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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

25 November 2015

Thirty-degree heat restricted the numbers in this evening’s run.  Never the less the 29 starters managed to run remarkable times considering the conditions.

The star performance came from Scott Belcher, who lowered his 3.5 kilometre time to handy 16.41 minutes shaving 81 seconds off his previous time.

Cameron Lunn received his 30 run shirt and so became the fourth member of the Lunn family to have achieved this award.  It now remains for his older sister Bridget to clock up another 9 runs to complete the picture in the family album.

Paige Connaughton decided to run the last kilometre of the 5k without shoes.  I doubt is this practice will catch on!

The last month demonstrates that people will turn out no matter what the conditions.  It is rare to miss a Wednesday and we will continue throughout the festive season.

Our Christmas run will be held on Wednesday 23 December.

2 Kilometre event

Riley Beby9.25
Stephanie Lunn10.41
Sandra Lunn10.55
Cameron Lunn11.15
Bradley Lunn12.47
Chris Wade13.33
David McCann14.20
Carissa Morgan14.55
Steve Morgan14.56
Patrick Wade16.49
Victoria Fleming19.31
Roz Hayward19.31
Makayla Wade20.15
Rachael Wade20.24

3.5 Kilometres event

Scott Belcher16.41
Scott Rigby17.44
John Hicks19.59
Gary Griffiths20.25
Robyn Kennedy28.04

5 Kilometres event

Daniel Beby18.35
Tom Wells19.49
Dan Lloyd-Jones19.51
Andrew McPherson23.39
Adrian Connor26.09
Mark Lavender28.43
Paige Connaughton29.08
Stephen Phipps29.50
Mike Kennedy35.48
Richard Fisher49.55

29 starters

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

18 November 2015

This evening was the best conditions that the Broulee Runners have experience for some time and as a results we attracted 43 starters.

We welcomed Scott Belcher and Stephen Phipps as new starters to the event.  Tom Wells came back to experience the event for his second run to see what it was like in ideal conditions.  He liked the conditions and reduced his 5 kilometre time by 156 seconds.  Victoria Fleming fresh from her overseas holiday reduced her 2 kilometre time by 13 seconds.

We congratulate Kim Wignell on completing her 30th run (Kim is pictured with son Hugh and Ruby Connor. Michelle Beby, was the star of her family of 5 recording a personal best of more than 5 minutes in the 2 kilometres.

A number of our runners are participating in a triathlon this weekend. After months of training we wish Kim Young, Stephen Phipps and Gary Ashton the best of luck in their various events, we look forward to hearing your results next week.

See you all next Wednesday at 5pm.

2 Kilometre event

Hugh Wignell8.18
Riley Beby8.40
Bruce Dickinson9.59
Leila Patyus10.18
Stephanie Lunn10.21
Bradley Lunn10.43
Sandra Lunn10.47
Kim Wignell10.52
Mitchell Beby12.20
Michelle Beby12.21
Patrick Wade15.53
Chris Wade16.02
Veronica Fleming17.03
Ashley Beby19.06
Daniel Beby19.07
Riley Nimmo19.08
Katie Patyus19.43
Emma Patyus19.43
Ken Davis19.45
Makayla Wade19.49
Rachael Wade20.11

3.5 Kilometres event

Gary Ashton16.10
Scott Belcher18.02
Gary Griffiths19.47
Julian Nimmo20.24
Cameron Lunn20.34
Kim Young22.23
Annie Johnsen22.36
Mike Kennedy23.12
David McCann30.24

5 Kilometres event

Tom Wells19.35
Dan Lloyd-Jones20.23
Matt Lambert21.50
Adrian Connor23.20
Andrew McPherson23.21
Scott Rigby24.45
Mark Lavender25.05
Dave Connaughton25.14
Paige Connaughton27.41
Stephen Phipps28.12
Deb Connaughton28.21
John Hicks28.32
Richard Fisher58.30

43 starters

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

11 November 2015

Due to the last two rainy Wednesday's the numbers have been down to the crazy few that go out in all conditions. I missed doing last week's report so have combined the two. Hopefully we will have fine weather next Wednesday and be all back out on the track.

4 November 2015
Persistent showers, cold southerly winds and a track covered with water were no problem to the seasoned Broulee Runners.  This group of 5 with over 340 runs between them showed that class only comes with hard work.  

All ran the 5 kilometres and their results are as follows:

Scott Carver                         20.58
Andrew McPherson          21.27
Rhys flood                            23.00
Jo Flood                                23.29
Scott Rigby                           25.28

11 November 2015
This evening we had a carbon copy of last week, wet, windy and cold.  The only difference is that we attracted an additional runner.  We welcomed Tom Wells a recent arrival living in Moruya.  Tom showed some form by leading home the strong field of 5 kilometre runners.

