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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

13 March 2019

Although there were perfect conditions, the number were down in Wednesday’s Broulee Run/walk because of the start of football training.  Nevertheless, there was quality in the 42 participants as 9 bettered their previous best times.

In the 2 kilometres Rocco Lopresti, Bruce Allison and Peter Johnsen did personal best times.  In the 3.5 kilometres David West improved for the second week in a row.  Laura Lopresti did a double for the family with her improvement of 41 seconds and Regina Knobel clipped 5 seconds off her time.

In the 5 kilometres Angus Murphy and Bridget Lunn pushed one another to the limit and improved by 2 minutes over this distance.  Mirella Granata improved by 9 seconds and the ever-improving Jason Domeny reduced his time by 28 seconds.

The star of the night was Ross Wilson, who received his 30-run shirt.  He first started back at the beginning of 2008 and only recently come back to the event.  This is one of the attractions of the event as it is never to late too come back and see that your times are still on record.

2 Kilometres

Tino Lopresti 8.57
Rocco Lopresti 11.00
Audrey Knobel 11.11
Alba Van Der Meulen 11.21
Emily Dickinson 12.11
Bruce Dickinson 12.11
Bruce Allison 15.34
Isabella Lopresti 16.30
Erin Domeny 16.31
Amber Domeny 16.34
Peter Johnsen 16.58
Travis Dummett 17.07
Richard Fisher 17.09
Kathryn Jeffery 17.12
Christina Murray 21.22
Jenny Pollock 21.23

3.5 Kilometres

Garren Carnall 14.44
Vaughn Gilligan 15.38
Justin Murphy 16.19
David West 17.30
Ross Wilson 18.23
Regina Knobel 19.04
Laura Lopresti 19.11
Julianne Domeny 21.23
Annie Johnsen 22.10
Robyn Kennedy 26.18
David McCann 28.11
Morgan Pettit 28.59

5 Kilometres

Matt Edenborough 18.52
Harrison Gilligan 19.53
Scott Carver 20.29
Angus Murphy 22.05
Bridget Lunn 22.05
Matt Lambert 23.24
Dave Connaughton 23.58
Jason Domeny 24.54
Anthony Miles 24.55
Deb Connaughton 26.56
Julie De Ernsted 27.07
Mirella Granata 27.18
Steve Phipps 28.32
Mike Kennedy 38.55

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

6 March 2019

The wind on Mossy Point’s Headland for Wednesday’s Broulee Run/Walk was so strong that it would blow a dog off a chain.  Nevertheless, 50 people braved these conditions and we even had a new runner in Megan McClelland, who posted third place in the 2 kilometres.

Personal best times in the 2 kilometres were recorded by Tino Lopresti, Robert Edenborough, Max Richards and Billie Booker.  In the 3.5 kilometres the improvers were Ross Wilson and Monty Lloyd-Jones.

In the 5 kilometres Mark Prentice improved his time from last week.  Mark is on holidays from Bath in England and he enjoyed his experience last week so much that he decided to return.  He will be visiting Canberra next week and hopes to compete in Park Runs.

2 Kilometres

Tino Lopresti 8.28
Robert Edenborough 8.42
Megan McClelland 9.30
Robyn Edenborough 10.22
Millie Shanahan 11.59
Emily Dickinson 12.18
Bruce Dickinson 12.19 
Isabella Lopresti 12.36
Amber Domeny 12.37
Jillian Edwards 13.24
Declan McPherson 13.46
Max Richards 13.48
Charley Proksch 14.12
Christian Proksch 14.12
Carissa Morgan 14.23
Janelle Morgan 14.24
Billie Booker 14.45
Ros Hayward 18.16
Felicity Richards 18.30
Nina McPherson 18.37
Anna Johnson 18.41
Nellie Johnson 18.42
Michelle McPherson 18.50
Leo Proksch 24.42
Jo Pollock 24.43

3.5 Kilometres
Garren Carnall 15.26
Ross Wilson 18.06
Monty Lloyd-Jones 18.15
David West 18.38
Laura Lopresti 20.07
Julianne Domeny 21.08
Paul Searson 21.43
Annie Johnsen 22.38
Isa Butchers 23.51

5 Kilometres
Matt Edenborough 18.52
Josh Connaughton 19.52
Harrison Gilligan 20.35
Vaughn Gilligan 22.34
Dan Lloyd-Jones 22.42
Andrew McPherson 22.58
Dave Connaughton 24.18
Jason Domeny 25.47
Anthony Miles 25.47
Julie De Ernsted 26.08
Mark Prentice 26.47
Deb Connaughton 28.01
Yma Carnall 28.07
Steve Phipps 28.58
Ross Hayward 31.10
Rob Ryan 33.30

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

27 February 2019

There was a special occasion in this evening’s Broulee run/walk as we celebrated Deb Connaughton’s 300th run.  Most Wednesday’s she does her run solo before the start as she is the starter and time keeper.  Because of the special occasion she started with the pack.  Deb first run was on 27 February 2008 and she was joined by husband Dave and daughter Paige and Son Josh.  Between them they have competed in 1024 of the events.  This will be a record that will be difficult to better by another family.  As well as starter Deb is the media person and she is instrumental in attracting many people to the event.

