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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

28 November 2018

Near record rain and the accompanying wind did not dampen the enthusiastic 21 athletes from participating in this evening’s Broulee Run.  History has shown that no matter how bad the conditions people will come and as usual they perform with distinction.

In the 3.5 kilometres Jason Domeny recorded his third personal best time in as many starts over this distance.  Also, Angus Murphy showed that he is an excellent mud runner with an improvement of 43 seconds.

In the 5 kilometres Bede Webster recorded a personal best time.  His secret is to run bare footed and those who purchase the most expensive running shoes may consider this as an alternative in their quest for excellence.  Greg Whipp ran an outstanding time of 21.02 in the 5 kilometres to improve by 147 seconds.  Deb Connaughton ran an impressive time of 25.49, which is only 28 second off her best time over this distance set in 2008.

2 Kilometres

Tiffany Johnston 10.27
Declan McPherson 10.50
Travis Dummett 17.17
Kathryn Jeffery 17.23
Andrew McPherson 24.39
Nina McPherson 24.40

3.5 Kilometres

Angus Murphy 16.11
Jason Domeny 17.40
Justin Murphy 20.10

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 18.14
Matt Edenborough 19.10
Bede Webster 20.25
Harrison Gilligan 20.46
Dylan Van Der Meulen 20.58
Greg Whipp 21.02
Lauren Evans 22.29
Dave Connaughton 24.42
Adrian Connor 25.23
Deb Connaughton 25.49
Vaughn Gilligan 26.04
Julianne Domeny 31.49

21 Starters

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

21 November 2018

The warmer spring weather tested the condition of the 49 starters in this evening’s Broulee Run/Walk.  We welcomed Archie Gilligan to his first run.  His older brothers Vaughn and Harrison are among the elite of the group and young Archie has many years to better their times.

In the 2 kilometres personal best times were recorded by Alba Van Der Meulen and Regina Knobel.  In the 3.5 kilometres the improvers were Angus Murphy, Jason Domeny and Bruce Dickinson.  In the 5 kilometres Garren Carnall was very impressive with a 3 minute and 13 seconds improvement.  His wife Yma was the first women home in the 5 kilometres with a time of 27.46.
2 Kilometres

Rafael Dyason 8.13
Selby Johnston 9.10
Hallie Wignell 10.12
Klaye Van Weerdenburg 10.12
Alba Van Der Meulen 10.52
Audrey Knobel 10.55
Regina Knobel 10.56
KA Whyte 11.26
Millie Shanahan 11.45
Jillian Edwards 13.23
David McCann 14.55
Sari Jenkins 15.35
Jesse Jenkins 15.36
Kobe Jenkins 15.37
Charley Proksch 17.14
Christian Proksch 17.16
Archie Gilligan 19.48
Tiffany Johnston 19.48
Elani Van Der Meulen 19.56
Karlee Van Der Meulen 19.57
Erin Domeny 21.13
Robyn Domeny 21.14
Peter Johnsen 21.59
Grace Johnsen 22.00
Aiden Johnston 27.00
Kat Johnston 27.00

3.5 Kilometres

Sunni West 16.34
Angus Murphy 16.54
Jason Domeny 18.02
Justin Murphy 18.32
David West 18.52
Bruce Dickinson 20.43
Ross Hayward 21.01
Tracey Denning 22.43

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 18.04
Matthew Edenborough 19.26
Garren Carnall 21.29 
Adrian Connor 25.13
Dylan Van Der Meulen 25.14
Vaughn Gilligan 25.22
Jerome Stocks 25.28
Gary Ashton 25.59
Anthony Miles 26.04
Julie De Ernsted 26.05
Tim Devane 26.07
Yma Carnall 27.46
Mirella Granata 28.22
Julianne Domeny 32.34
Richard Fisher 44.52

49 Starters

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

14 November 2018

The rain held off and the athletes came out to play.  47 people ran and walked the 3 courses on offer at the Broulee Run/walk.  We welcomed Deanne Brennan from Canberra for her first run with the group.  Also, Aiden O’Leary and the Murphy boys Angus and Justin made their first appearance.

In the 2 kilometres personal best times were recorded by Audrey and Regina Knobel, Nick and Ben Hall and Emily Dickinson.  In the 3.5 kilometres the improvers were Matt Johnsen and Jacquellyn O’Leary.  In the 5 kilometres the stars were Isabelle Starmer and Greg Whipp.

This evening Matt Johnsen and Gerard Van Weerdenburg were awarded their 30-run shirts.  For both it has been a long journey for both men.  Matt’s first run with the group was back in 2012. He then travelled to America on an athletic scholarship where he performed with distinction. Since returning to the district he has been active in the promotion and coaching of athletics.  Gerard also had his first run in 2012 but injury, work and horses hindered his appearances.  He is now back with a vengeance and is about the compete in a triathlon.


Sunni West 8.42
Emily Dickinson 10.32
Bruce Dickinson 10.32
Audrey Knobel 10.36
Regina Knobel 10.37
Daisy West 10.41
David West 10.42
Millie Shanahan 12.11
Ben Hall 14.33
Nick Hall 14.34
Travis Dummett 19.00
Peter Johnsen 19.01
Kathryn Jeffery 19.33
Nancy Costin 19.34
Nathan Costin 19.34
Jade Berry 19.41
Christina Murray 20.13
Jenny Pollock 20.16
Robyn Domeny 20.54
Ebony Berry 23.15
Jacquie Berry 23.15

3.5 Kilometres

Matt Johnsen 12.42
Angus Murphy 17.06
Justin Murphy 17.10
Tania Dorney 19.41
Julianne Domeny 20.38
Laura Lopresti 22.20
Annie Johnsen 23.50
Jacquellyn O’Leary 24.29
Aiden O’Leary 24.30
David McCann 29.03

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 17.55
Matt Lambert 21.12
Greg Whipp 21.43
Deanne Brennan 22.51
Isabelle Starmer 22.53
Adrian Connor 24.01
Dave Connaughton 24.27
Alan Andrews 24.42
Gerard Van Weerdenburg 25.04
Gary Ashton 25.24
Vaughn Gilligan 26.57
Marella Granata 27.49
Deb Connaughton 27.51
Karyn Starmer 33.28
Robyn Kennedy 41.46
Richard Fisher 46.42

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

7 November 2018

The Melbourne Cup had the rain so it was only fitting that the Broulee Runners had similar conditions.  Being of a lesser standard of race the rain continued before and during the run.

It is interesting that the only ones to appear are the thoroughbreds, who all tackled the 5 kilometres.  They ran through the wind, mud and ankle-deep water.

The star of the event was Lauren Evans, who improved her personal best by 52 seconds.  This is an outstanding performance under such adverse conditions.

Thanks to Nev Madden, Richard Fisher and David McCann for standing around in the rain to help record the times for the runners.

5 Kilometres

Matt Johnsen 18.13
Matthew Edenborough 19.39
Harrison Gilligan 21.02
Bede Webster 21.13
Lauren Evans 21.16
Vaughn Gilligan 25.18
Gerard Van Weerdenburg 26.41
Adrian Connor 26.41
Brock Gilligan 26.45