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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

13 December 2017

The summer conditions were ideal for this evening’s run.  With the end of the school year some of the younger runners had other things on their mind.  Nevertheless, we had 45 starters and welcomed Pam and Angie Gannon and Tess Ellwood to their first run.

We shared the head land with the Pizza Van, which is applied named Cut & run.  So, to avoid the traffic we had to cut the run short to avoid using the road leading to the Headland.  There were lots of excellent times without any personal best times because of the reduced distances.

Erin Domeny (pictured) was awarded her 30-run shirt and shared the occasion with her mother Julianne and sister Amber.

Broulee runners to perform well on the big stage are Jayla Hancock Cameron and Dan Lloyd-Jones.  Jayla set an Australian record in the 16-year girls 800 metres at a recent Athletic Carnival in Sydney and Dan won the sprint triathlon at Callala by 2 minutes.

Our Christmas run will be next week so bring a plate along and we will socialise after the run is complete. See you all next week at 5pm.

2 Kilometres

Ruby Connor 6.46
Riley Campbell 6.52
Amber Domeny 8.56
Julianne Domeny 8.58
Erin Domeny 9.29
Audrey Knobel 10.30
Anthony Knobel 10.32
Makayla Wade 10.44
Chris Wade 11.21
Bonnie Lloyd-Jones 11.42
Michelle Connor 11.44
Patrick Wade 12.01
Rachael Wade 15.27
Regina Knobel 16.04
Roz Hayward 16.23
Victoria Fleming 16.24
Charley Proksch 16.39
Christian Proksch 16.40
Richard Fisher 17.40
Leo Proksch 24.38
Jo Pollock 24.43
Jenny Pollock 24.44
Marcus Mackay 25.02
Eva Mackay 25.03

3.5 Kilometres

Prue Bartlett 16.42
Vaughn Gillighan 19.13
Kathryn Jeffery 25.31
Pam Gannon 26.37

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 16.22
Dan Lloyd-Jones 17.26
Lauren Evans 22.33
Gary Matthews 22.45
Morgan Pettit 23.17
Louise Cox 23.23
Andrew McPherson 23.51
Gary Ashton 23.54
Adrian Connor 23.54
Paige Connaughton 26.59
Dave Connaughton 27.38
Deb Connaughton 28.04
Tess Ellwood 28.30
Tracey Denning 31.13
Rob Ryan 32.42
Angie Gannon 32.42
Mike Kennedy 34.04

45 starters

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

6 December 2017

The course was wet and the rain returned to keep the 52 starters cool in the Wednesday evening Broulee run walk.  Mud, water holes and slippery descent did not deter the 4, who managed to record personal best times.  

Ruby Connor and Tiffany Johnston improved in the 2 kilometres. Selby Johnston made a family double by improving his time in the 3.5 kilometres.  Rob Ryan improved in the 5 kilometres for the second time in two weeks.

We welcomed the Mackay family of Marcus, Benji, Eva and Neil to their first outing with the group.

Daisy West (pictured with some of the other young runners) was awarded her 30-run shirt this evening.  She joins her mother Cathy and brother Sunni in achieving this milestone.  Her father David has to run 4 more times to complete the full set for the West family.

2 Kilometres

Ruby Connor 8.11
Tiffany Johnston 10.43
Eva Barker 12.05
Patrick Wade 12.32
Audrey Knobel 12.40
Alba Van Der Meulen 12.40
Anthony Knobel 12.41
Makayla Wade 13.26
Michelle Connor 13.31
Daisy West 13.53
Sean Costin 14.26
Elani Van Der Meulen 15.11
Dylan Van Der Meulen 15.13
Richard Fisher 17.46
Rachael Wade 18.16
Chris Wade 18.22
Nathan Costin 18.54
Nancy Costin 18.55
Cathy West 19.35
David West 19.36
Victoria Fleming 20.40
Roz Hayward 20.41
Regina Knobel 20.42
Aiden Johnsten 23.01
Kat Johnston 23.02
Marcus Mackay 26.59
Benji Mackay 26.59
Eva Mackay 27.00
Neil Mackay 27.00

3.5 Kilometres

Emma Patyus 17.28
Selby Johnston 19.48
Ross Hayward 21.47
Kathryn Jeffery 29.12
Susan Pettit 34.04

5 Kilometres

Dan Lloyd-Jones 19.49
Andrew McPherson 20.32
Peter Clarke 21.49
Harrison Gilligan 22.48
Lauren Evans 22.55
Morgan Pettit 24.20
Adrian Connor 24.21
Greg Flood 24.29
Gary Matthews 24.30
Louise Cox 24.41
Gary Ashton 25.23
Nev Madden 25.24
Deb Connaughton 28.13
Paige Connaughton 28.36
Sunni West 29.31
Rob Ryan 33.54
Mike Kennedy 33.54
Dave Connaughton 38.45

52 starters

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

30 November 2017

With the approach of summer, the warm weather was felt by the 48 starters in Wednesday’s Broulee run/walk as there were no personal best times recorded.

