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Thursday, August 18, 2016

17 August 2016

Warm clear conditions helped the 52 starters in this evening’s event record good times.

We welcomed Pema and Tamara Keogh as well as Haylene Edwards to their first run.

Personal best times were recorded by Ziggy and Zed Clare, Rafael Dyason, Riley Beby, Dylan Van Der Meulen, Sandra and Stephanie Lunn.

The impressive part of the event is that families come to enjoy the experience with their young children, who they carry part of the way and the little ones always run into the finish line to the encouragement of everyone.  At the other end of the scale there are the serious athletes, who can blend in their pursuit of excellence with everyone who are there for the fun.

Ross Hayward enjoyed the experience of the Sydney to Surf and was able to back up this evening.  Although, he is recovering from his bike accident, he was able to run all of the 14 kilometres, he did admit having a little walk up ‘heart break hill’.

With the Moruya town to surf fast approaching come along next Wednesday at 4.30pm for some extra training.

2 Kilometres

Ziggy Clare 7.07
Zed Clare 7.43
Tim Clare 7.45
Cameron Lunn 8.34
Rafael Dyason 9.26
Oliver Dayson 9.49
Bruce Dickinson 10.10
Jill Brown 10.36
Mitchell Beby11.47
Patrick Wade 14.12
Carissa Morgan 14.20
Steve Morgan 14.20
Makayla Wade 15.02
Roz Hayward 15.08
Rachael Wade 18.17
Pema Keogh 21.22
Tamara Keogh 21.23
Poppy Mitchell 22.11
Ashlee Beby 23.31
Michelle Beby 23.31
Hugo Mitchell 25.54
Michelle Mitchell 25.55
Bradley Lunn 28.04
Jamie Edwards 38.29
Haylene Edwards 39.13

3.5 Kilometres

Riley Beby 16.25
Greg Flood 17.30
Ross Hayward 19.05
Bridget Doherty 20.52
Sandra Lunn 20.52
Janelle Morgan 21.59
Hayden Louttit 22.25
Megan Dyason 22.42
Keiron Louttit 25.21
Robyn Kennedy 27.06
Richard Fisher 28.26

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 17.56
Scott Carver 20.20
Dylan Van Der Meulen 20.27
Andrew McPherson 21.52

Matt Lavender 23.07
Gary Ashton 23.07
Jo flood 24.02
Adrian Connor 24.13
Klaye Van Weerdenburg 24.42
Gerard Van Weerdenburg 24.43
Dave Connaughton 24.46
Stephanie Lunn 25.59
Nev Madden 26.24
Deb Connaughton 27.58
Damia O’Loughlin 32.50
Mike Kennedy 33.08

52 Starters

10 August 2016

The warmer weather brought out 51 starters in this evening’s run.

Personal best times were recorded in the 2 kilometres by Ziggy and Zed Clare; Rafael Dyson; Makayla Wade; Poppy, Michelle and Hugo Mitchell; Alba and Dylan Van Der Meulen and in the 5 kilometres by Paul Searson.

The Clare boys ran the event in bare feet and given that it was over various surfaces they were only able to show the other runners a dirty pair of heals!

We welcomed Jamie and Neil Edwards to their first run with the group.

Ross Hayward and sisters Kim and Kylie Young will be competing in the Sydney City to Surf this coming Sunday.

Klaye and Gerad Van Weerdenburg will contest the Huskie half marathon in a fortnight.
Although looking forward to the event the boys admit that at this stage it is a little early in their preparation.

2 Kilometres
Ziggy Clare 7.10
Zed Clare 8.02
Oliver Dyson 9.04
Callum Elliott 9.14
Rafael Dyson 10.20
Bruce Dickinson 10.21
Lara Elliott 10.55
Scott Elliott 10.56
Bridget Whipp 12.10
Kim Young 12.37
Makayla Wade 12.55
Poppy Mitchell 13.02
Michelle Mitchell 13.04
Hugo Mitchell 13.05
Alba Van Der Meulen 13.19
Dylan Van Der Meulen 13.20
Stella Lloyd-Jones 13.30
Katie Patyus 13.39
Leila Patyus 13.40
Emma Patyus 13.41
Jamie Edwards 13.54
Damia O’Loughlin 13.56
Patrick Wade 13.58
Neil Edwards 14.04
Roz Hayward 14.38
Ellie Van Weerdenburg 14.59
Lily Van Weerdenburg 15.06
Melissa Van Weerdenburg 15.07
Rachael Wade 17.59
David McCann 16.10
Mitchell Beby 18.48
Ashlee Beby 21.54
Michelle Beby 21.55
Tina Clare 25.54
Megan Dyason 25.57

3.5 Kilometres
Mark Lavender 16.32
Riley Beby 16.56
Shayne Hargraves 17.11
Greg Flood 17.25
Ross Hayward 20.06
Hayden Louttit 21.56
Robyn Kennedy 25.32
Richard Fisher 28.20

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 17.48
Jerom Stocks 24.06
Nev Madden 27.06
Klaye Van Weerdenburg 28.05
Gerard Van Weerdenburg 29.05
Kylie Young 29.15
Paul Searson 30.37
Mike Kennedy 32.14

51 Starters

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3 August 2016

Powerful winds straight from the Antarctic greeted the 34 starters in this evenings run.

