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Thursday, March 26, 2015

25 March 2015

We had 50 competitors in this evening's event.  We welcomed 3 members of the Kay family and additional members to the Reid and Klower family.  The attraction to the event is that families at all levels can come and enjoy the experience.

There were perfect conditions for running and 16 personal best times were recorded.

The 3.5 kilometre event was attacked with a vengeance with 8 people slashing large chunks off their times.  Dan Lloyd-Jones set a new course record of 12.21 seconds reducing the record set by Jamie Hawke back in January 2013.  Anna Hosking reduced her time set in 2010 by more than 8 minutes.

Most young athletics are getting themselves ready for the upcoming school cross country events which will take place over the next few weeks. We also wish our runners competing in this Sunday's Batemans Bay triathlon all the best will post the results next week.

We have one more week starting at 5pm and then will revert to the 4.30pm start over the winter period beginning on 8 April.

Pictured this week are:
Back: Marty Jones, Michelle Dolphin, Taryn Carver and Kristen Kay.
Front: Lucy Jones, Haiden Kay and Finn Kay.

2 Kilometre event

Austin Reid7.47New
Noah Reid8.28PB35secs
Will Stone8.29PB16secs
Haiden Kay9.01New
Wade McDonald9.10
Sunni West9.36
David West9.37
Eden Faulkner-Kew9.53
Lucy Jones9.56
Alice Burgun-Boucher9.57
Ann Salmon10.10PB12secs
Cameron Lunn10.10
Tess Klower10.30
Chris Wade10.36
Jessica Flood10.39
Sandra Lunn11.01
Daisy West11.43PB13secs
Cathy West11.44
Pauline Hicks13.49
David McCann14.27PB11secs
Jenni Kew14.29
Finn Kay15.25New
Kristen Kay15.26New
Carissa Morgan15.38PB21secs
Janelle Morgan15.39

3.5 Kilometres event

Dan Lloyd-Jones12.21PB64secs
Rhys Flood13.54PB35secs
Adrian Connor14.41PB10secs
Marty Jones15.09
Gary Ashton15.44
Anna Hosking15.54PB8mins 30secs
Shayne Hargraves15.55PB3secs
Mark Lavender18.44
Bradley Lunn19.28PB1sec
Susan Klower19.56
Dean Klower19.57New
Michelle Dolphin20.05PB1min 22secs
Lily Grima20.24PB19secs
Stephanie Lunn21.54
Sue Christie25.49

5 Kilometres event

Dave Hosking18.30
Matt Lambert21.25
Andrew McPherson21.26PB1min 21secs
Scott Rigby22.12PB24secs
Jo Flood22.20
Dave Connaughton23.46
Greg Flood25.17
Deb Connaughton27.10
Taryn Carver27.34
Mike Kennedy33.20

50 starters

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

18 March 2015

The conditions this evening were warm with a North Easterly wind sending 37 starters on their way.  We had 6 personal best times recorded and we welcomed 3 new people to the event.

Football codes have started training and this will impact on the numbers during the seasons as times will clash.

Young Mark Lavender has improved each time he has tackled the 3.5 kilometre event and 28 second improvement will encourage him to lift his training load.

Scott Rigby has recently returned to the event after a long absence and his 8 second personal best this evening lowered his mark of 3 years ago.

A number of our runners will be contesting the Bay Triathlon at the end of the month and we look forward to some excellent results. Pictured are the triathlon entrants Kylie and Kim Young, Robyn Kennedy and daughter and dad Ruby and Adrian Connor. 

We will continue our 5pm time slot for another couple of weeks and will make sure you will be notified a week or two before changing to the earlier time of 4.30pm.

Have a great week.