The results for the 5 kilometres are as follows:

Tom Wells                      22.11
Andrew McPherson        22.34
Jo Flood                         23.26
Dave Connaughton         24.47
Scott Rigby                    24.50
Greg flood                      24.59

Thursday, October 29, 2015

28 October 2015

On Wednesday 28 October we had 54 starters with the Broulee Runners and walkers.  Some still recovering from their efforts in the Batemans Bay run for teal races last weekend.  Several competed in either the full marathon, half marathon and the 14 kilometres.

We welcomed Libby Buttress to her first run with us.  

Matt Lambert recorded his 100th run with the group.  Matt first run was on 9 November 2011 and since that time he has improved his 5 kilometre time by almost 3 minutes.  He also has several half marathons (21 kilometres) under his belt.

See you all next Wednesday at 5pm.

2 Kilometre event

Christian Filmer7.22
Hugh Wignell7.33
Ziggy Clare7.35
Riley Nimmo7.38
Taj Pendlebury7.42
Julian Nimmo7.58
Sam Blake8.04
Zed Clare8.07
Foxx McGeachey8.15
Riley Beby8.51
Daniel Beby8.52
Stephanie Lunn9.31
Leo Weymans9.34
Oliver Dyason9.55
Cameron Lunn10.09
Bruce Dickinson 10.32
Hallie Wignell10.59
Bradley Lunn11.07
Sandra Lunn11.08
Jessica Flood11.25
Kim Wignell11.35
Cara Young12.09
Naomi Nimmo12.59
Chris Wade14.01
David McCann14.06
Patrick Wade14.37
Carissa Morgan14.53
Janelle Morgan14.54
Mitchell Beby17.54
Ros Hayward17.56
Ashlee Beby19.53
Michelle Beby19.54

3.5 Kilometres event

Rhys Flood15.02
Jo Flood15.14
Aaron Flood16.09
Bridget Lunn17.34
Ashley Mars19.27
Mike Kennedy23.48
Kim Young25.42
Libby Buttress25.43
Robyn Kennedy28.32
Richard Fisher31.30

5 Kilometres event

Matt Lambert22.49
Andrew McPherson22.49
Mark Lavender24.46
Dave Connaughton24.52
Gary Ashton25.22
Greg Flood25.23
Scott Rigby25.25
Jackson Blake26.35
Indhi Filmer26.39
Kyle Young28.39
Jarrod Young28.40
Deb Connaughton 28.45

54 starters

21 October 2015

31 runners turned up as a storm hit just before this weeks start time on Mossy Point Headland.

The most outstanding performance was from 6-year-old Riley Beby, who ran a fantastic time of 8.34 in the 2 kilometres event and improved his best by 119 seconds.

The courage award goes to Rachel Wade, who improved her 2 kilometre time by 3 minutes.  She is undergoing rehabilitation following a serious motor vehicle accident and to simply participate is an outstanding achievement.

Pauline Hicks received her 30 run shirt this evening. Pauline is a fantastic contributor to the community with her work with Special Olympics and St Vincent de Paul.

See you all next week at 5pm.

2 Kilometre event

Taj Pendlebury8.12
Riley Beby8.34
Daniel Beby8.35
Leila Patyus9.56
John Hicks10.33
Jessica Flood10.38
Joanne Flood10.39
Caroline McDonald12.12
Pauline Hicks13.10
Carissa Morgan15.33
Steve Morgan15.34
Katie Patyus17.22
Emma Patyus17.23
Mitchell Beby19.10
Roz Hayward19.45
Victoria Fleming19.47
Ashley Beby19.59
Michelle Beby20.00
Patrick Wade20.33
Makayla Wade20.33
Rachel Wade21.01
Declan McPherson25.26

3.5 Kilometres event

Rhys Flood14.46
Gary Ashton16.06
Ross Hayward20.38
Mike Kennedy24.04

5 Kilometres event

Andrew McPherson22.49
Adrian Connor24.24
Mark Lavender25.07
Scott Rigby25.08
Greg Flood25.25

31 starters

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

14 October 2015

We experience a warmer spring afternoon this week with a strong NE blowing which was very beneficial on the way out but quite difficult on the return trek. 
We had a few new faces come along and a few faces we haven't seen for some time welcome back to Deb Waser and Scott Rigby.
Congratulations to the 12 PB's that were recorded and we applaud Annie Johnsen (pictured) on doing her 100th run. A big happy birthday to Robyn Kennedy that had a well deserved day off, hope Mike was on special spoiling duty. Thank you to Richard Fisher and Kim Young who helped out with recording this week, we are a volunteer club and if it wasn't for the help of some of our participants we would not be able to run as smoothly as we do.
See you all next week at 5pm.


