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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

15 February 2017

This evening we celebrated the 10th birthday of the start of the first Broulee run, which was held on 7 February 2007 with 8 starters over 5 kilometres.  The 3.5 kilometres was introduced on 10 September 2008 and the main attraction over 2 kilometres started on 13 October 2010.

For the 10th birthday cake run we had 66 starters.  Although, there was a head wind on the way back there were some strong performances.

Personal best times were recorded by Andrew McPherson, Cathy and Sunni West, Jo Flood and Morgan Pettit.

The most notable visitor to our run was Daniel Spencer from Singapore, who was visiting his mother.
He was able to put in a strong performance in the 5-kilometre event being 3rd across the line.

We welcomed the following new starters this evening: Amelia and Julie Wilkes, Ethan and Marty Shannon, KA Whyte, Charlotte Dixon and Tracy Denning.

The main attraction of the night was the cake, which was a big hit with the children.  We were able to assemble all the 10-year-old children behind the cake to emphasise the significance of the occasion.

A big thank you must firstly go to Mike and Robyn Kennedy who without their countless hours of recording and encouragement the event would not be the success it is today. Thanks must also go to all the other volunteers that come along each week and help with handing out numbers, recording, taking photos and generally just encouraging all participants to get across the line. 

Broulee runners is a wonderful community event promoting fun and fitness and is a credit to everyone that comes along. See you all next week to run off that birthday cake. 

2 Kilometres
Andrew McPherson 7.03
Riley Beby 8.19
Hayden Fairweather 8.41
Ruby Connor 8.42
Cathy West 8.49
Amelia Wilks 10.01
Julie Wilkes 10.01
Charlie Jones 10.38
Ethan Shannon 10.57
Marty Shannon 10.57
Mitchell Beby 11.24
Kim Young 11.37
Jessica Flood 11.39
Michelle Connor 11.41
KA Whyte 11.58
Stella Lloyd-Jones 12.39
Emily Dickinson 12.55
Bruce Dickinson 12.56
Ben Turner 12.59
Eva Barker 13.07
Monty Lloyd-Jones 14.00
Patrick Wade 14.01
Richard Fisher 14.38
Tayah Boyd 14.49
Sophia Carver 15.50
Tabatha Kew 18.49
Charlotte Dixon 15.50
Makayla Wade 16.14
David McCann 16.15
Poppy Mitchell 16.28
Alba Van Der Meulen 16.29
Dylan Van Der Meulen 16.34
Di Gee 16.41
Rachael Wade 17.38
Declan McPherson 17.57
Alexis Carver 18.14
Emerson Carver 18.20
Scott Carver 18.21
Hugo Mitchell 18.54
Michelle Mitchell 18.55
Bonnie Lloyd-Jones 19.51
Roz Hayward 20.03
Nina McPherson 20.15
Michelle McPherson 20.16
Ashlee Beby 22.55
Michelle Beby 22.56

3.5 Kilometres

Jo Flood 14.41
Graham Hincksman 14.56
Travis Fairweather 15.43
Marty Jones 15.58
Ross Hayward 19.45
Lisa Dixon 20.35
Sunni West 21.21
Lisa Robbins 25.18
Tracy Denning 25.19
Dylan Holmes 26.43

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 19.08
Dan Lloyd-Jones 20.00
Daniel Spencer 22.41
Adrian Connor 24.25
Greg Flood 25.47
Louise Cox 26.55
Morgan Pettit 27.59
Luke Mitchell 30.24
Mike Kennedy 34.26
Elijah Turner 35.34

66 Starters

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