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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

30 December 2015

Another record for the Broulee runners as we had 82 starters in the final run for 2015.

The ideal conditions attracted 25 visitors with 11 personal best times recorded.  Once again it was a family affair with at least 13 family groups of 3 or more.

The feature of this event it caters for the young, old and elite athletes.  People choose what distance they want to run or walk and all receive encouragement as they finish.
It is a community event for anyone looking to exercise.

We had visitors from all parts of the country and three members of the Scahill family from Ireland.

We were privileged to have 3 Iron Men run in the event in Phil Aungles, Daniel Beby and Geoff Hawke.

Geoff recently competed with distinction the Ironman World Championships at Hawaii with a time of 10 hours and 59 minutes coming 12th in his category.

Hope to see you all next year (next Wednesday) at 5pm. Everyone welcome. Happy New year to all our visitors and regulars hope 2016 is a happy healthy year for you all.

Pictured are Glen, Emma, Penny and Hailey Burgess who are on holidays and came along for a run.

2 Kilometre event

Ollie Goodrum7.59PB
Patrick Daly8.07
Miles Grant8.23
Riley Beby9.12
Ebony Ryan9.30
Oscar Livermore9.46PB
Hugo Hayward10.18
Finlay Ryan10.35
Jill Brown11.08
Louie Hayward11.15PB
Katie McDonald11.32
Lily McLachlan11.56PB
Michelle Connor11.57
Judy Kennedy11.57
Chris Wade11.58
Alice Livermore12.04
Caroline McDonald12.06
Kaden Drady12.51
Pauline Hicks12.59
Glen Burgess12.59
Penny Burgess13.06
Niamh Scahill14.21
Ciara Scahill14.20
John Scahill14.21
Margaret Dickinson14.28
Bruce Dickinson14.29
Jan Hicks14.33
Roz Hayward15.03PB
Disa Smee15.11
Patrick Wade16.27
Mitchell Beby16.50
Ashley Beby16.56PB
Michelle Beby16.57
Makayla Wade17.07
Amy Pryor17.45
Rachael Wade18.36

3.5 Kilometres event

Rowan Grant17.08
James Dickinson17.28PB
Greg McDonald18.16PB
Harper Smee19.18
Ross Hayward19.20
Nina McLachlan21.22
Kim Young22.03
Robyn Kennedy28.42
Ruby Connor29.02
Katie Kennedy29.03
Ella Dardy29.03

5 Kilometres event

Daniel Beby17.32
Geoff Hawke20.26
Bridget Reilly20.48
Matt Lambert21.17
Greg Leach22.15
Jake Trevaskis22.18
Adrian Connor22.54
Mike Whiteman23.00
Matt Arganese23.08
Jo Flood23.16
Rhys Flood23.32
Andrew McPherson23.34
Deb Livermore23.48
Denis Olver23.53
Scott Rigby24.03
Richard Duggan24.07
Emma Burgess24.10
Byron Grant24.13
Gen Trevaskis24.19
Gary Ashton24.23
Nev Madden24.45
Paige Connaughton25.03
Greg Flood25.38
Dave Connaughton26.11
Mark Lavender26.40
Ian Kennedy26.52
Gavin Grant27.07PB
Stephen Phipps27.17
Deb Connaughton27.51
Phil Aungles27.52
Hayley Burgess30.44PB
Lucas Drady32.16
Joy Drady32.18
Mike Kennedy33.35
Katrina Leach35.27PB

82 starters

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