2 Kilometre event
Oliver Dolphin8.14
Will Stone9.01
Noah Reid9.03New
Cathy West9.10PB12secs
Sunni West9.48
Leila Patyus10.11
Ann Salmon10.22PB27secs
Emma Waters10.27New
Kim Wignell10.27PB5secs
Wade McDonald11.13
Daisy West11.56
Patrick Wade15.03
Chris Wade15.08
Carissa Morgan15.59PB10secs
Janelle Morgan16.01
Kate Patyus20.06
Helen Davis20.06New

3.5 Kilometres event
Shayne Hargraves16.06
Neil Dolphin18.17
Mark Lavender18.32PB28secs
Ross Hayward18.48
Saul Dolphin22.26
Michelle Dolphin22.35
Lily Grima24.11
Robyn Kennedy26.00
Sue Christie28.14
Richard Fisher30.50

5 Kilometres event
Adrian Connor22.08
Scott Rigby22.36PB8secs
Dave Connaughton24.25
Gary Ashton25.10
Kylie Young25.32
Deb Connaughton27.32
Tom McKay31.36
Mike Kennedy33.48
Kim Young34.18

37 starters

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

11 March 2015

The conditions this evening were hot and oppressive, yet it did not stop the talent Sent from my iPad

The talented pair Rhys Flood and Shayne Hargraves ran excellent times over the 3.5-kilometre distance.  They will represent St Mary’s Moruya with distinction in coming district cross-country events.

Dan Lloyd-Jones showed his class in running an excellent time in the 5-kilometre to record a personal best by 11 seconds.  He is proving himself to be one of best all round athletes in the district.

Special Olympics representative Carissa Morgan continues to impress with another personal best.  She slashed 100 seconds off her previous best in the 2-kilometre distance.

Pictured are sisters Kylie and Kim Young and father and son Bruce and James Dickson. Is great to see so many families come along and participate and encourage each other to continue to improve.

Well done to you all. See you all next Wednesday at 5pm.

                                   2 Kilometre event

Ziggy Clare7.53PB 25secs
Hugh Wignell8.02PB 21secs
Alice Burgun-Boucher8.34
Zed Clare8.42
James Dickinson8.42PB 3 secs
Will Stone8.50
Sienna Rolfe9.18PB 34 secs
Tess Klower9.22PB 55 secs
Leon Rolfe9.56
Stephanie Lunn10.06
Cameron Lunn10.17
Nick Stone10.40
Sandra Lunn10.46
Ann Salmon10.49New
Sunni West10.59
David West11.04
Jessica Flood11.15
Jo Flood11.15
Caroline McDonald11.18
Chris Wade12.45
Bradley Lunn13.55
Pauline Hicks14.12
Patrick Wade15.39
Stella Lloyd-Jones15.23
Carissa Morgan16.09PB 100 secs
Janelle Morgan16.12
Steve Morgan16.14PB 96 secs
Daisy West16.45New
Cathy West16.26

                                    3.5 Kilometres event

Rhys Flood14.39
Shayne Hargraves15.58PB 9 secs
Bridget Lunn18.27
Mark Lavender19.00PB 101 secs
Ross Hayward19.11
Suzanne Klower19.46PB 17 secs
Kim Wignell21.04
Annie Johnsen22.37
Robyn Kennedy26.14
Richard Fisher26.40

5 Kilometres event

Dan Lloyd-Jones18.40PB 11 secs
Adrian Connor22.20
Matt Lambert22.21
Andrew McPherson22.47PB 20 secs
Gary Ashton23.23
Scott Rigby23.23
Dave Connaughton24.05
Kylie Young25.01
Greg Flood26.54
John Hicks28.07
Kim Young24.05
Mike Kennedy35.58

51 starters

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

4 March 2015

This evening we had great conditions for running.  There were 44 starters with 5 new people and 8 personal best times.

Richard Fisher recorded his 100th run this evening and Wade McDonald received his 30th run shirt. (Both pictured).

Richard is a great supporter of the event.  He helps in many ways by mowing and cleaning up along the course to make it safe for others.  He helps with the recording and has even made a video of one of the events.

Wade is a promising young athlete, who excels in the Broulee surf Club events.

Well done to all, have a great week. See you all next Wednesday at 5pm, everyone welcome.