Jaylah Hancock-Cameron 7.01    
Taj Pendlebury 7.21               
Riley Nimmo  8.08 PB59sec
Julian Nimmo 8.09 new
Sam Blake 8.53 PB16sec
Leanne Hancock  9.00 PB51sec
Leo Weymans  9.15 PB1.24
Leanne Weymans 9.16 PB1.19
Stephanie Lunn 9.47
Riley Beby  10.04
Bruce Dickson 10.23
Kim Blake  10.32 PB19sec
Bradley Lunn 10.44
Alex Young 10.46
Matilda Bell  10.50 PB52sec
Sandra Lunn 10.51
Cameron Lunn 11.55
Cara Young 12.27 PB20sec
Mitchell Beby 12.53
Jessica Flood 12.59
Naomi Nimmo 13.00 new
Pauline Hicks 13.11
Kate Patyus 13.27
Leila Patyus   13.28
Patrick Wade 13.31
Chris Wade 14.09
David McCann 14.13
Emma Bell 14.34
Carissa Morgan 15.02
Mitchell Morgan 15.03
Steve Morgan 15.04
Deb Waser 15.43 PB1.11
Tracy Matthews 15.57 PB3.49
Emma Patyus 16.29
Ken Davis 16.30
Victoria Fleming 17.25
Ashlee Beby 18.14
Michelle Beby 18.15
Makayla Wade 23.41
Rachael Wade 23.54


Christian Filmer 16.05
Lachlan Blake 16.08
Ava Weymans 16.53 PB27sec
Aaron Flood  17.35
Alastair Mars 18.48
Bridget Lunn  19.08
Annie Johnsen 21.39


Daniel Beby  17.26
Dan Lloyd-Jones 20.37
Matt Lambert 22.31
Andrew Mcpherson23.06
Gary Ashton   24.10
Dave Connaughton24.54
Mark Lavender 25.19
Greg Flood 25.33
Indhi Filmer   26.04
Scott Rigby 26.11
Jackson Blake 26.47 PB4sec
Kyle Young 26.56
Kylie Young 27.12
Deb Connaughton27.45
Kim Young 37.37
Richard Fisher 47.35

63 Participants

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

7 October 2015

Cold southerly winds greeted the 63 Broulee Runners this evening, which tended to slow the pace down.  The exception was Daniel Beby, who recorded a very fast time of 17 minutes flat over this temporary longer course.  This was only one second slower than his previous time before the start of the bridge work, which has lengthened the course.
This was our first event at the new day light saving time of 5 PM and we attracted 10 new starters.  It is definitely a family event with three members of the Weymans family having their first run.
The triathlon season is fast approaching and a number of athletes are working hard on their training and most notable are Daniel Beby, Lachlan Brown, Gary Ashton and sisters Kylie and Kim Young.

Pictured is Mother and Son Rhys and Jo Flood and mother and daughter duo Leanne and Jaylah Hancock.

See you all next Wednesday at 5pm.

2 Kilometre event

Hugh Wignell8.18
Kobe Jenkins8.36
Riley Nimmo9.07
Cameron Lunn9.07
Sam Blake9.38
Leanne Hancock9.51
Stephanie Lunn10.01
Alex Young10.32
Leanne Weymans10.35
Leo Weymans10.39
Dylan Holmes11.01
Sandra Lunn11.10
Riley Beby11.12
Bradley Lunn11.13
Katie McDonald11.29PB
Caroline McDonald11.33
Kim Wignell12.14
Mitchell Beby13.48
Cara Young13.51
Sari Jenkins13.56
Jesse Jenkins13.58
David McCann14.10
Katie Patyus14.19
Leila Patyus14.20
Robyn Kennedy14.54
Patrick Wade15.05
Chris Wade15.10
Carissa Morgan15.39
Mitchell Morgan15.40
Steve Morgan15.49PB
Libby Buttress17.19
Victoria Fleming17.35
Cara Earlam19.05
Sheree Jackson19.33
Tracey Matthews19.46
Ashlee Beby19.47
Michelle Beby19.48

3.5 Kilometres event

Rhys Flood15.04
Indhi Filmer15.34
Christian Filmer15.44
Ava Weymans17.20
Alistair Mars18.53
Craig Senior20.15
Mike Kennedy24.13

5 Kilometres event

Daniel Beby17.00
Scott Carver20.27
Lachlan Brown20.59
Matt Lambert21.12
Jo Flood22.50
Gary Ashton23.25
Andrew McPherson23.30
Dave Connaughton24.26
Greg Flood24.39
Mark Lavender25.55
Paige Connaughton26.06
Kylie Young26.58
Scott Senior27.46
Deb Connaughton28.02
Jackson Blake28.13
Kyle Young28.42
Annie Johnsen31.59
Kim Young34.11

63 starters

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