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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

12 August 2015

This evening the cool conditions drew out the top guns with Daniel Beby and Anthony Kennedy running under 18 minutes in the 5 kilometres.  Scott Carver blitzed the field in the 3.5, as did Jaylah Hancock-Cameron in the 2 kilometres.

We welcomed three members of the Cashin family from Moruya and another new starter was Topaz Eaton.

There were 5 personal best times recorded and the father and son combination of Sam and Graham Wise were very impressive.  Victoria Fleming managed 61 seconds improvement demonstrating that age is no barrier to achieving.

It was great to see Special Olympics representative Carissa Morgan back at our event.

With the Moruya town to surf in rolling around, now is the perfect time to come along and get in some extra training. See you next Wednesday at 4.30pm, everyone is welcome.

Pictured are some of the more competitive runners in the group from left Andrew McPherson, Dan Lloyd-Jones, Daniel Beby, Scott Carver and Anthony Kennedy.

                                    2 Kilometre event

Jaylah Hancock-Cameron6.50
James Dickinson8.06
Sam Wise8.55PB55secs
James Cashin9.10
Graham Wise9.19PB46secs
Thomas Cashin9.20New
Naomi Cashin9.26New
Riley Beby9.31
Bruce Dickinson10.27PB31secs
Dylan Holmes10.44
Mollie Kennedy12.35
Samson Kennedy13.09New
Pauline Hicks13.31
Stella Lloyd-Jones14.05
Lisa Lloyd-Jones14.06
Sharee Jackson14.37
Carissa Morgan16.24
Mitchell Morgan16.25
Makyla Wade17.05
Chris Wade17.14
Patrick Wade17.15
Victoria Fleming17.1661secs

                                    3.5 Kilometres event

Scott Carver13.19
John Hicks18.43
Topaz Eaton18.53New
Jasmin Fuller18.53
Richard Fisher29.45

5 Kilometres event

Daniel Beby17.34
Anthony Kennedy17.50PB5secs
Dan Lloyd-Jones19.09
Andrew McPherson21.46
Jo Flood22.40
Adrian Connor24.02
Greg Flood24.22
Mark Lavender25.29
Scott Senior26.09
Dave Connaughton33.23

37 Starters

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