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Monday, March 21, 2016

9 March 2016

Once again the Broulee runners had warm conditions for this evening’s run.  There were 44 starters with 5 personal best times.

Victoria Fleming, one of our more senior runners continues to improve slashing 61 seconds off her previous best time.  She was so surprised that we needed to double check to satisfy her.

Rhys Flood reduced his record on the 2 kilometre course by 2 seconds in recording a time of 6.30 minutes.

Outstanding young talent Jayla Hancock-Cameron tackled the 5 kilometres and recorded an impressive time of 22.27 minutes.  She currently holds the record for the women’s 2 kilometres.

Mark Lavender continues to improve with a 22 second personal best in the 5 kilometres and he is looking forward to his school’s cross country championships.

2 Kilometre event

Rhys Flood6.30PB2secs
Riley Nimmo7.46
Julian Nimmo7.55PB3secs
Riley Beby10.19
Lily Olver11.31
Caroline McDonald11.39
Monty Lloyd-Jones12.54
Pauline Hicks13.28
Victoria Fleming15.18PB61secs
Katie McDonald16.34
Nelson Olver17.39
Makayla Wade18.22
Rachael Wade18.23
Mitchell Beby19.41
Ashlee Beby19.42
Michelle Beby19.43
Bonnie Lloyd-Jones20.34
Lisa Lloyd-Jones20.35

3.5 Kilometres event

Christian Filmer15.35
Indhi Filmer16.42
Johnny Olver16.5857secs
Kylie Young19.04
Kim Young25.13
Robyn Kennedy30.02
Richard Fisher31.03
Patrick Wade36.23

5 Kilometres event

Daniel Beby18.01
Scott Carver20.50
Matt Lambert21.44
Dan Lloyd-Jones22.03
Jayla Hancock-Cameron22.27
Adrian Connor23.20
Jo Flood23.23
Mark Lavender23.35PB22secs
Andrew McPherson23.39
Dennis Olver24.05
Gary Ashton24.34
Greg Flood25.37
Dave Connaughton26.21
Deb Connaughton28.29
Sarah Aedy29.20PB57secs
John Hicks29.54
Simon wall31.37
Mike Kennedy35.14

44 starters

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