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Thursday, August 28, 2014

27 August 2014

The conditions on Wednesday were cold and windy with a light drizzle. The course was very wet and muddy, therefore, it was great that we had 31 starters.  There were 4 personal best times and we welcomed 5 new starters with Nina and Annika Thorn, Anita Saeck, Ellie Van Weerdenburg and Jayda Edwards.

In the main it is the enthusiastic young that make up the numbers.  They encourage their peers to come and race and enjoy the experience.

Parents bring the children and often decide to participate themselves.  It is an experience for all no matter what level of fitness.  It is great to see people striving for improvement and setting their own personal goals.

The star of the evening was Ashley Leggott, who moved up to the 3.5 kilometre event and produced an impressive time of 18.26.

Well done to everyone, see you all next Wednesday at 4.30pm, everyone welcome.

2 Kilometre event

Rhys Flood​7.44
Aaron Flood​8.02​PB
Matthew Johnston​8.27
Koby Jenkins​8.34​PB
Hugh Wignell​9.32
Anton Thorn​9.33​PB
Stephanie Lunn​9.51​PB
Leila Patyus​9.54
Nina Thorn​10.16
Bradley Lunn​10.26
Jessica Flood​11.22
Kim Wignell​11.43
Sandra Lunn​11.46
Annika Thorn​13.05
Anita Saeck​13.06
Ellie Van Weerdenburg​13.07
Klaye Van Weerdenburg​13.09
Jayda Edwards​13.42
Melissa Van Weerdenburg​13.43
Cindy Johnston​15.50
Patrick Wade​16.55
Chris Wade​16.56
Katie Patyus​21.05
Emma Patyus​21.07

3.5 Kilometre event

Greg Flood​17.53
Ashley Leggott​18.26
Robyn Kennedy​28.02

5 Kilometre event

Perry Wignell​20.56
Matt Lambert​23.13
Jo Flood​23.13
Paige Connaughton​24.40

31 starters

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

20 August 2014

We had an amazing 48 starters turn up for the Broulee runners which is excellent considering the atrocious weather we have had over the last few days.
There were 9 PB's, with the outstanding performance from Marty Jones, who improved his time by 2 minutes. Well done to you all.
We welcomed Marcy Griffin to the group, and Luna Mikkelsen, from Denmark has rejoined after an absence of almost 3 years. She is staying in the area and will be joining us for the next 12 months.
Congratulations to Lelia Patyus who was awarded her 30th run shirt.
Well as much as I hate to brag I am still away on holidays so will see you all when return. Keep up all the great results.

2 Kilometre event
Matthew Johnston​8.21
Hugh Wignell​8.37
Claudia Hannan​9.17
Foxx McGeachy​9.25​PB
Francesca Miechelis​9.30​PB
Zed Clare​9.43
Leila Patyus​9.44
Jake Walker-Tutty​10.53
Ziggy Clare​10.58
Newans-McIntyre Jasmin​11.01​PB
Chantal Bradshaw​11.27
Andy Samsa​11.41​PB
Madison Ahern​11.52​PB
Summer Bradshaw​11.53
Cameron Leggott​11.55​PB
Ashley Leggott​11.56
Leah Leggott​12.57
Charlie Samsa​13.24
Katie McDonald​13.25
Tarren Elliott​13.37
Stella Lloyd-Jones​13.53
Lara Elliott​14.03​PB
Macy Griffiths​14.06
Simone Elliott​14.07​PB
Patrick Wade​15.45
Chris Wade​15.45
Cherise Walker​17.14
Cindy Johnston​17.18
David McCann​18.05
Katie Patyus​19.48
Emma Patyus​19.48

3.5 Kilometre event
Jo Flood​15.52
Rhys Flood​15.53
Marty Jones​16.29​PB
Lucy Jones​22.09
Roxie Horne​22.11
Mike Kennedy​22.40
Robyn Kennedy​25.21

5 Kilometre event
Dan Lloyd-Jones​19.33
Scott Carver​19.46
Perry Wignell​21.34
Adrian Connor​22.22
Matt Lambert​23.19
Graeme Hincksman​23.44
Ellen Hosking​24.30
Paige Connaughton​25.42
Luna Mikkelsen​26.53
Richard Fisher​50.35

48 Starters

Thursday, August 14, 2014

13 August 2014

We had 41 starters this week with 8 new participants, we welcomed Francesca Miechelis, Hope, Marty and Lucy Jones, Ellyse Hargraves, Andy and Charlie Samsa and Jenny Kew.
There were 9 personal bests achieved with an amazing 5 out of 5 for the Flood family. I think we all need to start having what they are having!! 
Also congratulations to all our runners that participated in the city 2 surf in Sydney last Sunday now that that is behind us training will start for the local Moruya town to surf which is only 8 Kms and can be ran or walked or of course a little bit of both. The event is always a fun, social and wonderful community event, that raises well deserved money for the local surf club.
Also tune in on Monday Morning at 7.35am to the local ABC radio station and hear Robyn interviewed about the runners group with Ian Campbell.
See you all next Wednesday at 4.30pm.

