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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

20 April 2016

This evening there were perfect conditions for running and as a result we had 74 starters of which 12 were new to our event.

Even though there is a degree of difficulty with the ongoing construction work with the Candlagan Creek New Bridge there were 8 personal best times.

Bruce Dickinson (pictured with his family Margaret, Emily and James) recorded his 30 run with a personal best in the 3.5 kilometre by 12 seconds.

We welcomed back to our run the Canberra based Hinksman family.  The girls Alice and Lucy are outstanding distance runners and produced excellent times over the 2 and 3.5 kilometres events.

We had a visit from the organiser of the Park Run, which will start in Batemans Bay on Saturday 7 May.  There will be a trial run on Saturday 30 April for the organisers to run a practice event. Everyone is welcome to come along and get any information they need. The Park run is free and will meet along the foreshore at Batemans bay  along from the bridge. The event will run every Saturday meeting at 7.45am for an 8am start. This is an exciting new addition to the running scene in the district. We will post more information as the start date approaches.

See you all next Wednesday at 4.30pm

2 Kilometre event

Anton Thorne7.57New
Riley Nimmo8.03
Cameron Lunn8.14PB
Bill Eppelston8.18New
Riley Beby8.26PB
Jumamurra Smith9.07
Leah Rigby9.15
Alice Hinksman9.34PB
Jane Hinksman9.43
Sandra Lunn10.15
Jaleesa Smith10.28
Katie McDonald10.45PB
Kieran Louttit10.53New
Dylan Holmes11.05
Emma Nimmo11.09
Caroline McDonald11.16
Nicole Smith11.26New
Annika Thorne11.41New
Anita Saeck11.41New
Archie Hancock12.42New
Ellie Van Weerdenburg12.47
Jessica Flood12.50
Naomi Nimmo13.04
Lily Van Weerdenburg14.00
Gerard Van Weerdenburg14.01
Carissa Morgan14.03
Steve Morgan14.04
Meah Hancock15.40New
Emily Dickinson15.41
Lisa Hancock15.50New
Margaret Dickinson15.51
Makayla Wade16.34
Patrick Wade16.35
Victoria Fleming16.45
Kim Young16.46
Kylie Young16.47
Stella Lloyd-Jones17.40
Rachael Wade17.56
Kylie Preston17.56New
Milly Preston17.57
Sue Hargraves17.58New
Bree Sharp17.59New
Bonnie Lloyd-Jones18.19
Liza Lloyd-Jones18.20

3.5 Kilometres event

Lucy Hinksman14.44
Julian Nimmo15.56PB
Shayne Hargraves16.40
Tayah Hancock17.12PB
Bridget Lunn17.23
James Dickinson17.49
Melissa Van Weerdenburg20.45PB
Katie Kennedy21.06
Tess Klower21.20
Bruce Dickinson21.32PB
Janelle Morgan21.37
Hayden Louttit21.53
Bradley Lunn24.56
Robyn Kennedy26.44
David McCann30.09

5 Kilometres event

Scott Carver20.32
Matt Lambert21.37
Adrian Connor22.06
Mark Lavender23.10
Andrew McPherson23.11
Graeme Hinksman23.43
Nev Madden24.43
David Connaughton25.05
Greg Flood25.35
Deb Connaughton27.36
John Hicks28.23
Stephanie Lunn31.41
Damia O’Loughlin31.43
Nina Thorne31.44
Mike Kennedy34.10

74 starters

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