The Pollock extended family were in full force this evening with 8 representatives.  The head of the family Jenny looked after her grandchildren in the 2 kilometres.  One of these was Paige, who gets the courage award by participating after having 4 of her wisdom teeth removed yesterday.

Suggestions were made that the lack of personal best times was because of the congestion on the hill at the 700-metre mark with faster 2-kilometre runners returning and the slower runners going out.  The true spirit of the run comes through with everyone encouraging and cooperating with one another.

Special mention was made of the efforts of Maureen and Paul Searson (pictured) who won their age groups in the Jackie Fairweather Triathlon held in Canberra last Sunday.

See you all next Wednesday at 5pm.

2 Kilometres

Ruby Connor 8.46
KA Whyte 11.36
Amber Domeny 13.12
Sophia Carver 13.13
Stella Lloyd-Jones 13.32
Selby Johnston 14.23
Tiffany Johnston 15.08
Erin Domeny 15.10
Alexis Carver 15.17
Bonnie Lloyd-Jones 17.05
Roz Hayward 17.06
Emerson Carver 17.35
Scott Carver 17.36
Charley Proksch 19.10
Christian Proksch 19.11
Barb Evans 19.40
Aiden Johnston 21.22
Kat Johnston 21.24
Liz Pirro 22.10
Jo Pirro 22.11
Leo Proksch 26.11
Paige Connaughton 26.12
Jenny Pollock 26.19
Jo Pollock 26.20

3.5 Kilometres

Sunni West 18.10
Cathy West 19.04
Ross Hayward 20.11
Paul Searson 21.39
Daisy West 24.25
David West 24.8
Richard Fisher 27.33
Kathryn Jeffery 28.43
Maureen Searson 33.47
Kate Blewitt 33.48

5 Kilometres

Dan Lloyd-Jones 18.38
Harrison Gilligan 22.59
Adrian Connor 23.18
Louise Cox 25.10
Greg Flood 25.31
Morgan Pettit 25.52
Andrew McPherson 25.53
Dylan Van Der Meulen 25.53
Deb Connaughton 28.06
Dave Connaughton 31.25
Mike Kennedy33.32
Rob Ryan 35.26
Tracey Denning 37.41
Lisa Robbins 38.08

48 starters

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22 November 2017

Almost ideal conditions for the 51 starters in this evening’s Broulee run/walk.  We welcomed Rob Ryan to his first run with the group.  Rob heard about the event after reading about it in the Bay Post.”

Personal best times were recorded in the 2 kilometres by Sean and Nathan Costin and Trish Eccles.  Lisa Robbins bettered her time in the 3.5 kilometres that she set in 2014.  In the 5 kilometres Steve Phipps, Richard Fisher and Kate Blewitt improved their time.

Recognition was given to Ross Hayward and Nev Madden (pictured) for their outstanding support of the event over many years. Ross started on 31 October 2007 and has completed 220 runs.  Nev started on 24 September 2008 and has recorded 146 runs.  Both have helped promote and assisted with the organisation of the event.

Thanks goes to David McCann and Richard Fisher for their help with tonight’s run.

2 Kilometres

Riley Beby 7.59
Ruby Connor 9.10
Mitchell Beby 10.33
Amber Domeny 11.16
Tayah Boyd 11.18
Jill Brown 11.41
Audrey Knobel 13.25
Bonnie Lloyd-Jones 13.25
Anthony Knobel 13.26
Sean Costin 13.31
Nathan Costin 13.31
Patrick Wade 13.33
Carissa Morgan 14.03
Janelle Morgan 14.04
Erin Domeny 15.26
Stella Lloyd-Jones 15.28
Makayla Wade 16.46
Chris Wade 16.48
Victoria Fleming 19.22
Roz Hayward 19.22
Regina Knobel 19.22
Trish Eccles 19.50
Aiden Johnston 23.44
Kat Johnston 23.47
Ashlee Beby 24.06
Michelle Beby 24.08

3.5 Kilometres

Gary Ashton 16.22
Ross Hayward 20.12
Selby Johnston 20.42
Kim Young 23.19
Lisa Robbins 24.24
Nancy Costin 25.20
Robyn Kennedy 25.30
Susan Pettit 35.18

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 17.32
Dan Lloyd-Jones 18.50
Harrison Gilligan 22.28
Jo Flood 22.55
Louise Cox 24.34
Greg Flood 24.58
Andrew McPherson 26.00
Steve Phipps 26.05
Adrian Connor 26.07
Morgan Pettit 26.16
Nev Madden 26.19
Tracey Denning 30.03
Julianne Domeny 30.41
Mike Kennedy 32.58
Rob Ryan 36.44
Richard Fisher 42.56
Kate Blewitt 51.37

51 starters

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

15 November 2017

Once again, the strong winds greeted the 59 starters in Wednesday evening Broulee run/walk.  It was useful on the outward journey and was a brick wall on the return. 

We welcomed Jessica Weber, Jason Stegbauer and Kate Blewitt to their first run with the group.

Personal best time in the 2 kilometres were recorded by Makayla Wade, Sean Costin and Trish Eccles.  Audrey and Anthony Knobel managed to equal their best time.  Steve Phipps and Richard Fisher did best times in the 5 kilometres.

