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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

28 March 2018

The last run before the end of daylight saving ends was held in perfect conditions.  As a result, there were 15 personal best times.  In the 2 kilometres those to shine were Ebony and Jacqui Berry, Karlie Van Der Meulen, Julien Dunne, Sabrina Mallard, Helen Okey, Jye Barbara and Gill Bennett.  In the 3.5 kilometres the improvers were James Dickinson, Jessica Flood, Tracey Denning and Lisa Robbins.  In the 5 kilometres the stand outs were Julie De Ernsted, Rob Ryan and Angie Gannon.

We were fortunate to have a visitor from France join us this evening.  Helene Lafarge is on holidays with friends and she received a warm welcome from everybody.  Aaron Dunn, a former resident of the district, has returned and ran the 5 kilometres for the first time.

Tracey Denning was awarded her 30-run shirt this evening.  She has shown considerable improvement since her first run on 9 February 2017 having reduced her 5 kilometres time by almost 7 minutes.  

Robyn Kennedy celebrated her 300th run this evening.  She has been actively involved with the event since the beginning as the recorder.  Her experience as a primary school teacher comes in handy with handling the very young when they demand that their place and name be recorded instantly!

Pictured are Tracey and Robyn.

Next Wednesday we revert to 4.30 PM with the end of Day Light Saving.

2 Kilometres

Johanna Dunn 9.45
K A Whyte 12.38
Alva Van Der Meulen 13.30
Ebony Berry 13.44
Jacqui Berry 13.45
Karlee Van Der Meulen 13.46
David McCann 15.05
Julien Dunne 15.13
Sabrina Mallard 15.13
Helen Okey 16.47
Jye Barbara 16.48
Richard Fisher 17.33
Kim Young 17.54
Steven Phipps 18.04
Nancy Costin 18.11
Nathan Costin 18.21
Elani Van Der Meulen 18.48
Dylan Van Der Meulen 18.50
Charlie Proksch 19.27
Christian Proksch 19.28
Roz Hayward 20.48
Victoria Fleming 20.49
Gill Bennett 21.38
Liz Pirro 21.38
Jo Pirro 21.39
Leo Proksch 28.42
Jo Pollock 28.48

3.5 Kilometres

James Dickinson 14.56
Vaughn Gilligan 19.25
Jessica Flood 20.31
Julianne Domeny 21.04
Tracey Denning 22.12
Lisa Robbins 22.12
Robyn Kennedy 24.50
Emily Dickinson 24.51
Bruce Dickinson 24.52

5 Kilometres

Matt Johnsen 18.39
Scott Carver 20.38
Harrison Gilligan 21.02
Josh Connaughton 21.13
Rhys Flood 21.49
Bede Webster 21.57
Jo Flood 22.17
Lauren Evans 23.15
Aaron Dunn 23.24
Dave Connaughton 24.33
Gary Ashton 24.55
Morgan Pettit 25.05
Greg Flood 25.37
Adrian Connor 25.39
Julie De Ernsted 26.24
Anthony Miles 26.24
Deb Connaughton 29.11
Helene Lafarge 30.02
Robert Ryan 30.26
Angie Gannon 30.31
Mike Kennedy 32.48

57 Starters

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