2 Kilometre event

Matthew Johnston8.15
Hugh Wignell8.23PB
Oliver Dolphin8.25
Shayne Hargraves8.26
Lily Grima9.09PB
Jonas Kew9.15
Ashley Leggott9.16
Leila Patyus9.20
Francesca Miechelis10.35
Greg Flood10.42PB
Stella Lloyd-Jones10.47PB
Kim Wignell10.48PB
Jessica Flood10.53PB
Hope Jones11.26
Ellyse Hargraves11.41
Cameron Leggott11.59
Tayah Boyd12.04PB
Harrison Boyd12.10PB
Tabitha Kew12.17
Carver-Boyd Renee12.17
Katie McDonald12.32
Charlie Samsa12.32
Leah Leggott12.59
Andy Samsa13.00
Jenny Kew14.20
Patrick Wade15.38
Chris Wade15.40

3.5 Kilometre event

Rhys Flood14.37PB
Jo Flood14.45PB
Aaron Flood15.41PB
Marty Jones18.32
Roxy Horne19.59
Lucy Jones20.00
Robyn Kennedy25.50

5 Kilometre event

Dan Lloyd-Jones19.23
Lachlan Brown21.17
Adrian Connor21.51
Gary Ashton22.45
Paige Connaughton24.48
Mike Kennedy34.21
Richard Fisher50.28

41 starters

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

6 August 2014

We welcomed new comers Rory Hogg, Rhonda and Keith Robinson, and Takumi Sawamoto on exchange from Japan. It is always great to have some new competitors come along, we hope to see you all again.
There was an amazing six PB's achieved this week congratulations to Claudia Hannan, Leila Patyus, Harry Boyd, Renee Carver-Boyd, Jo Flood and Scott Elliott. Is fantastic watching your improvements from week to week.
Good luck to all our Broulee runners competing in the Sydney City to surf this coming weekend. 
Anyone wishing to come along and have a run/walk we meet at 4.30pm on the Mossy Point headland. Everyone welcome all ages and fitness levels.


Claudia Hannan         8.20 PB 26sec
Rory Hogg                 8.22  
Leila Patyus               9.01 PB 9sec
Rhys Flood                11.23
Jessica Flood            11.41
Anna Hosking            11.59
Takumi Sawamoto     12.01
Harry Boyd                12.42 PB 5sec
Renee Carver-Boyd   12.43 PB 6sec
Deanna Ison               13.20
Ruby Connor              13.53
Stella Lloyd-Jones      14.08
Patrick Wade              14.50
Christopher Wade      14.51
David McCann            16.25
Rhonda Robinson       19.18
Keith Robinson            19.20
Monty Lloyd-Jones      20.16
Liza Lloyd-Jones          21.43
Bonnie Lloyd-Jones      21.44


Roxy Horne                  22.38
Hannah Campbell         22.38
Richard Fisher               32.15


Scott Carver                   20.03
Dan Lloyd-Jones            20.15
Lachlan Brown                21.40
Graeme Hincksman        22.16
Matt Lambert                  22.17
Jo Flood                          22.22 PB 1sec
Adrian Connor                 22.55
Gary Ashton                    23.14
Dave Connaughton         24.16
Scott Elliott                      24.27 PB2sec
Ellen Hosking                   24.42 
Paige Connaughton         25.02
Deb Connaughton            26.18
Gabby Smith                    28.26
Kirsty Campbell                32.30

38 starters

Pictured: Takumi Sawamoto, Anna Hosking, Claudia Hannan, Patrick Wade, Ruby Connor, Rory Hogg, Leila Patyus, Stella Lloyd-Jones.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

30 July 2014

We had 5 PB's this week congratulations to Hugh Wignell, Vanessa Delaney, Jessica Flood, Rhys Flood and Jo Flood.
We also had 3 milestones achieved, firstly Rhys Flood completed his 30th run, Robyn Kennedy her 200th and Dave Connaughton running his 250th well done to you all.
With the Moruya town to surf fast approaching at the end of October, come along and join us each Wednesday for some extra training.
Hope to see you all then.

