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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

11 May 2016

Good weather attracted 71 starters to this evening’s run.

We welcomed 8 new people to experience the event.  The most notable was Chris Weeks (pictured) from New Zealand, who is visiting relatives in the district.

The slight improvements in access to the new bridge over Candlagan Creek helped some runners improve their times as there were15 personal best times.

After a long absence of almost 2 years Takiya Norris (pictured) was welcomed back and to her surprise it was her 30th run and she collected her 30 run shirt.

See you all next week at 4.30pm.

2 Kilometre event

Reece Hancock-Cameron7.11New
Marlin Bayley7.12PB
Jo Parkin7.36New
James Dickinson7.41
Oliver Dyason7.45
Marty Jones8.23PB
Lucy Jones8.40PB
Lily McLoud8.46PB
Charlie Jones9.02
Flynn Pratt9.16
Sean Pratt9.16PB
Bruce Dickinson10.20
Jake Pratt10.20
Piccola Bayley10.22
Simone McLoud10.25New
Lisa Hancock11.04PB
Kehlei Cowan11.17
Cody Williams11.37New
Michelle Kempston11.44
Hayley Edwards12.28
Bradley Lunn12.35
Jayda Edwards12.35PB
Sandra Lunn12.43
Chris Wade12.54
Archie Hancock13.29
Carissa Morgan14.00
Janelle Morgan14.01
Patrick Wade14.18
Tayah Hancock14.29
Roz Hayward14.36
Ziggy Clare14.56
Makayla Wade15.00
Meah Hancock15.03
Byron Cox15.04New
Emily Dickinson15.10
Flynn Cox15.11New
Victoria Fleming16.11
Lily Van Weedenburg17.27
Sarah Cowan17.37
Rachael Wade18.39

3.5 Kilometres event

Stephanie Lunn17.23PB
Nina Thorne17.38PB
Shayne Hargraves17.52
Anthony Smith18.01
Zed Clare18.06PB
Damia O’Loughlin18.39PB
Takiya Norris19.36
Cameron Lunn19.42
Hayden Louttit19.57
Paul Searson21.00
Melissa Van Weerdenburg21.03
Bridget Doherty22.18PB
Makaylah Cowan23.25
Ben Turner-Collins24.28PB
Robyn Kennedy26.02
David McCann29.17
Richard Fisher31.41
Maureen Searson33.32

5 Kilometres event

Scott Carver20.02
Chris Weeks20.18New
Matt Lambert21.32
Dylan Van Der Meulen21.47PB
Andrew McPherson22.10
Gary Ashton23.06
Adrian Connor23.43
Dave Connaughton24.57
Greg Flood25.22
Deb Connaughton27.38
Ross Hayward28.01
Elijah Turner-Collins29.57PB
Mike Kennedy34.23


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