Something must have been good in the air over the Mossy Point Headland as of the 60 starters in the run/walk there were 12 personal best times and 9 new starters.

We had Mark Prentice from England and Mick Carr from Melbourne have their first run.

In the 2 kilometres personal best times were recorded by Lachlan, Willow and Brenton Cole, David West, Robyn Edenborough and Evie Theodore.  In the 3.5 kilometres the improvers were Garran Carnall, Justin Murphy and Ross Wilson.  In the 5 kilometres the stand out were Louise Cox and Angus Murphy.

Broulee Runners competed with distinction as the Husky Triathlon last weekend.  The stars were Dan Lloyd-Jones, Adrian Connor, Gerard Van Weerdenburg, Julie De Ernsted, Anthony Miles and Monty Lloyd-Jones.

Special mention goes to Lauren Evans, who finished second in the Jindabyne half marathon last weekend.

2 Kilometres

David West 8.48
Robert Edenborough 8.52
Norm Lenehan 10.06
Declan McPherson 10.09
Robyn Edenborough 10.14
Andrew Greenway 10.25
Evie Theodore 11.33
Emily Dickinson 12.20
Bruce Dickinson 12.20
Neve Lenehan 12.35
Zoe Whymark 13.26
Isa Butchers 13.26
Mitchell Beby 13.52
Meg Phillips 14.05
Beau Theodore 14.16
David McCann 14.55
Charley Proksch 15.15
Lachlan Cole 15.16
Christian Proksch 15.17
Ann Macdonald 16.57
Peter Johnsen 17.04
Nina McPherson 19.03
Anna Johnson 19.03
Nellie Johnson 19.04
Michelle McPherson 19.04
Willow Cole 23.27
Brenton Cole 23.29
Leo Proksch 24.27
Jo Pollock 24.42

3.5 Kilometres

Garran Carnall 13.53
Justin Murphy 16.12
Ross Wilson 18.22
Vaughn Gilligan 20.11
Julianne Domeny 21.49
Annie Johnsen 23.02
Robyn Kennedy 26.42
Fiona Parke 33.09
Susie Pettit 36.35
Morgan Pettit 36.38

5 Kilometres

Dan Lloyd-Jones 18.15
Matt Edenborough 18.48
Josh Connaughton 19.53
Harrison Gilligan 20.18
Scott Carver 20.51
Matt Lambert 21.23
Louise Cox 22.16
Andrew McPherson 22.25
Angus Murphy 23.08
Lauren Evans 23.38
Anthony Miles 24.02
Dave Connaughton 24.34
Jason Domeny 25.23
Mick Carr 25.46
Deb Connaughton 27.05
Julie De Ernsted 27.42
Mark Prentice 28.37
Adrian Connor 29.22
Steve Phipps 29.22
Monty Lloyd-Jones 32.43
Ross Hayward 32.44

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

20 February 2019

Excellent conditions with virtually no wind helped the 69 starters achieve 13 personal best times.  There were two new competitors in Clayton O’Brien and Owen Gordon.  It was Clayton’s first look at the difficult 5-kilometre course and he ran an excellent time of 18.18.  This places him at equal 9th fastest time in the 12-year history of the event.

In the 2 kilometres personal best times were recorded by Declan and Nina McPherson, Jordan Carter and Kate Patyus.  In the 3.5 kilometres the improvers were Yma and Garran Carnall, Justin Murphy, Ross Wilson, Mirella Granata, Audrey Knobel and Peter Johnsen.

In the 5 kilometres the improvers were Angus Murphy and Jason Domeny.  The Murphy boys (father and son) continue to impress each week as this is the second week in a row that both have recorded personal best times.  Jason has taken over the title of the Broulee Runners PB Man with his rapid improvement over each of the events.

The Knobel family were proud to introduce their matriarch, who is on a visit from Germany.  She looked after baby Lotte, who is normally carried by Regina over the 2 kilometres.  This allowed Regina to run a personal best time in the 3.5 kilometres.

