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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

18 May 2016

A cool wind did not deter the 62 starters in this evening’s run as there were 11 personal best times.

The most notable is that of Carissa Morgan, our Special Olympics representative.  Under the guidance of her father Steve she trimmed 13 seconds from her previous best.
Josh Connaughton (pictured) down visiting his family from Canberra also blitzed his previous  time by 49 seconds.

Bridget Whipp was welcomed and she enjoyed the experience, although she went a little further than required.  Helen and John Hall from Canberra had their first visit to our event.

Roz Hayward and Klaye Van Weerdenburg (pictured) received their 30 run shirts this evening.

Congratulations goes to Matt Lambert, who with 125 Broulee runs under his belt, did a huge Personal Best time in the Sydney Half Marathon last Sunday.

Our wonderful sponsors from the Tomakin Club are excited to announce a new playground which begins construction on Monday with the completion date set for 10 June. Will keep you posted on updates over the coming weeks.

Good luck to all runners participating in ongoing school cross countries over the next week. See you all next Wednesday at 4.30pm.

2 Kilometre event

Marty Jones7.19PB
Oliver Dolphin8.14
Tayah Hancock8.20
Saul Dolphin8.59PB
Meah Hancock9.21PB
Charlie Jones9.54
Leila Patyus9.56
Nina Thorne9.59
Lara Elliott10.19
Sandra Lunn10.20
Ben Turner-Collins10.34
Jessica Flood10.53
Eva Barker12.32
Carissa Morgan13.38PB
Steve Morgan13.39PB
Stella Lloyd-Jones14.16
Sari Jenkins14.26
Jesse Jenkins14.27
Roz Hayward14.30
Lily Van Weerdenburg14.32
Gerard Van Weerdenburg14.32
Klaye Van Weerdenburg14.33
Victoria Fleming15.37
Alba Van Der Meulen15.59
Bonnie Lloyd-Jones16.01
Dan Lloyd-Jones16.03
Patrick Wade16.45
Makayla Wade17.07
Elani Van Der Meulan17.08
Karlee Van De Meulen17.09
Rachael Wade18.15
Bradley Lunn21.20

3.5 Kilometres event

Kobe Jenkins17.24
Scott Elliott18.12PB
Elijah Turner-Collins18.45
Stephanie Lunn18.59
Damia O’Loughlin18.59
Cameron Lunn19.30
Simone Elliott19.42
Lisa Hancock20.23PB
Melissa Van Weerdenburg20.25PB
Bruce Dickinson21.07PB
Bridget Doherty21.10PB
Janelle Morgan21.25
Hayden Louttit21.55
Mike Kennedy22.03
Robyn Kennedy27.22
Richard Fisher28.10
David McCann28.41
Bridget Whipp28.47New
Helen Hall33.17New
John Hall33.17New

5 Kilometres event

Josh Connaughton20.29 PB
Matt Lambert21.20
Dylan Van Der Meulen21.21PB
Andrew McPherson22.09
Dave Connaughton24.50
Greg Flood25.06
Mark Lavender26.05
Kylie Young26.36
Ross Hayward27.47
Deb Connaughton28.12


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