 2 Kilometre event
Oliver Dolphin7.56
Ziggy Clare8.23PB 5secs
Alice Burgun-Boucher8.29New
Wade McDonald8.46PB 3secs
Will Stone8.49
Lachlan Brown8.53PB 27secs
Sienna Rolfe9.52New
Saul Dolphin10.09
Michelle Dolphin10.11PB 33secs
Tess Klower10.17New
Nick Stone10.26PB 5secs
Jill Brown10.40
Caroline McDonald10.45
Inga Browne11.56PB 37secs
Hugh Wignell12.31
Zed Clare12.32
Oscar Tweedie13.27
Sue Christie14.03
Chris Wade14.04
Patrick Wade14.21
David McCann14.38PB 5secs
Ollie Tweede17.52
Carly Tweedie17.54

3.5 Kilometres event
Shayne Hargraves16.33
James Dickinson18.39
Leon Rolfe18.44
Tina Clare19.02
Mark Lavendar20.41New
Suzanne Klower21.03New
Kim Young21.56
Annie Johnsen22.45
Robyn Kennedy24.48
Richard Fisher27.00

5 Kilometres event
Dan Lloyd-Jones19.42
Scott Carver2032
Matt Lambert21.31
Scott Rigby23.43
Gary Ashton23.47
Nev Madden24.14
Dave Connaughton24.35
Andrew McPherson24.48
Kylie Young24.53PB 21secs
Deb Connaughton27.08
Mike Kennedy35.50

44 starters

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

25 February 2015

We had ideal conditions this week for our run,cloudy with no wind, which was evident with 9 PB's. We welcomed 5 new participants, it is wonderful to continuously see new faces arrive and test out their personal ability.
A big congratulations to the Broulee fun run held on Friday a lot of time was put in to bring this fundraiser to fruition and is great to see the local community support such a great event. Hopefully this will become an annual date on the calendar.
A special mention must also go to a few of our runners that participated in the gruelling  Huskison triathlon that was also held last weekend. Ruby Connor (pictured) and Katie Kennedy went in the mini man. Judy Kennedy competed in the sprint. Matt Lambert and Adrian Connor partook in the longer distance, with Adrian coming in at 4hrs 57min which he was pleased with.
Hope to see you all next Wednesday at 5pm. Everyone welcome.

2 KM

Rhys Flood.           6.51 (PB14sec)
Ashley Leggott.     7.52 (PB25sec)
Zed Clarke.            8.34 (PB24sec)
Will Stone.              8.45
Lachlan Browne.    9.20 NEW
Neil Dolphin.           9.28 (PB28sec)
Sunni West.            9.39
Cathy West.            9.31
Bruce Dickinson     10.19
Nick Stone.             10.31 (PB13sec)
Jessica Flood.         10.42
Jo Flood.                 10.42
Kim Wignell.            10.44
Annie Johnsen.       10.57 (PB 1min9sec)
Dimity Collier.          11.06 (PB 1min5sec)
Cameron Leggott.   12.01
Inga Browne.           12.33 NEW
Oscar Tweedie.        13.43
Leila Patyus.             14.58
Stella Lloyd-Jones.   15.05
Christopher Wade.    15.20
Ollie Tweedie.            15.38
Carly Tweedie.           15.39
Kate Patyus.              15.50
Anthony Patyus.        15.51 NEW
Emma Patyus.           15.51
Patrick Wade.            16.33
Carissa Morgan.        18.42
Steve Morgan.           18.44

3.5 KM

Sean Flood.                  16.51
Leon Rolfe.                   17.57 NEW
James Dickinson.         17.58
Janelle Morgan.            20.51

5 KM

Dan Lloyd-Jones.          20.03
Matt Lambert.                21.52
Scott Rigby.                   23.00
Aaron Flood.                  23.13 (PB 1min31sec)
Andrew McPherson.      23.30
Gary Ashton.                  23.36
Dave Connaughton.       24.35
Greg Flood.                    25.16
Adrian Connor.               27.11
Deb Connaughton.         27.38
Ziggy Clare.                    28.40 (PB 1min10sec)
Hugh Wignell                  28.47
Taryn Carver.                  29.57
Richard Fisher.               50.10

47 Participants

Thursday, February 19, 2015

18 February 2015

This evening we had warm northeasterly wind blowing into the face of the participants on their return to the finish.

We had 41 starters and 8 personal best times.

Dan Lloyd-Jones recorded his 100th run this evening with an outstanding time of 18.58 minutes over the difficult 5-kilometre event.  Very few have broken the 19-minute barrier and Dan is a standout among local residents.  He is one of the leading competitors in the Broulee Surfers Sunday swim and competes with distinction in Triathlons.  He is the firm favourite to win the Broulee Beach Fun run on Friday afternoon.

