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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

23 December 2015

Wednesday 23 December was the night that the Broulee Runners celebrated Christmas and even Santa Clause made an appearance.  Given that he had run a long way to be with us he was amazingly slim and fit and ran the 5 kilometres in 19.58.

We had a record number of participants with 75 finishing the various distances.  The previous best was 66 back in September.  The excellent conditions allowed for 9 personal best times.

We had visitors from England, New Zealand, Geelong, Melbourne and Canberra.

The competition was particular strong in the 5 kilometres with a record number under 20 minutes.  Daniel Beby was the stand out with a time of 17.02, missing his personal best by 3 seconds.

A highlight of the night was the awarding of the 30 run shirt to Janelle Morgan
Dave Connaughton recorded the most number of runs for the year.  In the most improved categories there was Andrew McPherson in the 5 kilometre, Rhys Flood in the 3.5 kilometre and Carissa Morgan in the 2 kilometre.  The criterion was the improvement in the personal best times since the beginning of the year.

We will be back next Wednesday 30 December so that participants can set a target time for their new year fitness program.

Wishing all our regular participants and visitors a big Merry Christmas.

2 Kilometre event

Sophia Carver8.26PB
Riley Beby8.36
Emma Beardsmore  9.54
Robert Beardsmore9.54
Kim Young11.02
Jessica Flood11.53
Katie McDonald11.56
Greg McDonald11.57
Pauline Hicks12.33PB
Chris Wade12.34
Monty Lloyd-Jones 12.43PB
Ruby Connor13.08
Katie Kennedy13.08
Lily McLachlan13.12
Carissa Morgan14.30
Janelle Morgan14.31
Patrick Wade15.14
Stella Lloyd-Jones 15.56
Kristen McLachlan 16.17
Richard Fisher16.21
Roz Hayward16.21
Samson Kennedy16.45
Emma Kennedy16.46
Emersyn Carver19.01
Taryn Carver19.01
Michelle McPherson19.08
Nina McPherson19.11
Michelle Connor 20.25
Caroline McDonald 20.26
Declan McPherson20.27
Makayla Wade20.28
Rachael Wade20.29
Rhonda Robertson 20.30
Keith Robertson20.30
Bonnie Lloyd-Jones21.19
Patsy Hosking22.33
Murray Hosking22.33
Jonathan Hosking22.34
Alexia Carver22.48
Mitchell Beby23.05
Ashley Beby23.40
Michelle Beby23.41

                                         3.5 Kilometres event

Rhys Flood14.36
Luke Beardsman16.11
Kylie Young17.49
Anna Hosking19.41
Nina McLachlan20.17
Mollie Kennedy20.49
Ross Hayward21.20
Bradley Lunn21.51
Stephanie Lunn22.22
Sandra Lunn22.23
David McCann28.38

5 Kilometres event

Daniel Beby17.02
Anthony Kennedy18.20
Dan Lloyd-Jones19.03
Dave Hosking19.58
Heath McLachlan20.19PB
Scott Carver20.24
Matt Lambert21.22
Andrew McPherson21.51
Mike Whiteman22.29
Jo Flood22.32
Adrian Connor23.06
Aaron Flood23.36
Ellen Hosking23.59PB
Greg Flood24.48
Paige Connaughton 25.07
John Scahill26.11
Dave Connaughton 26.39
Stephen Phipps27.03PB
John Hicks28.00
Deb Connaughton 28.29
Mike Kennedy32.53
Robyn Kennedy43.02

75 starters

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