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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

7 November 2018

The Melbourne Cup had the rain so it was only fitting that the Broulee Runners had similar conditions.  Being of a lesser standard of race the rain continued before and during the run.

It is interesting that the only ones to appear are the thoroughbreds, who all tackled the 5 kilometres.  They ran through the wind, mud and ankle-deep water.

The star of the event was Lauren Evans, who improved her personal best by 52 seconds.  This is an outstanding performance under such adverse conditions.

Thanks to Nev Madden, Richard Fisher and David McCann for standing around in the rain to help record the times for the runners.

5 Kilometres

Matt Johnsen 18.13
Matthew Edenborough 19.39
Harrison Gilligan 21.02
Bede Webster 21.13
Lauren Evans 21.16
Vaughn Gilligan 25.18
Gerard Van Weerdenburg 26.41
Adrian Connor 26.41
Brock Gilligan 26.45

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