53
Paige Connaughton27.18

23 starters

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

9 April 2014

We had 23 starters this week, conditions were very favourable and this was evident with some very quick times all round. Adrian put in a PB and Scott and Dan missed out by seconds. Well done to everyone. 
With the end of daylight savings we will meet each week from now on at 4.30pm. Everyone welcome.

2 Kilometre event

Bradley Lunn9.22
Stephanie Lunn10.42
Katie McDonald13.51
Caroline McDonald13.52
Stella Lloyd-Jones15.06
David McCann15.36

3.5 Kilometre event

Leila Patyus19.45
Laurie Ashton20.27
Mike Kennedy20.49
Robyn Kennedy26.22
Richard Fisher26.54

5 Kilometre event

Dan Lloyd-Jones18.55
Scott Carver20.00
Adrian Connor21.39
Graeme Hinksman22.09
Jo Flood23.10
Matt Lambert23.11
Dave Connaughton23.25
Gary Ashton24.25
Paige Connaughton25.16
Deb Connaughton26.40
Andrew McPherson26.52
Bridget Lunn27.53

23 starters

Thursday, April 3, 2014

2 April 2014

We had 20 starters turn up for this weeks meet. An exciting finish from Shayne Hargraves and Bradley Matthews who crossed the line with a photo finish. Congratulations to Takiya Norris and Bradley Lunn who both did PBs . Good luck to all the St Mary's runners that have been training for their upcoming school cross countries. Looking forward to hearing how you all go.
For anyone interested in joining our social run we meet at 5pm every Wednesday at the anchor on Mossy point headland. Everyone welcome.


Shayne Hargraves           8.07
Bradley Matthews           8.07
Takiya Norris                    9.15
Bradley Lunn                   9.16
George Matthews            9.30
Cameron Lunn               12.32
Katie McDonald             14.04
Caroline McDonald        14.05
David McCann               15.48
Stella Lloyd-Jones         17.46


Stephanie Lunn               19.50
Laurie Ashton                   20.48


Dan Lloyd-Jones                19.57
Klaye Vanweerdenburg       23.12
Adrian Connor                     23.32
Gary Ashton                         24.05
Dave Connaughton              24.50
Bridget Lunn                        26.08
Paige Connaughton             26.15
Andrew McPherson             28.13

20 Starters