It was great to see the Carver family consisting of Sophia, Alexis, Emerson and dad Scott back with us after a long absence.

Amber Domeny (pictured with mum Julianne) was awarded her 30-run shirt this evening.  Her mother Julianne received her shirt last week and her other daughter Erin will wear her's  in three weeks’ time.

See you all next week at 5pm.

2 Kilometres

Makayla Wade 9.53
Amber Domeny 10.05
Sophia Carver 10.11
Tayah Boyd 11.13
Erin Domeny 11.15
Patrick Wade 11.27
Poppy Mitchell 12.00
Audrey Knobel 12.01
Anthony Knobel 12.02
Milly Shanahan 13.45
Sean Costin 14.03
Jillian Edwards 14.10
Nathan Costin 15.46
Nancy Costin 15.47
Jessica Weber 17.27
Hannah Wood 17.29
Alexis Carver 17.54
Emerson Carver 18.55
Scott Carver 18.56
Roz Hayward 19.24
Victoria Fleming 19.25
Charley Proksch 20.01
Liz Pirro 20.24
Jo Pirro 20.25
Barb Evans 20.27
Trish Eccles 20.29
Regina Knobel 20.42
Aiden Johnston 21.44
Kat Johnston 21.44
Leo Proksch 26.44
Jenny Pollock 26.47
Jo Pollock 26.48
Michelle Mitchell 28.15
Hugo Mitchell 28.16

3.5 Kilometres

Ross Hayward 20.32
Kim Young 23.46
Susan Pettit 36.47

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 17.10
Dan Lloyd-Jones 19.37
Jason Stegbauer 21.48
Harrison Gilligan 22.31
Anthony Miles 22.37
Adrian Connor 23.42
Dylan Van Der Meulen 23.42
Morgan Pettit 24.02
Gary Ashton 24.20
Greg Flood 24.42
Gary Matthews 25.06
Dave Connaughton 25.55
Steve Phipps 26.30
Nev Madden 27.07
Shevaun Ey 30.17
Tracey Denning 30.24
Julianne Domeny 30.45
Selby Johnston 35.10
Mike Kennedy 35.55
Lisa Robbins 42.16
Richard Fisher 43.17
Kate Blewitt 53.46

59 starters

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

8 November 2017

Excellent conditions for exercise attracted 64 runners and walkers to this evenings event.  10 personal best times were recorded.

In the 2 kilometres the improvers were the Johnson family of Anna, Molly, Nellie and Richard; the Wade family of Makayla and Patrick, as well as Milly Shanahan and Gilllian Edwards. In the 3.5 kilometres the improvers were Sean Costin and Mary Anderson.
In the 5 kilometres Louise Cox notched another personal best on top of the 4 others she recorded in recent events over the last month.

Julianne Domeny (pictured) received her 30-run shirt this evening.  She has shown remarkable improvement this year and in recent months has improved in all three distances.

Anthony Miles and Morgan Pettit said that 5 kilometres were not enough and maintained that they did an extra 2 for good measure.  All agreed that this was the best excuse heard for a slow time.

See you all next week at 5pm.

2 Kilometres
Makayla Wade 10.42
Patrick Wade 10.44
Amber Domeny 11.51
Milly Shanahan 11.55
Kate Patyus 12.34
Emma Patyus 12.35
Poppy Mitchell 13.35
Audrey Knobel 13.37
Luke Mitchell 13.44
Anthony Knobel 13.45
Gillian Edwards 14.04
Richard Fisher 14.29
Nathan Costin 15.19
Nancy Costin 15.20
Charley Proksch 15.55
Christian Proksch 16.56
Rachael Wade 17.57
Molly Johnson 20.01
Richard Johnson 20.02
Alba Van Der Meulen 20.37
Elani Van Der Meulen 20.41
Dylan Van Der Meulen 20.43
Anna Johnson 20.53
Nellie Johnson 20.53
Regina Knobel 20.54
Sunni West 20.57
Daisy West 21.00
Cathy West 21.03
David West 21.05
Trish Eccles 21.13
Barb Evans 21.14
Hugo Mitchell 21.27
Michelle Mitchell 21.28
Julien Dunne 21.39
Sabrina Mallard 21.40
Aiden Johnston 24.08
Kat Johnston 24.09
Leo Proksch 27.08
Jo Pollock 27.11
Jenny Pollock 27.12

3.5 Kilometres

Sean Costin 17.11
Prue Bartlett 17.14
Mary Anderson 17.19
Robyn Kennedy 26.21
Ross Hayward 26.29
Erin Domeny 28.28
Tiffany Johnston 28.29
Kathryn Jeffery 28.41
David McCann 29.19
Susan Pettit 33.06

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 17.49
Dan Lloyd-Jones 19.44
Harrison Gilligan 21.07
Andrew McPherson 22.38
Gary Ashton 23.40
Louise Cox 24.17
Dave Connaughton 24.22
Greg Flood 24.27
Deb Connaughton 28.01
Julianne Domeny 30.36
Selby Johnston 31.04
Mike Kennedy 33.40
Anthony Miles 35.10
Morgan Pettit 35.11

64 starters