Special mention must be given to Carissa Morgan, who improved her time in the 2-kilometres event by 6 seconds.  Carissa is a member of Special Olympics and all who compete in our event applaud her performance.

Goodluck to all our runners participating in the Broulee Beach Fun this Friday all details on

See you all next Wednesday at 5pm.

2 Kilometre event
Shayne Hargraves8.02
James Dickinson8.45PB6secs
Will Stone8.45PB7secs
Sunni West9.20
Bradley Lunn9.37
Cathy West9.38
Lily Grima10.01
Cameron Lunn10.27
Bruce Dickinson10.28
Sandra Lunn10.30PB17secs
Nick Stone10.44PB10secs
Stephanie Lunn11.01
Jessica Flood12.20
Sue Christie13.16
Pia Bain13.34
Lachlan Bain13.36
Kathryn Jeffery14.26
Chris Wade14.36
Patrick Wade14.40
David McCann14.43PB3secs
Carissa Morgan17.49PB6secs
Steve Morgan17.50PB6secs

3.5 Kilometres event
Rhys Flood14.37
Aaron Flood15.57
Ross Hayward19.38
Janelle Morgan20.50
Kim Young21.57
Robyn Kennedy26.16

5 Kilometres event
Dan Lloyd-Jones18.58
Scott Carver20.51
Andrew McPherson23.07PB7secs
Dave Fleming23.24
Gary Ashton23.27
Jo Flood23.39
Scott Rigby23.51
Adrian Connor24.48
Dave Connaughton 24.50
Greg Flood26.06
Celia Davey27.52
Belinda Bain31.05
Richard Fisher54.45

41 starters

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

11 February 2015

This evening we celebrated the eight birthday of the Broulee Runners.  We had 44 starters, who recorded 9 personal best time and we welcomed Ruth Nelson to her first run.

We celebrated with a special birthday cake and a small party.

Our first run was over a distance of 5 kilometres and was held on 7 February 2007.  It attracted 8 starters.

Numbers were low in the early days because of this longer distance.  3.5 kilometres was added in late 2008 and 2 kilometres was added 2 years later.

The real success was this addition of the 2 kilometres event, which allowed people to come along and test themselves out as a general fitness exercise.  This has attracted more than 200 people of all ages to participate at this level at least once over the last six months.

As an incentive to continue with their fitness campaign, participants, who achieve 30 runs, are awarded a special Broulee Runners shirt.  Judy and Damien Kennedy generously donate these.

This fun fitness community event caters for all abilities to allow them to test themselves over a measured distance.  There is no cost to come along and it is run by participants with the generous support of the  Bay Post and the Tomakin Sports and Social Club.

2 Kilometre event

Rhys Flood7.20
Fraser Wildman7.56
Matthew Johnson8.00
Shayne Hargraves8.02
James Dickinson8.51PB8secs
Will Stone8.52PB16secs
Cathy West9.27
Lily Grima9.46
Jessica Flood9.46PB27secs
Bruce Dickinson10.11PB5secs
Hannah Campbell10.12
Bradley Lunn10.18
Sunni West10.38
Ruby Connor10.49PB3secs
Riley Campbell10.50
Cameron Lunn10.51
Skye Wildman10.51PB2mins 13secs
Nick Stone10.54PB38secs
Rob Wildman10.58PB3mins 19secs
Sandra Lunn11.32
Oscar Tweedie14.00
Stella Lloyd-Jones14.00
Pauline Hicks14.35
David McCann16.22
Carissa Morgan18.03
Steve Morgan18.03

3.5 Kilometres event

Jo Flood15.18
Sean Flood17.08
Kirsty Campbell22.51
Richard Fisher28.20
Robyn Kennedy29.36

5 Kilometres event

Dan Lloyd-Jones19.03
Matt Lambert21.15
Adrian Connor23.06
Gary Ashton23.22
Scott Rigby23.53
Dave Connaughton24.41
Andrew McPherson25.27
Greg Flood25.45

Celia Davey27.10PB26secs
Deb Connaughton27.12
John Hicks28.07
Ruth Nelson28.38New
Mike Kennedy37.26

44 starters