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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

14 October 2015

We experience a warmer spring afternoon this week with a strong NE blowing which was very beneficial on the way out but quite difficult on the return trek. 
We had a few new faces come along and a few faces we haven't seen for some time welcome back to Deb Waser and Scott Rigby.
Congratulations to the 12 PB's that were recorded and we applaud Annie Johnsen (pictured) on doing her 100th run. A big happy birthday to Robyn Kennedy that had a well deserved day off, hope Mike was on special spoiling duty. Thank you to Richard Fisher and Kim Young who helped out with recording this week, we are a volunteer club and if it wasn't for the help of some of our participants we would not be able to run as smoothly as we do.
See you all next week at 5pm.


Jaylah Hancock-Cameron 7.01    
Taj Pendlebury 7.21               
Riley Nimmo  8.08 PB59sec
Julian Nimmo 8.09 new
Sam Blake 8.53 PB16sec
Leanne Hancock  9.00 PB51sec
Leo Weymans  9.15 PB1.24
Leanne Weymans 9.16 PB1.19
Stephanie Lunn 9.47
Riley Beby  10.04
Bruce Dickson 10.23
Kim Blake  10.32 PB19sec
Bradley Lunn 10.44
Alex Young 10.46
Matilda Bell  10.50 PB52sec
Sandra Lunn 10.51
Cameron Lunn 11.55
Cara Young 12.27 PB20sec
Mitchell Beby 12.53
Jessica Flood 12.59
Naomi Nimmo 13.00 new
Pauline Hicks 13.11
Kate Patyus 13.27
Leila Patyus   13.28
Patrick Wade 13.31
Chris Wade 14.09
David McCann 14.13
Emma Bell 14.34
Carissa Morgan 15.02
Mitchell Morgan 15.03
Steve Morgan 15.04
Deb Waser 15.43 PB1.11
Tracy Matthews 15.57 PB3.49
Emma Patyus 16.29
Ken Davis 16.30
Victoria Fleming 17.25
Ashlee Beby 18.14
Michelle Beby 18.15
Makayla Wade 23.41
Rachael Wade 23.54


Christian Filmer 16.05
Lachlan Blake 16.08
Ava Weymans 16.53 PB27sec
Aaron Flood  17.35
Alastair Mars 18.48
Bridget Lunn  19.08
Annie Johnsen 21.39


Daniel Beby  17.26
Dan Lloyd-Jones 20.37
Matt Lambert 22.31
Andrew Mcpherson23.06
Gary Ashton   24.10
Dave Connaughton24.54
Mark Lavender 25.19
Greg Flood 25.33
Indhi Filmer   26.04
Scott Rigby 26.11
Jackson Blake 26.47 PB4sec
Kyle Young 26.56
Kylie Young 27.12
Deb Connaughton27.45
Kim Young 37.37
Richard Fisher 47.35

63 Participants

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