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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

3 June 2015

Once again we had perfect conditions for running this evening.  A field of 54 starters lined up at the starting line. Before beginning the run a few announcements were made acknowledging the achievements from our regular competitors.  These were Lucy Hincksman, Jaylah Hancock-Cameron and Rhys Flood, who won at their respective school Regional cross county events and will now all compete in State Championships.  Special mention was also made of Patrick Wade for achieving 50 runs.

We had an amazing 13 PB's this week, the stars of the evening were Kirsty Campbell and Mark Lavender, who slashed huge chunks off their personal best times. We also welcomed Ian Carmody and Tom Nichols to the event.

It is pleasing to see Victoria Fleming, representing Banksia Village, improve each time she walks the 2 kilometres.  This is a clear example that this event can be enjoyed by anyone, who likes exercise and enjoy the company of like-minded people.

See you all next week at 4.30pm.

2 Kilometre event

Oliver Dolphin8.10
James Dickinson 8.34
Wade McDonald8.53
Riley Be8.55
Leila Patyus9.27
Bruce Dickinson 9.58
Jessica Flood10.09
Ruby Connor 10.25PB24secs
Lara Elliott10.46
Riley Campbell11.07
Dylan Holmes11.11
Caitlyn Forbes11.14
Tarren Elliott11.21PB13secs
Mitchell Beby11.22PB9secs
Daniel Beby 11.23PB9secs
Scott Elliott11.24
Sari Jenkins12.42
Karen Motyka13.00
Patrick Wade16.24
Katie Patyus18.54
Chris Wade18.56
Victoria Fleming19.05PB10secs
Makayla Wade22.38
Declan McPherson24.00
Nina McPherson24.20
Andrew McPherson24.23

3.5 Kilometres event

Jaylah Hancock-Cameron13.43
Kobe Jenkins16.14PB3secs
Mark Lavender16.15PB84secs
Jaymz Motyka17.43
Max Motyka18.16
Kirsty Campbell18.20PB57secs
Michelle Dolphin19.45
Hannah Campbell20.00
Keira Lenehan20.17
Ian Carmody20.26New
Annie Johnsen21.00PB1sec
Kim Young21.50
Robyn Kennedy24.20

5 Kilometres event

Dan Lloyd-Jones18.33PB7secs
Scott Carver19.58
Kellen Lenehan21.11
Rhys Flood21.12PB8secs
Charlie Lavender21.37PB23secs
Jo Flood22.16
Tom Nichols22.19New
Adrian Connor22.42
Aaron Flood22.54PB19secs
Dave Connaughton23.05
Gary Ashton23.18
Jasper Motyka25.04
Greg Flood25.15
Michelle McPherson29.00
Mike Kennedy31.43

54 starters

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