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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

21 March 2018

The weather was cold, windy and wet for this evening’s Broulee Run/walk.  Yet 34 tough competitors completed the event.  Julie De Ernsted turned up to run having recovered from her triathlon last Sunday in Wollongong in 40-degree heat.  Her excellent place in her category was achieved by the hard work she put into her training.

We welcomed Bean Melgaard to his first run with the group.

David West ran a personal best time in the 2 kilometres.  In the 5 kilometres Anthony Miles and Rob Ryan improved.

Ruby Connor and Iona Kelly are two very talented young athletes.  Only one second separates them over the 2-kilometre distance.  Iona’s time of 8.10 is the bench mark at this stage.  As they are both only in primary school it is expected that this time will be bettered by one of them in the near future.

2 Kilometres
Iona Kelly 8.19
Sunni West 8.53
Cathy West 8.58
Bean Melgaard 9.03
David West 9.11
Selby Johnston 11.24
Tiffany Johnston 11.28
David McCann 14.52
Travis Dummett 15.58
Charley Proksch 16.04
Kathryn Jeffery 16.05
Daisy West 20.10
Jenny Pollock 20.49
Aiden Johnston 21.16
Kat Johnston 21.19
Leo Proksch 24.52
Jo Pollock 24.53

3.5 Kilometres
Vaughn Gilligan 18.11
Paul Searson 24.10
Richard Fisher 30.05

5 Kilometres
Anthony Miles 20.41
Rhys Flood 21.20
Harrison Gilligan 21.57
Lauren Evans 23.39
Mark Lavender 24.00
Adrian Connor 24.17
Morgan Pettit 24.59
Dave Connaughton 25.00
Greg Flood 25.44
Deb Connaughton 27.30
Julie De Ernsted 27.53
Tracey Denning 30.25
Rob Ryan 31.23
Mike Kennedy 39.45

34 starters

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