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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

19 August 2015

The fine weather and nearing the end of soccer season drew the crowd this evening.  There were 61 starters and 15 personal best times and 6 new starters.

We welcomed Taj Pendlebury, Marley and Adrian Eaton, Alastair Mars, James McIntyre and Sam Ricza.

Kim Young completed her thirtieth run and was awarded her Broulee Runners shirt.

Rhys Flood was a stand out recording 19.39 in the 5 kilometres.  It wasn’t so long ago that sub 20 was the benchmark and now we have a primary school boy shattering the mark.

Rhys recently won the 800 metres in the Schools carnival in Canberra and will now compete in the NSW School’s track meeting in Sydney on 14 September.

See you all next Wednesday at 4.30pm.

Pictured are newcomers Sam Ricza and Alastair Mars.

                                   2 Kilometre event

Jaylah Hancock-Cameron6.42
Hugh Wignell7.25PB
Taj Pendlebury7.28
Ziggy Clare7.29PB
James Cashin7.46PB
James Dickinson8.21
Thomas Cashin8.40PB
Sam Wise9.08
Riley Beby9.39
Leila Patyus9.40
Bradley Lunn9.48
Stephanie Lunn9.53
Caitlyn Forbes10.01
Bruce Dickinson10.09
Sandra Lunn10.33
Dylan Holmes10.52
Marley Eaton10.53
Adrian Eaton11.06
Jessica Flood11.37
Stella Lloyd-Jones11.41
Kim Wignell12.19
Sue Christie13.22
Pauline Hicks13.26
Sharee Jackson13.29PB
David McCann13.57PB
Carissa Morgan15.14
Mitchell Morgan15.15
Declan McPherson15.52PB
Nina McPherson16.00PB
Michelle McPherson16.01PB
Katie Patyus17.10
Emma Patyus17.11
Roz Hayward17.04PB
Lisa Lloyd-Jones17.24
Katie Madden18.19PB

                                    3.5 Kilometres event

Alastair Mars18.21
Kim Young21.54
Jasmin Newans23.26PB
James McIntyre23.27
Sam Ricza24.14
Robyn Kennedy26.43

5 Kilometres event

Daniel Beby17.04
Rhys Flood19.39PB
Dan Lloyd-Jones19.40
Scott Carver19.57
Kellen Lenehan20.34PB
Andrew McPherson21.31
Jo Flood22.13
Adrian Connor22.40
Gary Ashton23.11
Greg Flood24.26
Scott Senior25.33
Mark Lavender25.55
Dave Connaughton26.06
Craig Senior26.22PB
Kylie Young26.35
Ross Hayward28.37
Deb Connaughton28.43
Topaz Eaton29.03
Jasmin Fuller29.04
Annie Johnsen30.49

61 Starters

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