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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

8 July 2015

46 starters enjoyed the pleasant conditions for this evening’s run.  There were 9 personal best times and 8 new starters.  Some were visitors and others local coming to see what the event was all about.

We were fortunate to have Matt Johnsen have a run.  Matt has performed with distinction in Australian and overseas distance running events.  Daniel Beby appreciated the competition and lowered his 5 kilometres time by 21 seconds to record a local record of 17.23 minutes.

Other notable times were recorded by the very young and by the more mature competitors.  Sophie Carver reduced her time by 142 seconds and Roz Hayward and Katie Madden by 60 and 59 seconds respectively.

With the annual Moruya town to surf coming up in 9 weeks time, now is a perfect time to get some extra training in, some come along next Wednesday and have a go.

See you next Wednesday at 4.30pm.

Pictured are Matt And Annie Johnsen.

2 Kilometre event

James Dickinson8.19PB4secs
Jorja Pawhiro8.21New
Riley Campbell8.49PB82secs
Riley Beby8.57
Hannah Campbell9.27
Bradley Lunn9.58
Cameron Lunn10.21
Alexis Bocking10.23New
Caitlyn Forbes10.31PB26secs
Sandra Lunn10.47
Lachlan Davenport11.23
Chris Wade11.49
Rebecca Campbell12.39New
Sophia Carver13.06PB142secs
Eva Barker13.14
Marg Dickinson13.51New
Bruce Dickinson13.51
David McCann15.34
Alexis Carver15.52
Scott Carver15.53
Roz Hayward18.27PB60secs
Katie Madden18.28PB59secs

3.5 Kilometres event

Jaylah Hancock Cameron14.21
Bridget Lunn16.59
Nick Goddard17.44New
Kirsty Campbell18.00PB2secs
Ross Hayward19.03
Stephanie Lunn19.56
Annie Johnsen20.29
Kim Young21.12
Matthew Goddard22.54New
Mike Kennedy24.58
Cameron Hewitson25.09New
Denton Bocking25.10New

5 Kilometres event

Matt Johnsen17.23
Daniel Beby17.31PB21secs
Dan Lloyd-Jones19.39
Rhys Flood21.00PB12secs
Matt Lambert21.37
Gary Ashton22.55
Jo Flood22.57
Dave Connaughton22.59
Aaron Flood24.17
Greg Flood24.28
Kylie Young25.26
Deb Connaughton27.06

46 starters

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