Personal best times were recorded by Bridget Whipp, Mark Lavender and Jerom Stocks
Ross Hayward made a welcome return after a month recuperating from a bike accident where he broke his clavicle.  Ross is determined to run the City to Surf in Sydney on 14 August as this will be his 25thparticipation in this event.

We welcomed Baptiste Bocquet and Pippi Sparrius to their first run.  
Baptiste is on a Rotary exchange student from the north of France.  He is studying at Batemans Bay High School.  

He said that it was a good test for him running over this challenging terrain as he wants to run the City to Surf.

2 Kilometres

Damia O’Loughlin 9.25
Bruce Dickinson 10.52
Jill Brown 11.13
Bridget Whipp 12.08   PB
Bradley Lunn 13.21
Stella Lloyd-Jones 13.28
Mitchell Beby 13.43
Carissa Morgan 14.26
Janelle Morgan 14.27
Steve Morgan 14.28
Roz Hayward 15.14
David McCann 15.15
Maureen Searson 18.13
Ashlee Beby 20.15
Michelle Beby 20.16

3.5 Kilometres

Scott Carver 13.55
Mark Lavender 15.59   PB
Riley Beby 16.41
Robyn Kennedy 26.46

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 17.25
Dylan Van Der Meulen 21.18
Jerom Stocks 23.53   PB
Dave Connaughton 24.36
Baptiste Bocquet 25.22
Nev Madden 25.37
Stephanie Lunn 27.15
Cameron Lunn 28.37
Klaye Van Weerdenburg 29.27
Gerard Van Weerdenburg 29.28
Ross Hayward 29.53
Pippi Sparrius 30.47
Paul Searson 32.28
Mike Kennedy 32.34

34 Starters

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

27 July 2016

There were perfect conditions for the 31 starters in this evening’s run.  5 personal best times were recorded.  

Joy of achieving has not age limit.  Pre-schooler Makayla Wade's excitement was just as animated as Sandra Lunn on them both receiving a PB. Sandra Lunn is the mother of 4 much older athletic children and are all regular participants.

Broulee Runners Jayla Hancock-Cameron, Stephanie and Bridget Lunn performed with distinction at the regional athletic carnival held at Cooma on Monday.

Our photo this week captures our younger runners that participated. Well done to you all.

A number of runners are preparing for the Town to Surf fun run to be held in Moruya on 11 September. For more information visit

See you all next Wednesday at 4.30pm

2 Kilometres

Riley Beby 8.15
Jill Brown 11.14
Bridget Whipp 12.13   PB
Ellie Van Weerdenburg 12.20
Melissa Van Weerdenburg 12.20
Mitchell Beby 13.01
Makayla Wade 13.25   PB
Poppy Mitchell 13.39
Patrick Wade 15.07
David McCann 15.09
Michelle Mitchell 15.19   PB
Hugo Mitchell 15.20
Victoria Fleming 18.16
Rachael Wade 18.17
Lily Van Weerdenburg 18.31
Klaye Van Weerdenburg 18.31

3.5 Kilometres

Mark Lavender 16.09   PB
Hayden Loutitt 21.06
Sandra Lunn 21.15   PB
Bradley Lunn 21.16
Maxine Plant 26.54

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 17.24
Matt Lambert 22.12
Graeme Hinksman 23.03
David Connaughton 23.57
Nev Madden 25.13
Stephanie Lunn 27.23
Deb Connaughton 27.28
Cameron Lunn 27.38
Damia O’Loughlin 29.49
Mike Kennedy 32.30

31 Starters

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

20 July 2016

26 people braved the cool overcast conditions to run in Wednesday’s Broulee Runners.

We welcomed Tessa Anne and Peter Huddy (pictured) from Tasmania visiting family.

Ziggy Clare ran a fantastic time of 14.42 to head home the field in the 3.5 kilometres.
He is representing the district in the State Cross Country Championship at Eastern Creek on Friday.

The star of the night was Andrew McPherson, who recorded a personal best of 20.50 in the 5 kilometres. Andrew has improved by almost 7 minutes over this distance since his first run in February 2014.

