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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

7 October 2015

Cold southerly winds greeted the 63 Broulee Runners this evening, which tended to slow the pace down.  The exception was Daniel Beby, who recorded a very fast time of 17 minutes flat over this temporary longer course.  This was only one second slower than his previous time before the start of the bridge work, which has lengthened the course.
This was our first event at the new day light saving time of 5 PM and we attracted 10 new starters.  It is definitely a family event with three members of the Weymans family having their first run.
The triathlon season is fast approaching and a number of athletes are working hard on their training and most notable are Daniel Beby, Lachlan Brown, Gary Ashton and sisters Kylie and Kim Young.

Pictured is Mother and Son Rhys and Jo Flood and mother and daughter duo Leanne and Jaylah Hancock.

See you all next Wednesday at 5pm.

2 Kilometre event

Hugh Wignell8.18
Kobe Jenkins8.36
Riley Nimmo9.07
Cameron Lunn9.07
Sam Blake9.38
Leanne Hancock9.51
Stephanie Lunn10.01
Alex Young10.32
Leanne Weymans10.35
Leo Weymans10.39
Dylan Holmes11.01
Sandra Lunn11.10
Riley Beby11.12
Bradley Lunn11.13
Katie McDonald11.29PB
Caroline McDonald11.33
Kim Wignell12.14
Mitchell Beby13.48
Cara Young13.51
Sari Jenkins13.56
Jesse Jenkins13.58
David McCann14.10
Katie Patyus14.19
Leila Patyus14.20
Robyn Kennedy14.54
Patrick Wade15.05
Chris Wade15.10
Carissa Morgan15.39
Mitchell Morgan15.40
Steve Morgan15.49PB
Libby Buttress17.19
Victoria Fleming17.35
Cara Earlam19.05
Sheree Jackson19.33
Tracey Matthews19.46
Ashlee Beby19.47
Michelle Beby19.48

3.5 Kilometres event

Rhys Flood15.04
Indhi Filmer15.34
Christian Filmer15.44
Ava Weymans17.20
Alistair Mars18.53
Craig Senior20.15
Mike Kennedy24.13

5 Kilometres event

Daniel Beby17.00
Scott Carver20.27
Lachlan Brown20.59
Matt Lambert21.12
Jo Flood22.50
Gary Ashton23.25
Andrew McPherson23.30
Dave Connaughton24.26
Greg Flood24.39
Mark Lavender25.55
Paige Connaughton26.06
Kylie Young26.58
Scott Senior27.46
Deb Connaughton28.02
Jackson Blake28.13
Kyle Young28.42
Annie Johnsen31.59
Kim Young34.11

63 starters

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