2 Kilometres

Tino Lopresti 8.51
David West 9.08
Declan McPherson 9.33
Sunni West 10.05
Meg Phillips 10.32
Kate Patyus 10.41
Emma Patyus 10.42
Hallie Wignell 10.50
Erynn Carter 10.59
Isabella Lopresti 11.14
Amber Domeny 11.17
Jordan Carter 11.54
Millie Shanahan 11.58
Audrey Knobel 12.00
Nina McPherson 12.40
Andrew McPherson 12.41
Emma Carter 13.20
Jillian Edwards 13.30
Carissa Morgan 14.28
Janelle Morgan 14.29
Richard Fisher 15.29
Charley Proksch 16.25
Christian Proksch 16.25
Christian Carter 17.48
Jennifer Carter 18.02
Roz Hayward 19.14
Christina Murray 21.36
Jenny Pollock 21.38
Leo Proksch 27.12
Jo Pollock 27.12

3.5 Kilometres

Justin Murphy 16.26
Kobe Jenkins 16.58
Kylie Young 17.42
Ross Wilson 18.43
Garran Carnall 18.45
Monty Lloyd-Jones 18.46
Yma Carnall 18.47
Mirella Granata 19.00
Regina Knobel 19.09
Anthony Knobel 19.10
Laura Lopresti 20.51
Annie Johnsen 23.12
Jessie Jenkins 24.33
Robyn Kennedy 27.56
David McCann 28.19
Peter Johnsen 33.05
Matt Johnsen 35.58
Morgan Pettit 35.59
Julie De Ernsted 36.06
Susie Pettit 36.07

5 Kilometres

Clayton O’Brien 18.18
Matthew Edenborough 18.41
Dan Lloyd-Jones 19.14
Josh Connaughton 20.31
Harrison Gilligan 20.39
Angus Murphy 23.20
Dave Connaughton 23.54
Adrian Connor 23.58
Vaughn Gilligan 24.27
Jason Domeny 25.22
Louise Cox 26.11
Deb Connaughton 27.53
Owen Gordon 30.30
Rob Ryan 31.07
Steve Phipps 31.21
Jordan Hatcher 32.06
Matt Hatcher 32.07
Julianne Domeny 32.21
Mike Kennedy 36.36

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

13 February 2019

The Broulee Runners celebrated its 12th birthday this evening.  On the 7 February 2007 eight people started an event that continues to grow and tonight is the 590th run.  The people that helped to start this concept were Liza Martini, Robyn and Mike Kennedy.  A few weeks later Dave and Deb Connaughton came along and both have made major contributions.  Deb is always there as the starter and she promotes the event on Facebook and the Bay Post.  Dave, by his photographs and participation, having competed 440 times.  Special mention must go to Richard Fisher and Nev and Jill Madden, who are excellent contributors to the running of the event both in the earlier times and today.

Tonight, we welcomed Billie and Amy Booker and Ken Cox to their first appearance at the run.

Elani Van Der Meulen and Josh Connaughton received their 30-run shirt.

In the 2-kilometre personal best times were recorded by Erynn and Emma Carter, Anna and Molly and Richard Johnson.  In 3.5 kilometre the improvers were Justin Murphy, Ross Wilson, Meg Phillips and Jesse Jenkins.  In the 5 kilometres the stand out was Angus Murphy.

2 Kilometres

Josh Connaughton 6.55
Sunni West 8.59
David West 10.08
Erynn Carter 10.55
Alexis Carver 11.00
Poppy Mitchell 11.11
Audrey Knobel 11.11
Alba Van Der Meulen 11.12
Emma Carter 11.36
Millie Shanahan 11.39
Jordan Carter 12.10
Erin Domeny 12.11
Emily Dickinson 12.26
Amber Domeny 12.29
Sophia Carver 12.31
Anna Johnson 13.46
Richard Johnson 13.46
Gillian Edwards 13.48
Carissa Morgan 14.50
Janelle Morgan 14.50
Billie Booker 15.15
Amy Booker 15.15
Louise Cox 15.34
Ken Cox 15.36
Sari Jenkins 15.47
Elani Van Der Meulen 16.32
Emerson Carver 16.33
Dylan Van Der Meulen 16.35
Scott Carver 16.35
Christian Carter 17.40
Jennifer Carter 17.41
Molly Johnson 19.23
Nellie Johnson 19.26
Lotte Knobel 19.38
Regina Knobel 19.38
Lucinda Mitchell 19.38
Michelle Mitchell 19.39
Karlee Van Der Meulen 20.07

3.5 Kilometres

Vaughn Gilligan 15.23
Justin Murphy 16.52
Kobe Jenkins 17.56
Kylie Young 18.30
Mirella Granata 19.51
Ross Wilson 19.58
Bruce Dickinson 20.47
Meg Phillips 21.29
Jesse Jenkins 22.38
Monty Lloyd-Jones 23.49
Robyn Kennedy 25.52
David McCann 29.03
Richard Fisher 32.49

5 Kilometres

Dan Lloyd-Jones 18.36
Matthew Edenborough 18.58
Matt Lambert 21.26
Garren Carnall 21.56
Angus Murphy 23.23
Dave Connaughton 24.00
Tim Devane 24.34
Anthony Knobel 24.46
Andrew McPherson 24.48
Adrian Connor 25.19
Gary Ashton 25.20
Jason Domeny 25.56
Anthony Miles 25.56
Julie De Ernsted 26.33
Deb Connaughton 27.30
Yma Carnall 29.08
Rob Ryan 31.04
Julianne Domeny 32.56
Michael Kennedy 37.54

71 Starters