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Thursday, April 14, 2016

13 April 2016

The first run of the school holidays attracted 39.  This is a good number considering those runners missing, who are recovering from the Bay Triathlon and the Canberra Running Festival.  

As usual the younger runners are too busy with other holiday activities. Nevertheless, there were 10 personal best times and we welcomed Ray and Jumamurra Smith and Larni Shepherd for their first run.

Leah Cook from Ballina visiting the district participated in the event.

The feature race of this evening was between Tayah Hancock and James Dickinson, who tested one another over the 3.5 kilometres. In the end it was Tayah, who pulled away recording a 30 second personal best time of 17.43. Well done to all.

Pictured is Rachael Wade who received her 30 run shirt last week with her husband Chris, daughter Makayla and son Patrick.

See you all next Wednesday at 4.30pm.

2 Kilometre event

Foxx McGeachey7.11PB
Oliver Dyason7.13
Jaleesa Smith9.23PB
Ray Smith9.24New
Katie McDonald10.50PB
Greg McDonald10.50PB
Ellie Van Weerdenburg11.29
Pauline Hicks12.36PB
Margaret Dickinson13.19PB
Larni Shepherd14.18New
Carissa Morgan14.27
Steve Morgan14.28
Lily Van Weerdenburg14.30
Gerard Van Weerdenburg14.31
Makayla Wade14.56
Chris Wade14.57
Patrick Wade16.03
Victoria Fleming17.28
Kim Young17.28
Rachael Wade17.53
Leah Cook19.35
Suzanne Klower19.45
Jumamurra Smith19.46New

3.5 Kilometres event

Tayah Hancock17.43PB
James Dickinson18.03
Katie Kennedy18.43PB
Adrian Connor18.44
Damia O’Loughlin18.47PB
Melissa Van Weerdenburg20.55PB
Hayden Louttit21.23
Bruce Dickinson21.44
Janelle Morgan21.57
Tess Klower22.32
Bridget Doherty23.47

5 Kilometres event

Matt Lambert21.22
David Connaughton25.19
Kylie Young26.12
John Hicks29.04
Mike Kennedy33.52

39 starters

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