A big congratulations must also go to Paige Connaughton who competed in her first half marathon in Melbourne  last weekend. Paige was hoping to get her run done in under 2hours she accomplished this by running a 4.55min/km and came in at a very impressive time of 1hr49m41s.

Well done to all our runners see you next Wednesday at 4.30pm.

2 Kilometres

Riley Beby 8.04
James Dickinson 8.07
Zed Clare 9.54
Tim Clare 9.55
Damia O’Loughlin 10.29
Ben Tanner-Collins 10.29   PB
Bruce Dickinson 10.49
Maureen Searson 14.51
Mitchell Beby 15.07
Tessa Anne 15.35   New
Maxine Plant 15.35
Emily Dickinson 17.05
Margaret Dickinson 17.08
Ashlee Beby 21.11
Michelle Beby 21.12

3.5 Kilometres

Ziggy Clare 14.42
Fox McGeachy 15.19
Elijah Turner-Collins 17.03   PB
Paul Searson 20.44
Robyn Kennedy 29.48

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 17.41
Andrew McPherson 20.50   PB
Peter Huddy 23.26   New
Dave Connaughton 24.50
Greg Flood 26.08
Mike Kennedy 33.29

26 Starters

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

13 July 2016

Snow on the mountains and ice in the wind at Mossy Point didn’t deter 40 people participating in this week’s Broulee Runners event.

We welcomed Nick Thorne to his first run.  Nick’s wife and three children participated and all were at the top end of their respective events.

Sarah Leach and her father Greg Leach on holidays from Canberra both recorded personal best times in the 2 kilometre event.

Daniel Beby recorded an excellent time of 17.38 for the 5 kilometres.  This follows his excellent time of 17.32 in the 5 kilometre Batemans Bay Park Run last Saturday.
He is returning to his top form after his recent illness and is setting his sights on closing in on Matt Johnsen record of 15.51.

Go the blues. See you all next week at 4.30pm.

2 Kilometres

James Dickinson 7.47
Riley Beby 8.51
Jandamurah Smith 9.55
Brendan Bingley 10.12
Annika Thorne 10.12   PB
Maddison Bingley 10.51   PB
Jaleesa Smith 10.54
Bruce Dickinson 10.58
Sarah Leach 11.27   PB
Greg Leach 11.28   PB
Jessica Flood 11.45
Mitchell Beby 12.08
Bridget Whipp 12.42
Margaret Dickinson 14.18
Maureen Searson 14.55
Victoria Fleming 16.02
Nicole Smith 16.29
Rachael Wade 17.47
Kylie Young 20.08
Kim Young 20.09
Ashlee Beby 20.10
Michelle Beby 20.11

3.5 Kilometres

Anton Thorne 17.53
Nina Thorne 19.27
Damia O’Loughlin 19.44
Anita Saeck 19.59
Paul Searson 20.42
Melissa Van Weerdenburg 20.46
Bridget Doherty 21.42
Robyn Kennedy 25.08

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 17.38
Nick Thorne 20.13   New
Dylan Van Der Meulen 20.58
Andrew McPherson 21.09
Matt Lambert 22.35
Jo Flood 22.48
Dave Connaughton 24.38
Greg Flood 24.59
Nev Madden 26.42
Deb Connaughton 27.15

40 Starters

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

6 July 2016

Driving rain and gale force winds did not deter 22 starters in this evening’s Broulee run.

We welcomed Hannah and Damian Smith to their first run.

Lily Van Weerdenburg who is only 5-year-old, reduced her personal best by 36 seconds in the 2 kilometres event.  The very young have no fear.

Gabriel Kennedy is a regular visitor from Melbourne and he reduced his PB in the 2 kilometre event by 90 seconds.  This is an outstanding achievement in the atrocious conditions.

2 Kilometres

Gabriel Kennedy 8.40 PB
Riley Campbell 9.25
Damia O’Loughlin 10.38
Hannah Campbell 10.53
Lily Van Weerdenburg 12.49
Melissa Van Weerdenburg 12.50
Hannah Smith 20.03 New
Damian Smith 20.04 New
Patrick Wade 20.05
Makayla Wade 21.12
Rachael Wade 21.13
Poppy Mitchell 21.15
Michelle Mitchell 21.16
Hugo Mitchell 21.20
Luke Mitchell 21.21

3.5 Kilometres

Kirsty Campbell 19.10
Bridget Doherty 21.53
Robyn Kennedy 29.20

5 Kilometres

Andrew McPherson 22.04
Dave Connaughton 24.50
Greg Flood 25.27
Mike Kennedy 34.42

22 Starters