2 Kilometre event

Matthew Johnston8.12
Oliver Dolphin8.29
Hugh Wignell8.32PB16 secs
Claudia Hannan9.04
Jake Walker-Tutty9.48
Leila Patyus10.10
Andrew Gill10.37
Saul Dolphin10.51
Vanessa Delaney10.52PB20secs
Jessica Flood11.13PB62 secs
Greg Flood11.14
Michele Dolphin11.21
Ruby Connor12.06
Michelle Connor12.13
Stella Lloyd-Jones12.24
Cameron Leggott13.08
Leah Leggott13.09
Ashley Leggott13.09
Patrick Wade14.47
Chris Wade14.47
Cherise Walker15.36
Cindy Johnston15.37
David McCann16.45
Sophie Carver17.08
Scott Carver17.08

3.5 Kilometre event

Rhys Flood14.57PB7 secs
Jo Flood15.21PB9 secs
Aaron Flood15.57
Sean Flood16.37
Mike Kennedy23.44
Robyn Kennedy25.06

5 Kilometre event

Lachlan Brown21.50
Adrian Connor23.11
Gary Ashton23.19
Dave Connaughton23.47
Paige Connaughton24.48
Deb Connaughton26.28
Richard Fisher45.01

38 starters

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

23 July 2014

We welcomed 5 new starters this week Harry and Tayah Boyd and mum Renee Boyd-Carver, Louie Pantelic and Lachlan Brown. Was great to meet you all hope to see you all next week.
Was obviously great conditions this week as there was an amazing 9 personal bests recorded. A big congratulations to  Ziggy and Zed Clare, Cameron, Ashley and Leah Leggott, Patrick Wade, Cindy Johnston, Scott Elliott and Hannah Campbell. Is wonderful to see you all improving from week to week.
We also commend Bianca Martini (pictured) on receiving her Broulee runners shirt after completing her 30th run. 
Well done to everyone. See you next week.

2 Kilometre event

Matthew Johnston​8.19
Ziggy Clare​8.27​PB
Jake Walker-Tutty​9.27
Zed Clare​9.33​PB
Foxx McGeachy​9.36
Leila Patyus​9.37
Jonas Kew​9.59
Libby Doughty​11.02
Bianca Martini​11.18
Louie Pantelic​11.29
Stella Lloyd-Jones​12.09
Cameron Leggott​12.34​PB
Ashley Leggott​12.35​PB
Harry Boyd​12.47
Leah Leggott​12.48​PB
Tayah Boyd​12.48
Renee Carver-Boyd​12.49
Patrick Wade​13.46​PB
Chris Wade​13.47
Cherise Walker​15.29
Cindy Johnston​15.30​PB
Laura Lloyd-Jones​16.58
Monty Lloyd-Jones​16.59

3.5 Kilometre event

Scott Elliott​16.31​PB
Hannah Campbell​20.10​PB
Roxy Horne​20.10
Eden Faulkner-Kew​20.54
Mike Kennedy​22.50
Robyn Kennedy​25.10
Richard Fisher​33.04

5 Kilometre event

Scott Carver​19.48
Lachlan Brown​21.07
Adrian Connor​22.26
Graham Hinksman​23.16
Matt Lambert​23.19
Dave Connaughton​24.00
Jasper Motyka​24.59
Paige Connaughton​25.33
Kim Pidcock​26.24
Ross Hayward​28.31

40 starters

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

16 July 2014

We had a perfect afternoon for our run this week and a little birthday celebration afterwards for one of our founders, Mike, who is celebrating his 73rd birthday. Mike and his wife Robyn started up the group after retiring to the area from Canberra back in 2007 and the group has steadily grown since. On behalf of all the Broulee runners we wish Mike a big happy birthday and thank you for all your encouragement, generosity, inspiration and friendship. Many happy returns.
Pictured is the birthday boy and his beautiful wife Robyn, and son Anthony, daughter in law Emma and grandchildren Mollie and Samson, who were visiting from Canberra.

2 Kilometre event

Shayne Hargraves​8.18
Ziggy Clare​8.59
Foxx McGeachy​9.26
Summer McGeachy​9.31
Leila Patyus​9.43
Takiya Norris​9.50
Ruby Connor​10.52
Mollie Kennedy​11.28
Adrian Connor​11.29
Chantal Bradshaw​11.53
Stella Horne​13.16
Cameron Leggott​13.48
Ashley Leggott​13.50
Rachael Wade​14.58
Chris Wade​14.59
Patrick Wade​16.35
Katie McDonald​19.27
Greg McDonald​19.31
Liza Martini​20.38
Leah Leggott​20.39

3.5 Kilometre event

Rhys Flood​15.28
Jo Flood​15.30
Aaron Flood​16.03
Roxy Horne​20.48
Hannah Campbell​20.49
Robyn Kennedy​26.20
Richard Fisher​32.02

5 Kilometre event

Anthony Kennedy​18.13
Graham Hinksman​22.55
Dave Connaughton​23.09
Gary Ashton​23.19
Ellen Hosking​24.19
Paige Connaughton​24.53
Scott Elliott​25.16
Deb Connaughton​26.16
Jonno Hosking​26.34
Jasper Motyka​27.07

37 starters